Review of Glass-based Bathroom Corner Shelves

glass bathroom shelves

Space has become a precious commodity, resulting in smaller and more compact homes. Often, bathrooms bear the brunt of space constraints and end up being rather compact. In such bathrooms, if you install cabinets and cupboards, you will not be able to move without bumping into them. Have you ever thought of using the corners that are often ignored and forgotten? Well, corner shelves offer the perfect storage solution and you can ramp the style quotient of your bathroom by going in for glass-based bathroom corner shelves. These shelves allow you to maximize storage space without eating into floor space.

Well, if you’re looking for a corner wall shelf for the first time, choosing the right product may be a great deal.

Don’t worry! Throughout this article, we’ll help you choose the right corner wall shelf matching your preferences.

Here are the reviews of the best glass-based bathroom corner shelves that you can choose from if you too are looking to create storage space in your bathroom.

Corner Wall Shelves

If you are worried about a glass shelf using up valuable and much-needed floor space, there is no cause for concern, as you can install corner, wall-mounted bathroom shelves. These shelves not only offer storage space but also add visual appeal like never before.

1. Glass Corner Shelf without Rails

glass based bathroom corner shelvesThis glass corner shelf is stylish and practical. The tempered glass shelf is 8mm thick, making it resilient and durable. The shelf sits on heavy-duty zinc alloy posts that you need to fix to the walls of your bathroom. The posts have a nickel finish, giving them elegant look and feel. The stylish triangular shape of the glass with rounded edges not only allows you to use the corners of your bathroom with élan, but it also works as a functional shelf to ensure you have an accessible place for your toiletries. The dimensions of the shelf are 11.1 inches x 10.6 inches x 2.1 inches, and it comes with the necessary installation hardware.

2. 2-Tier Glass-based Bathroom Corner Shelf

glass based bathroom corner shelvesIf you are looking for a wall-mounted bathroom corner shelf that has panache and offers ample storage space for your shampoo, soap and other toiletries, you cannot go wrong with a two-tier glass-based bathroom corner shelf. The tempered glass shelf is 8mm thick, ensuring it can take a lot of weight without sustaining any damage while the heavy-duty posts and rails are constructed with aluminum, making sure you enjoy reliability and durability. The posts come with a sand-spray finish to prevent rust and corrosion. The dimensions of the shelf are 9.7 inches x 1.9 inches x 14 inches, and it comes with the hardware for installation.

3. Glass-based Bathroom Corner Shelf with Rails

glass based bathroom corner shelvesThis glass-based bathroom corner shelf comes with a protective rail so that your shampoos, conditioners and liquid soap bottles do not fall off. The tempered glass shelf is 1/4-inch thick while the high-quality stainless steel posts and rail have a contemporary rubbed bronze finish. The screws for installation are made from resilient stainless steel, so you can rest assured that once you screw them into the wall, there is no chance of rust or corrosion. This is why this elegant shelf is perfect for the shower area. The measurements of this large-size glass bathroom corner shelf are 10.5 inches x 10.5 inches x 3.5 inches. You also enjoy a five-year comprehensive warranty.

Standing Corner Shelves

In case you are not keen on drilling holes to mount a glass-based bathroom corner shelf, don’t worry. You can opt for standing corner shelves that ensure you get the storage solutions you are seeking without taking up space.

1. 4-Tier Glass Corner Shelf

glass corner shelves

This four-tier glass corner shelf ensures you enjoy maximum storage space for the items you want to keep in your bathroom. It does not require any special tool for set up, and the installation is simple and quick. The shelves are made from tempered glass, making them resilient and durable while the poles are from durable and stylish-looking stainless steel. The dimensions of each shelf are 15 inches height x 13 inches depth x 15 inches width. The bottom shelf has legs to keep the entire unit off the ground.

2. 3-Tier Glass-based Bathroom Corner Shelf

glass corner shelvesThe only way to describe this three-tier glass-based bathroom corner shelf is stylish and functional. The three shelves are of tempered glass and hence, are durable and long-lasting. Each shelf has metal edges that complement the three metal posts. The metal has an elegant chrome finish. This shelf is perfect for a bathroom corner, shower area or next to your bathtub. It is elevated off the ground with four skid-proof metal legs, making it sturdy enough to house heavy bath towels, bathroom accessories and even candles for aromatherapy. The dimensions of the shelf are 13.2 inches x 13.2 inches x 31 inches.

3. Metal and Glass combined 3-Tier Shelf

glass corner shelves

The chic white finish of the steel tube frame makes this glass-based bathroom corner shelf a winner. It can enhance the look and feel of your bathroom. The three glass shelves are made from tempered glass, making them resilient and durable while the steel posts are rust-resistant. This shelf can easily house your toiletries, bath accessories as well as decorative items to give your compact bathroom an effortless upgrade. The measurements of this metal and glass combined three-tier glass shelf are 12 inches x 12 inches x 33 inches.

4. Clear Glass-based 3-Tier Bathroom Corner Shelf

glass based bathroom corner shelves

This clear glass-based three-tier corner shelf is ideal for the bathroom. It is elegantly simple, and the three tempered glass shelves with rounded edges offer you the storage space you require in your bathroom. Between the shelves, there is a space of 12 inches. The bottom glass shelf is elevated 1.5 inches off the floor, while the actual measurements of the unit are 13.8 inches x 13.8 inches x 31.5 inches. The three steel poles are durable and rust-resistant.

5. Round Glass – 3-Tier Corner Shelf

glass bathroom shelves

The elegant three-tier corner shelf comes with a simplistic design and hence, can fit into any décor. The round glass shelves, with a diameter of 16 inches, are constructed from durable and safe tempered glass while the three metal poles are made from stainless steel. Hence, this unit is perfect for the bathroom as there is no risk of the metal rusting and corroding. The unit is easy to assemble and does not require tools. There is a space of approximately 14-7/8 inches between the bottom and the middle glass shelf and about 6-7/8 inches between the middle and the topmost glass shelf. The dimensions of the unit are 15.8 inches x 15.8 inches x 24.5 inches.

6. Frosted Glass Cabinet for Bathroom Corner

glass based bathroom corner shelvesThis charming and chic glass cabinet is made entirely from frosted tempered crystal glass, giving it an irresistible contemporary appeal. It comes with a single glass door that is about 1/4-inch thick while cabinet glass has a thickness of 3/8 inches. The dimensions of the cabinet are 10-7/8 inches x 5-1/2 inches x 18-7/8 inches. The hardware (hinges and screws) is made out of durable and rust-resistant stainless steel, whereas the door handle is from copper, giving it a stylish yet rustic appeal. There is ample space on the two clear glass shelves that can accommodate towels, soaps, shampoos, conditioners, and even clothes. It can add an outstanding look to your indoors if your indoors are finished in white or some other dark colors. The frosted glass can easily be cleaned with a wet, lint-free cloth.


Don’t let lack of space in your bathroom affect its functionality. Instead, opt for one of these elegant and affordably priced glass-based bathroom corner shelves. You will never get frustrated, wondering where to place your bathroom accessories and essential toiletries. Instead, you will be boosting the style quotient of your bathroom with these gorgeous glass-based corner shelves. Try to choose the one with a design that matches your indoor decor and furnishing.

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