Top 12 Kids Bookcase and Bookshelves

With the advent of the Internet, smartphones, and tablets, reading physical books has become a thing of the past. Today, kids prefer playing games and chatting to friends with their electronic gadgets. Do not despair as you can introduce reading and create a love for reading and learning with some uniquely designed and innovative kids’ bookcases and bookshelves. These pieces of furniture have been designed taking into consideration the specific needs of children, and that is why you can be certain that your kid will love it. You, in turn, will love the sight of your child reaching out to take their favorite book from the shelf. Well, these attractive bookcases can add an overwhelming look to your living spaces and at the same time improve your kids reading habits and organizing skills.

If you are wondering what the kind of kids’ bookcases and bookshelves you should opt for, here are some choices that are worth exploring:

Kids Book Racks and Storage

When it comes to kids, parents know how untidy and disorganized kids can be. This is especially true for toddlers and younger kids. You can opt for some creative racks that are aesthetically pleasing and also ensure your tiny tot can get access to the racks. These book racks are functional, practical and also fulfill your need for storage in a kid’s room. The racks can be easily placed in the corners of your homes and can save a lot of space and can also be an addition to your indoor home finish. Don’t forget to choose the right one that suits your indoor decor.

  1. Toddler-Sized Book Rack

Kids Bookcase and Bookshelves

This toddler-sized book rack is designed with toddlers in mind. Its natural finish and multi-colored racks make it perfect for younger boys as well as girls. It has five fabric sling sleeves that are deep and can hold books of all sizes. You can keep books with covers facing forward. As a result, your child will be able to identify the books. It is designed to encourage reading and promote organization skills among toddlers. This space-saving rack can offer the storage solution you seek for your kid’s room. Its dimensions are 25 inches width x 11 inches depth x 24 inches height.

  1. Five-Pocket Book Rack for Toddlers

Kids Bookcase and Bookshelves

This book rack comes with five pockets. However, don’t worry, the size is perfect for children aged three and above. The nylon fabric used to make the pockets is colorful and adds cheer in any room. The frame is made from sturdy and durable wood. It can easily accommodate books of all sizes and if you are running out space for magazines, this book rack will help you store them as well. With measurements of 25 inches width x 26 inches height x 11 inches depth, your kid will not find it difficult to reach out for books or place them back.

  1. Kid’s Sling Book Rack

Kids Bookcase and Bookshelves

This book rack is functional and appealing. It comes with shelves that are made from soft canvas. This makes the slings durable, and it also ensures that books do not sustain damage while placing or removing them. Since you can store books by displaying their front cover, it encourages children to reach out for them. The dimensions of this sling book rack are 24 inches x 12 inches x 28 inches, making it perfect for toddlers and slightly older kids. You will find that the assembly of the book rack is quick and easy.

  1. Single-Sided Book Display Rack

This single-sided book display rack comes with five shelves that are easy to use. It is designed for kids in all kinds of settings – home, daycare, preschool, playschool and library. So you can rest assured knowing that your kid will love the natural finish and the rounded corners. It is made from durable birch wood and comes with GreenGuard (Gold) certification to give you peace of mind that no harmful chemicals were used in the manufacturing process. The dimensions of the display rack are 36 inches length x 15 inches width x 30 inches height.

  1. Fabric Sling Bookshelf

Kids Bookcase

The whole idea of a kid’s bookshelf is to nurture a love for reading and you can be certain that this espresso-colored shelf will do just that. It comes with practical slings that allow you to store books with their covers facing forward. The slings are made from durable duck fabric while the frame is carved out of wood. This makes the entire construction sturdy. You can even customize the bookshelf for your child by painting motifs or sewing embroidery on the bottom sling. It comes with dimensions of 24 inches width x 11.8 inches depth x 28 inches height.

Kids Bookcases

As your child transitions out of toddlerhood, they will have different needs. This is the perfect time to shift to kids’ bookcases so that you can fan the love for reading that they acquired during their toddler lives. If you are looking for unique and stylish kids’ bookcases, here are some options that you and your kid will love.

  1. Cubbyhole Bookcase

Kids Bookcase

This unique bookcase has cubbyholes and bin storage options, allowing your kid to store not just their books, but also their toys, knick-knacks and other precious items. The bins come with tags that allow you to organize the items seamlessly. The naughty curves make this bookcase a winner. The white finish ensures the bookcase can fit into any décor, and the engineered wood used for construction offers durability. Its dimensions are 32-7/8 inches height x 15-1/2 inches depth x 41-1/8 inches length.

  1. Kids Cube Bookshelf

This multi-functional bookshelf is the ultimate storage organizer. It consists of nine cubes that can be used to store books, shoes, toys, clothes and even CDs. You will be surprised to learn that this bookshelf is versatile and flexible as you can make it into a single cube if have limited space in the room. It is made from dust-proof and waterproof plastic that requires minimal maintenance. The plastic also makes it durable. Its black and white panels are just perfect for any kid’s room. The dimensions of this unit are 41.3 inches x 13.8 inches and 41.3 inches.

  1. Kids 2-Shelf Bookcase

When you want style and utility, this two-shelf bookcase fits the bill perfectly. It comes with sturdy construction, and offers wide and deep shelves that can store books of any size. It also is perfect for displaying and showcasing trophies, trinkets and other treasures your child has. You will love the elegant white finish and the wainscoting detailing. It measures 11.5 inches x 24 inches x 32 inches.

  1. Kids 4-Shelf Bookcase

For older kids, you will require more storage space. This four-shelf bookcase is perfect for kids and teenagers. The large shelves can accommodate books, toys, and decoration items. The bottom compartment is in the form of a bin that your child can use to store either their shoes or larger toys. The side panels are curved, making it safe and visually appealing. This bookshelf has a white finish and dimensions of 31.5 inches x 15.5 inches x 60 inches.

Fantasy Design Type Bookcases

It is a proven fact that kids have imaginative minds. You can spur that imagination with unique fantasy design bookcases that add color, energy and functionality into your child’s room. These fantasy-type bookcases will see your child rushing to the bookcase each time the opportunity arises. These bookcases also can add up a peerless attraction to your kids living spaces.  What more could you ask for?

  1. Firehouse Bookcase

This attractive bookcase is designed like a firehouse and comes with three rows and six individual compartments. One of the compartments is hidden as it is placed behind the garage door of the firehouse. It also has a yellow bell to complete the firehouse. The compartments are wide and can store books, toys and more. It will help your child to learn organizational skills while promoting a love for reading. The bookcase measures 28.2 inches x 12.2 inches x 38 inches.

  1. Magic Garden-Themed Bookcase

Transform your little girl’s bedroom into a magical world with this magic garden-themed bookcase. This case is handcrafted and hand-painted with lead-free and non-toxic paints. It is crafted out of wood and MDF, making it sturdy and durable. It comes with three shelves with a floral design, and two drawers to ensure adequate storage space for books, toys, photos and trinkets. The drawers’ pulls are designed like a bumblebee and dragonfly to add to the magic appeal of the bookcase. The multi-colors are attractive and energizing. The bookcase’s dimensions are 22 inches length x 11.5 inches width x 38 inches height.

  1. Puzzle Bookcase

The quirky puzzle piece design and the bright red, blue and green colors make this three-shelf bookcase fun and attractive. It is made out of wood, ensuring that it is durable and sturdy. It is designed in such a manner that the bookcase cannot tip over. Each shelf has a different color but they come together to complete the picture that this bookcase wants to convey – life is a puzzle and books are the pieces that bring this puzzle together. The dimensions of this creative bookcase are 25 inches x 11.5 inches x 37.5 inches.

The Bottom Line

If you want to promote love for reading in your child, it is necessary to create an ambiance that nurtures that love. And, you can do this by introducing uniquely designed kids’ bookcases and bookshelves in your home. So, check out the options here and select one that fits your kids’ needs and your budget.

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