11 Best Home Decor Trends of 2017 – Infographics

We’d all love to have peerless and outstanding home decor.  Trends in home decor are very disruptive. The things you see right now might not be that appealing the very next year. In today’s busy world most of us won’t find time to think creatively and to get started with indoor home decor renovation.

Well, you’re in the right place! Don’t waste time thinking, we’ve come up with few home renovation trends you can get started with.

We’ve done deep research in analyzing the best home decor trends of 2017 collecting the opinions from various home decor fanatics and websites. We thought of making it an infographic so that it would be much appealing for our readers.

So, here are the top 11 home decor trends of 2017 Infographic.

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1. Exterior Color

Avenue Tan, November Rain, Wedgewood Gray, Boston Brick, Coast of Maine are the trends in 2017. Before getting started with alteration in exterior colors choose the one based on your taste and neighborhood. Exterior colors can also create an outstanding ambiance if you choose it in a way matching your outside environment.

2. Furniture

Cerused furniture will be the trend in 2017. ‘Cerused woods’ are those in which the unique natural grain of wood is brought out. Cabinets, tables, chairs and storage furniture will see high demand for cerused wood.

3. Interior Color

Navy Blue is the hot chic for 2017. Conventionally ‘white’ has been the most sought after color for interiors over a long period. 2017 is set to witness a big change in this trend. People are getting more interested in dark colors and ‘Navy Blue’ is the winner here. The color pattern has been trending in search volume with over 80% increase. Also, try to choose the interior color matching your indoor furniture and appliances.

4. Textures on Wall

Patterns and textures will rule the walls in 2017. It was plain single color in the early days. Change is already happening out there!

5. Faux Materials for Budget Homes

Faux is obviously not the preferred choice for many. But when ‘budget’ comes into play, why not go for ‘faux’ materials which offer as a good quality like authentic materials at a much lower price.

6. Indoor Plants

The world is going greener! And so should our homes. Indoor plants will penetrate every home like never before in 2017.

7. Appliances

Matte finish appliances will be a big trend in 2017, if not already! The matte finish adds to the contrast of the appliances. Black or White goes really well with a matte finish. ‘Glossy’ was a trend in appliances till 2015. It seems ‘matte’ will take over the throne in 2017.

8. Bath

Vanities are making a comeback in the bathroom design trend – with the old fashioned cabinets, mirrors, marbles and golden lights, bathrooms are going back to old days in style.

9. White Ceramics

Raw white ceramics is a classic item. White vases and pots have been a trend for long. They seem to continue the trend in 2017 as well.

10. The Kitchen

The kitchen will get smarter in 2017 with the penetration of smart appliances (which can be controlled via the Internet). Countertops will see more acceptance to Quartz, High-quality storage solutions will be another trend, floors will go darker and the walls will be brighter than ever.

11. Smart Furniture and Appliances

As the world becomes smarter, so do our homes! In 2017, we see increased use of smart home appliances and furniture. For example, the Ikea LED night lamp with the wireless charging point. Ikea has also other products like a smart nightstand. These kinds of innovative smart products will see its way into many households, especially the homes of tech-savvy people.


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