Whitmor Stackable Closet Shelves – 2 Tier Chrome Shelves – Review

Stackable Closet Shelf Review

Whitmor Stackable Closet Shelves with a special chrome finish provides easy shelving options inside the closet. These units are known as stackable because one unit can be placed upon another to form multi-tier shelves. Closet shelves made of steel are lightweight yet durable due to the high strength. The chrome finish adds to the beauty of this shelving unit making it a good fit for visible spaces.

Shoes, clothing and other personal belongings can be placed on this stackable closet shelving unit without any hassle. It does not eat a lot of closet space as these shelves can be placed without any external support or stand for mounting. The metallic structure does not need any additional tools for assembly. This premium quality, innovative closet shelving unit displays the special standard of Whitmor products. It is now quite simple to organize your home and belongings in a way that does not require hours mundane work.

Whitmor Stackable Closet Shelves – Review



Whitmor Stackable closet shelves
Whitmor Stackable Closet Shelves


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  • No external support required for this Whitmor shelving unit to stand.
  • Made of steel and has a chrome finish to enhance durability and strength of the structure.
  • Does not sag under heavy weight and is ideal for placing books, shoes, clothing and other personal belongings.
  • Adds space for storage in small and confined places as it does not take up a lot of space for itself.
  • Few minutes required for assembly although no special tools or professional knowledge and expertise are needed for setting up one or more units inside the closet.
  • Considerably increases storage space vertically.
  • Easy to clean as steel is the material used to build the superior quality shelving unit.


  • Whitmor 6175-861 stackable closet shelves are not portable and thus, cannot be carried around with the weight of any other objects placed on it.
  • Only two shelves are provided in a single unit.

Whitmor Stackable closet shelves

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Installation and setup

The manufacturer claims the unit of Whitmor 6175-861 stackable closet shelves requires approximately 15 minutes of time to assemble. No tools or professional assistance is required to set up the unit and since no external frame or support is required it is easy to fix this chrome finish steel shelving unit.

Look and feel

The structure of Whitmor stackable closet shelves are made of steel and have a chrome finish which makes it very easy to clean. Each shelf is 12″ wide and 30″ long providing a lot of space to organize many numerous items inside the closet or any other shelving unit. The storage space considerably increases as one unit can be added on top of another and attachments are provided to effectively join two separate units.

The shelving unit weighs 9 pounds and the height between both the shelves is 8″, which provides enough space for objects to be placed even on the lower shelves.

Whitmor stackable closet shelves

Lifetime and warranty

Whitmor combines its innovations with premium quality materials to build top notch units for homes. This unique shelving unit which is made of steel provides durability due to which it lasts long and convinces buyers to add more than one shelf to improve their storage spaces. Warranty is provided by the manufacturer and in case this premium quality unit is purchased from a virtual destination, additional warranty is guaranteed as these stores provide warranty on most of the products sold.

Add on and accessories

Since the unit is placed inside a closet there is no need for any attachment as the structure is well balanced and will definitely not topple. The unit is easy to clean there is no need for any additional mats to protect the chrome finished steel. Add-ons available are multiple units of this model of Whitmor closet shelving units as they can easily be attached on top of the other. If it is not being placed inside the closet, it is better to attach it to the wall using anti-tip brackets so that it does not topple when one crashes into the structure.


If you wish to increase the storage space in your already jam-packed home, purchasing the Whitmor stackable closet shelves is the best solution, as this unit allows you to become more organized. Only two units are provided without any drawers and it is ideal for storing clothing, shoes, handbags, books, and wet materials.

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