Top 20+ White Floating Shelves for your Home interiors

In this article, we review a collection of the best and top 20+ white floating shelves for your home interiors. ‘White‘ is an elegant color choice for any home interior and this review article focus only on white color floating wall shelves.

Here goes the saying, “Necessity is the mother of invention”. Yes, imagination combined with innovation is what results in out of the box thoughts. One such thought resulted in the introduction of trendy wall floating shelves. White floating shelves are now taking an important place & space in the majority of the contemporary homes. Lifestyle, Minimal look is what one prefers before buying furniture these days. People today have become very smart & are more likely to buy stuff within their budget yet serves the purpose. Thus, in this whole process, manufacturers do come up with new innovative products that work in favor of the modern market. From such a huge market, choosing the right wall shelf suiting your preferences and indoors maybe a great deal.

Well you’re on the right place! We’ll help you through.

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These days wall floating shelves are quite in demand as they do not take up much space i.e. the wall shelves makes the best use of walls without much interference into home space. Enumerated below are some of the best white floating wall shelves one ought to have experienced a completely new solution for cramped spaces.

We have made a list of the best 20 floating shelves(in white color) available in the market right now. I’ve listed all these shelves reading the reviews and ratings done by different buyers across the world.  These contemporary white shelves are the most modern floating shelves in 2016.


1. Next Maine Wall Ledges (Set of 3) – 12”/16”/24” – White Floating Ledges


Creating an amazing visual effect by mounting white floating wall ledges is an extraordinary idea. This particular set of floating white wall shelves offers the best & minimal approach to contemporary homes.

Inside the box, you will find the hanging hardware required for hanging these shelves. It is a smarter way to enhance home decor. Additionally, these 3 sets of floating white shelves are all of the different dimensions i.e. 12”, 16” & 24”.So, you see these variations actually let you arrange & plan the stuff in a rhetorical style. Artificial plants, memoirs etc can take up this worthy space & create a “floating in the air” effect. These white floating shelves weigh 3.5 pounds and are sturdy enough to take up a favorable load.

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2. Welland 18 Inch/24 Inch/36 Inch/48 Inch/60 Inch Corona Crown Molding Wall Shelf White


Without many surprises, these corona crown molding wall shelves white is one of the classy pieces of floating shelves. The curved lines enhance the overall look and add an oriental touch. The contents placed on the shelf appear in a floating manner as there is hidden support incorporated behind the shelf onto the wall. Installing the shelf is as easy as pie as you will find illustrative instructions. You can say it is purely a layman’s task. The basic material used here is MDF (multi density fiber) which is compatible & renders a tough look to the shelf. Models are available in different sizes to say 18 inch, 24 inch, 36 inches, 48 inches, and 60-inch size. You can choose the required size while purchasing.

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3.Lewis Hyman White Floating Wall Shelf – 48-Inch Width by 1.25-Inch Height


This eloquent shelf s one of the best among all the white floating wall shelves. Why? Firstly, the color “White” is something to do with versatility. To expedite, people tend to buy furniture in subtle colors. White being the most preferred since it can easily contrast with various backgrounds & contents. Secondly, it is quite sober yet effective of all floating shelves. Who doesn’t want a knick-knack home? Yes, shelves like these are thrilling once they get their place on the walls! Since they stack up a lot of clutter which unnecessarily lies on tables, floor, countertops etc. and they are a must buy for every home. The product reviews also have been quite impressive where many customers have happily purchased a couple of these floating wall shelves – white one’s(Yes! most of them have opted for white). The dramatic walls can suddenly light up into the most living spaces thanks to these additions.

One more power packed feature that’s so exceptional about these white floating walls shelves is “No Show” ie. no visible screws and drill holes. All this together makes it a neat product. Floating effect turns out to be dazzling since it is new & people visiting your home may be left a little more surprised. The appearance of these shelves is quite striking to overwhelm you and your guests. Customer has especially pointed out the fact that their guests have been left awestruck after seeing the overall effect which eventually has improved the sales after they themselves ordered some more for their personal use. So you see, these shipshape shelves are tremendously infectious! When it comes to customization, it competes well. These floating shelves-white are available in 2 different sizes, one 48 inches, and another 60 inches, so this works perfectly well for a compact as well as a big sized apartment.

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4. nexxt Madison Contoured 16 Inch Wall Ledge Shelf White


So simple, yet charming White floating wood shelves are in vogue these days owing to its natural touch and crisp new appearance. White is in demand and is just the right color that blends naturally with different combinations. Elaborating further, these floating wall shelves add the best look to your home along with the desired usability. The ledge & shelf is specifically contoured towards the corners to add a soft and decorative appeal. They weigh approximately 8lb & are fun to assemble. The pesky walls are too boring and adding shelves like these can definitely go beyond adding the spark. Must buy a product to flaunt off your little showpieces, medals & tiny trinkets.

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5. John Sterling Wood Shelf Kit White – 8-Inch by 18-Inch:


Experimenting with the look of your wall using floating shelves is just the right thing. White floating wood shelves are an intricate part of ultramodern furniture. These days, people want minimal yet a classy look for their homes and are ready to shell out more! Sometimes the best things do come at cheap prices and this wood shelf kit is not an exception. Gone are those days when there were huge cupboards & drawers for literally pushing the stuff inside. With time, the preferences have taken a “U” turn and that is the reason why John Sterling KT-0148-818WT Wood Shelf is so mainstream among all other floating shelves. Coming to the product, this shelving kit comprises of 2 wood corbels & 18×18 unfinished shelves. An instruction manual comes along with the kit to do ample justice with the construction which is simple enough. The final effect will make heads turn.

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6. Reversed Criss Cross White Shelves


There is really something more than interesting about this criss-cross white floating shelves. Seriously, who does not want more? A power packed and a stealthy way to get your stuff arranged systematically. The haywire, out of whack stuff hidden under your sofa, perched upon hangers, lying on the countertops is a site nobody wants to imagine. A solution for this is this wonderful out of box shelf which definitely works wonders, sounds fantastic, isn’t it? Just about any room, floating wall shelves can well accommodate & blend into the home décor just so comprehensively. The product is a  set of 2 reverse Criss cross shelves white finished, made up of MDF (medium density fiber) to make it apt to store handy items like your keys, books, stationery etc. When it comes to design it is commendable, sleek & crackerjack. The floating aftermath is alluring since the hardware is not visible. With regards to its usability, it’s a happy go lucky article. The Crisscross design ensures the best placement of your valuable items. A whole new permutation & combination seems interesting. The dimensions of 17x17x5 are matchless. Plus, these days MDF being a commonly used material impeccably brews with beguiling fixtures and laminates.

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7. Asymmetric White Laminate Square Floating Wall Shelf


Creating spaces with enticing asymmetrical white floating wall shelves is a splendiferous idea. Ravishing colors & textures on walls may sometimes look vacant. Usually adding these stupendous floating white shelves can enhance the beauty of the wall. The structure of this shelf offers a lot of scope to place a considerable amount of stuff. These are similar to white floating cube shelves, since a cube is ideal to place an enthralling artifact or a mesmerizing antique. The intersecting floating wall shelves –white, adds an extravagant flash not only to your wall but also the whole room. Peeping into the customer reviews, you will get a hang of why these shelves have attracted a large number of customers. The construction factor is much easier without any fuss. The easy to assemble kit makes the shelves ready within minutes. The basic material is MDF which is more common and offers a sturdy support and ensures the product stays long lasting. Ultimately suits your bill, isn’t it? With this amazing price range of 30-35$, these floating wall shelves white finished, are easy to maintain. Just a damp cloth to wipe off the shelf. Sit back, relax & stop worrying about the cleaning sessions of your home shelves. The dimensions 24x24x5 do not look too big or too small. It is just the right size.

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8. Intersecting Squares Decorative White Wall Shelf:


These floating box shelves white one’s specially are sensational pieces of furniture. Made from MDF they are inexpensive with a price range of 39-45 $.Assembling this is plain sailing and happens within a snap of time, thanks to the hardware included. Intersections are quite egregious & render an ostentatious layout, which is quite unique to watch. Usability is the backbone of all the features. Here the 3 squares intersecting each other give out different shapes at the edges & squares in the center. This makes the whole idea the bestselling one. The price range is also a firm one & works positively towards the decision of owning this shelf. Placing hunky dory stuff can just change the appearance of the home. Taking a glimpse of this shelf will make your imagination transform these MDF slabs into cheerful shelves. It is lightweight (9.6lbs)& can really hold up a lot of your stuff lying around unnoticed. The customers who’ve used this product are all praises and are very much in love with these laudable floating shelves. The dimensions 23.5 inches high x 23.5 inches wide x 5 inches deep do magic here as the manufacturer has taken into consideration the size of apartments and the overall look. So this goes far more than what you call it as compatibility! Last, but not least, these shelves are quite cool & trendy.

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9. Set of 3 Floating U shelves in White Finish:


The floating U shelves in white color are interesting pieces of furniture with a tantalizing look. These custom crafted white floating shelves bring a voguish twist to the walls & rooms that they beautify. All of these 3 pieces will make you astonished since they have a wider scope to offer in terms of usability. Be it subtle or bright flashy colored walls, floating U shelves, white one’s especially just rightly blend to any décor. This can be used as a white floating bookshelf (along with other fancy items ) as well. They own a whole new floating effect without the slightest appearance of chunky brackets and heavy hardware. Everybody just wants to have a space to display some of the personal stuff that they have. But every now and then getting a new table to keep this stuff cramps up the little space that’s there. Here, floating shelves do a commendable job as they save space and are not too heavy on the pocket. They just come to rescue at the right time!

The dimensions of these shelves are: Large: 17 x 4 x 4″. Medium: 13 x 4 x 3.5″. Small: 9 x 4 x 3″.

If you measure them you will find that they are apt and successfully ensure to create a beautifying effect on your wall. Variations in dimensions are a smarter way so as to break the monotony of the conventional shelves.

Floating shelves always add great attraction to your living room or any other rooms, if you are interested in floating shelves, have a look at this infographic featuring the top 10 floating shelves available in the industry right now.

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10. Shelving Solution Set of 3 Floating U Shelves (White with 2 LED Candles)


A floating U shelf is the right product for any of the modern homes. Saving space and freeing up from the mess are 2 things every one of us wants. These MDF shelves are U shaped which adds elegance to the walls. Not only this, the white color just goes right with any of the color schemes.It’s a universal color you may opt for! Coming to the dimensions: Large 17 x 4 x 4 inches, Middle 13 x 4 x 3.5 inches, Small 9 x 4 x 3 inches. Here, you see a lot of variation, so you have an option of placing them as per your whims and fancies, customized to the soul, must say! The leading edge white finish is ideally compatible & fun to go with any spaces.Creativity is the main factor that makes these floating U shelves fast selling. When it comes to usability, you may display your treasured memories on to these shelves along with your geeky book stuff, artifacts, antiques, CDs etc. And yes, you may place the shelves upside down with whatever effect you may want to. Vertical sides up ensure an ideal space for your books. It is indeed a personalized wall for decking up your stuff in a neat manner. Ok-Now the Care instructions: Cleaning the shelves is not a big task. A damp cloth will do the needful. Plus, the manufacturer has patiently accepted to help you out in case you find any flaws or scratches after delivery since the shelves are all handmade. This is kind enough on the part of the manufacturer since they have a helpline number where you can immediately reach out and they will respond you within 24 hours. This is really an amazing part of their customer service.

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11. Shelving Solution Set of 2 Color “S” Wall Mount Shelves with Candles (White):


A floating S shelf is a quick fix for your untidy rooms. The MDF shelf is sturdy enough to manage all the clutter & mess. Displaying your elaborate stuff like toys, awards, decorative items etc can instantly boost up the wall. With these shelving solutions, you may never go wrong with the crooked pictures, uneven edged artifacts or leaning ledges. Enhance your color scheme by adding these eye-catching White floating S shelves. You may also want to sometimes vary the look by placing the shelf upside down. The dimensions of the shelf are 22.5″ x 4″ x 4.8″ and can hold up to 11 lbs (4.9kg) of weight. So you see, placing the clutter lying here and there is not a big job. Plus, these pieces are quite swanky. The “S” shape creates a huge difference in the look & makes it stand out as against the regular shelves. It is something that makes it look really so dashing! Adding some more of these in your bedroom or hallways can be a great idea as it utilizes & gives ample justice to your space. Thus, these peculiar yet popular white floating S shelves are amazing items of home décor that one may want to brag about.

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12. Shelving Solution Quadrate Decorative Wall Shelf (white):


Add some excitement to your homes by teaming it up with these interesting floating box shelves. Firstly, the installation is quite elementary, with a couple of hardware. Once the shelves are placed on the wall, the hardware is nowhere to be seen. This characteristic makes it really sophisticated and classy enough to win applauds. The whole hanging mechanism is something to appreciate & be crazy about. The floating effect of the shelf is good enough to leave one spellbound! You may add up this floating shelf in your kitchen and rack up cookbooks or some cutlery, to clear up the mess on your countertops. Plus, the nails that keep the shelf in its position are unexposed which is a very unique feature of these white floating shelves. The dimensions 23.5 inches high x 23.5 inches wide x 5 inches deep, are technically pertinent to most of the spaces, they accommodate rightly in smaller as well as larger spaces. The appearance is in itself discrete showing 3 boxes which generously intersect producing 6 openings. This creates a larger elbow room for sure. It is moderately priced at 30 USD, where the manufacturer offers free shipping.
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13. Intersecting Wall Shelf White:


Hovering about expanding the shelves, this is a perfect answer to your thoughts. Intersecting white floating shelves are incomparable & add an extra storage solution to your room. They not only offer heterogeneous display space but also allow the walls to even shine more. The dimensions 26.5W x 4D x 18.75H, do work well with a wide range of decors. The laminated engineered wood offers a well-made look to ensure the shelves remain durable. A little assembly is required for installing these shelves, limited to moving along the boxes altogether with the help of pre-drilled notches. These shelves are small enough but not too large enough! The price range of 40$ is affordable as compared to the relevance. A highly recommended product for every home.

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14. Modern Set of 3 Wall Mounted White Modular Square Wood Storage Shelves


Swag your cherished & fancy stuff like never before with these trendy floating white shelves white finish. Here is a set of 3 white floating cube shelves made out of durable wood all in different sizes to create an alluring chain reaction. These are most ideal for parking up your photo frames, plants, candles, antiques etc. These 3 captivating floating wood shelves are popular amongst all the masses. Why? It is very much offbeat as compared to the boring rectangular shelves. They just aren’t wall shelves, but also add a touch of distinctive peek. With the price range of 30 $, it is as economical as you get 3 at a price of 1.So, there’s no looking back while buying this whole new set.

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15. Nexxt Classic Multi Length Shelves- White, Set of 4:


Pragmatic yet beautiful is what you can describe these floating shelves white finish. Give some life to your room & free it from clutter through this set of floating shelves white finish. Chic in style, this ultra modern shelf has a lot more to offer from decent storage space that is perhaps more germane to kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, laundry rooms etc. Buying it along with some more shelves is smart enough to display everyday items like stuffed toys, cutlery, towels etc. These functional floating shelves compliment every little space with its accentuating no-visible support giving it a floating effect. The contoured edges contribute to the superior pattern. The set comprises of 3 shelves with dimension as 6×1.5×4″, 12×1.5×4″, 20×1.5×4″ and 24×1.5×4″.They completely chip in the electrifying view against any backdrop. Coming to its price: 32.99 with free shipping on an average are quite economical to own this trendsetting piece of art. You don’t have the hassle of stepping out of the home to get these shelves all by yourself. Save all your valuable energy and engage some into a little assembling. It comes with a handy kit which provides assistance in getting the shelves mounted. The overall look is modern and sleek, making its way into the most affordable yet classy category of furniture.

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16. Umbra Showcase Display Shelves, White, Set of 3:


These white floating shelves by Umbra are inspired by museum style look. It’s like a shelf taking a center stage. It is a simple yet top notch of all the floating wall shelves. You can display one of a kind item on this shelf. Out of the MDF construction is what you get the whole set of these shelves which are built to last and can hold up to 2.5 pounds of weight. A single shelf measures 4.1×3.1×1 inch. The kit is well equipped with an obscured metal mounting hardware which works efficiently towards a minimal look. Unfold your space by adding these whimsical shelves to get that attention. Guests that peek into these shelves are definitely going to admire your choice and taste. The finishing & price (20$) is great enough to attract everyone.

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17.  Set of 3 White Square Cube Wall Shelves:


These white floating wood shelves are captivating additions to your home. It provides a fruitful space to display your keepsakes & other stuff, thus keeping the clutter at bay. It will be sexy to keep books in this shelf or to use as a bookshelf (well, it’s a multipurpose shelf). This is one of the popular types among the floating bookshelves. The scrolling design at the sides is intricate & that’s how the shelves stand out. These are fully assembled & need to be mounted on the wall with the hardware kit included. The whole set is categorized into 3 sizes of shelves the dimensions being – Large Shelf: 11 7/8″ x 11 7/8″ 3 7/8″, Medium Shelf: 9 7/8″ x 9/7/8″ x 3 7/8″, Small Shelf: 7 7/8″ x 7 7/8″ x 3 7/8″.The lines are clean enough on the cutout corners with absolutely no craggy edges.

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18. Scrollwork Design White Wood Wall Mounted Floating Shelves / Display Stand Racks:


Whole new twist waits to unwrap the elegance that these white wall floating shelves render. The scrolling & contouring edges of these shelves add some spice. The price which is not only the deciding factor but also the factor that will not make you think twice before buying this product since it will not at all burn a hole in your pocket( 20$). The little trinkets, beautiful wall frames, handcrafted stuff can make an enticing debut with these shelves. The little mess lying here and there finally gets organized & well kept. Attaching a spotlight to highlight the display items can be a ravishing idea. This will also enhance the overall look of the shelves especially the scrolling sides which is the best selling feature. So place your best stuff on this 12 in. W X 15 in. H X 5.25 in. D shelf & boast about it.

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19. Shelving Solution Ladder Type Shaped Wall Shelf (White):


Ladder shaped floating wall shelves (white) is handcrafted. As the name suggests the shelf depicts a ladder & can turn your boring walls into an interesting backdrop. The intricate design is a unique selling point. These white floating shelves are custom crafted & alluring. One will utter a “Wow!” on looking at this shelf. It is a crisp way to rack up alternate colored stuff for an instance Black & white or say red & black pot. This is just an example; practically you can run into various combinations and show the stuff that will brag a lot of attention. Like handcrafted photo frames, memoirs, little cute showpieces and all that stuff which has a place in your drawers. The more you explore the more you get out of these ladder-shaped wall shelves. 23.4″ x 23.6″ x 4″ is the dimension which goes well with any home décor making it quite uncomplicated especially for people who look into the measurements. It efficiently organizes your vacant walls into a swanky space. Yes, a little curious with the price, 25 $ is the price of these attractive shelves.

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20.Geometric Square Wall Shelf with 5 Openings:


Renovate your home with these chic, sleek pieces of furniture. These artistic white shelves altogether add up some spice to your interiors. The modern-day culture comprises of simple yet classy stuff. Innovation is the whole new secret these days.  Gone are those days when people bought huge shelves & drawers to store the stuff. The modern contemporary furniture is the right blend of mix and match in the most sober way. So these classic shelves priced as 39 $ is a great way to stack up books, watches, pots or colorful frames. This white floating bookshelf, with such decent pricing, is something which can save your pockets and decorate your homes. The geometric shape is a delight to watch with the 5 openings (dimensions: 17.75 inches high x 17.75 inches wide x 5 inches deep) which gives a lot of scope to the user to place their items. Laminated MDF gives the exact finish as per the expectation and offers a clean look.

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Wrap up!

The products reviewed above are chosen only after completing different quality checks. Consider quality as an important constraint before going for cheaper options in the market.

Choose the right wall shelf that suits well with your home’s interior finish. Think creatively and make your wall shelf the best piece of equipment in your home’s decor.

Go for any of the above shelves and you will get your guaranteed happiness. Sometimes, a little twist does works wonder &  opting any of the above floating shelves will ideally complete the look of your home. Keep in mind that Black floating shelves are also as popular as white floating shelves, you can check the best black floating shelves for your homes if you are interested.

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