• Interior Design
  • The Science of Bookshelf Arrangement – Ideas to Decorate Bookcases

    Bookshelves are a ubiquitous feature in every home – it’s virtually impossible to go about decorating your interiors without one. These bookshelves come in a wide variety – including corner shelves, feature shelves, side shelves, single piece shelves, and so many more; many even customized to fit a certain style or look. Most of the […]

  • DIY
  • DIY Bookshelf and Storage Shelf using Reclaimed Wood

    One of the newest trends that are catching up with the DIY community is the use of reclaimed wood. The first question you may ask if you are not familiar with reclaimed wood is “What is reclaimed wood?”. Reclaimed wood are those salvaged from the demolition of older wooden buildings and other wooden projects. The reclaimed […]

  • Bathroom Shelves
  • Review of Glass-based Bathroom Corner Shelves

    glass bathroom shelves

    Space has become a precious commodity, resulting in smaller and more compact homes. Often, bathrooms bear the brunt of space constraints and end up being rather compact. In such bathrooms, if you install cabinets and cupboards, you will not be able to move without bumping into them. Have you ever thought of using the corners […]

  • Book Shelves
  • Glass Based Bookshelves

    glass based bookcases

    Almost all your indoor appliances and furnish types of equipment can add an outstanding style to your home decor. Like, a well-chosen bookshelf added to the home decor makes a long-lasting impression. Instead of keeping your favorite books at different imaginable places, a bookshelf can make the whole chaotic look stylish as never imagined. Howbeit, […]

  • Book Shelves
  • Top 12 Kids Bookcase and Bookshelves

    With the advent of the Internet, smartphones, and tablets, reading physical books has become a thing of the past. Today, kids prefer playing games and chatting to friends with their electronic gadgets. Do not despair as you can introduce reading and create a love for reading and learning with some uniquely designed and innovative kids’ […]

  • Book Shelves
  • Top 15 Narrow Bookshelf and Bookcase Collection

    Black narrow bookshelf

    Collection of Narrow Bookshelves and Bookcases Bookshelves and bookcases can make a room look more elegant and organized. If you have books, periodicals, magazines or even ring binders strewed around the room, it will look unkempt and untidy. However, installing a bookshelf or a bookcase can bring a semblance of neatness that is hard to […]