Whitmor 4 Tier Shelves – Review of Closet Wire Shelves with Chrome Color and Wooden Frame

4 Tier Closet Wire Shelving with Natural Wood Frame

Whitmor 6026-220 is a premium quality 4 tier closet shelving unit made of a wooden frame and wire shelves. These chrome plated shelves have a lip at the back which prevents objects falling from the back when placed on the shelf.  All wire shelves are held in place with the natural wood frame which adds to the charm of this closet shelf product, which also adds beauty to interiors. This closet shelf is perfect as it can fit in any room size at the home and in the office. So lets begin our review of Whitmor 4 tier shelves – with a chrome color finish, made of wooden frame.

The finishing touch of wood along with the back lip makes this chrome color shelving unit ideal for placing shoes or clothes. Even if the shoes have heels they can easily be accommodated as there is enough space provided between each shelf. Additionally, as the shelves are made of wire, the heel can hang below the actual frame of the shelf.

Whitmor 4 Tier  Shelves – Review

Whitmor 4 Tier Shelves
Whitmor – 4 tier shelf | Whitmor 6026 220

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  • One can easily organize numerous items in Whitmor 4 tier shelves as the product has four shelves available.
  • Wooden frame made of natural wood along with chrome wired shelves make this unit charming as well as sturdy and spacious to accommodate several belongings.
  • Size is ideal for placing in the top shelf of the closet or can be placed under hanging clothes.
  • Easy to set up, as grooves are provided to fix the shelves in place with screws.
  • The spacing between each shelf is seven inches allowing items of more than 6″ to be placed in second and third shelves.
  • Can support a lot of weight due to the well-balanced structure that is greatly supported by the wooden frame which is grooved to accommodate the shelves.
  • Allows better organization of belongings, compared to other closet shelves in the same price range.


  • These 4 tier wire closet shelves are very simple in appearance.
  • The 4 chrome wire shelves of this Whitmor model are not adjustable, thus preventing objects of more than 7″ length fitting on any of the three lower shelves.

Whitmor 4 Tier Shelves

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Installation and setup

The wood supporting the frame for Whitmor 4 tier shelves appears to be light and slim; however, it offers unmatched strength to the entire set up. The shelves can be easily fixed into the grooves provided along the frame and require only a few minutes to tighten it up. The shelves stay in place and the weight of all objects is supported due to the balance provided by the wooden stands on both ends. Once it is all set up this unit can support anything from bulky files to shoes, clothes and hats.

Look and feel

Whitmor 6026-220 closet shelves weigh 6.4 pounds, with each vertical shelf measuring 11.6″ in length and 25″ in width. The length of the entire unit is 27.5″, which makes it apposite to be placed inside any closet.

Each shelf of the unit is placed at equal intervals so as to accommodate items of various sizes. This height is 7″ accommodating three to four pairs of shoes on each shelf, be they heels or flats. This unit is quite simple and one can place it in view in any room or inside the closet if one wishes to increase space inside.

Lifetime and warranty

Whitmor 6026-220 4 tier, chrome wired closet shelving unit is strong due to the combination of superior quality natural wood and chrome wires being used. This strength allows it to last long and stand strong for more than 10 years. Other than the virtual or real store from which one purchase this remarkable Whitmor closet shelving unit offering a warranty, manufacturer’s warranty can also be obtained for every unit purchased.       

Add on and accessories

One can add several accessories like mats for each shelf to make it more attractive, in case it is being used outside the closet. If it is placed outside along a wall only for shoes, it is better to attach it to the wall with Anti-tip brackets so that it does not topple if one crashes into it accidentally. Households with kids are recommended to fix them to walls so that the items placed on it do not topple each time children try to reach for it or play around it.


The Whitmor 6026-220 4 tier shelf is a one of its kind closet shelving unit that has a strong frame, which supports weight along with shelves made of chrome wire, which increases durability and also has a back lip to prevent any objects from falling from the other end. Purchasing this unit is ideal if one wishes to increase space and does not have proper shelves to place their belongings.

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