Top 7 Corner Shelves for bathroom

Designing your home is a personalized affair. A personalized touch is what each individual wants to give to the dream house. This requires a lot of research & technical know how to fill up the vacant spaces in an extraordinary manner. Adding shelves to your space not only sparks up your home but also enables to keep the clutter at a bay. One space that a cleanliness freak will look out for is a spick and span bathroom. Yes! Maybe for some or the other reason, bathrooms are the most ignored spaces. Bathrooms do have a lot of scope with regards to improvement. One can definitely work on various permutations and combinations to make the bathroom space look well kept. Here are some of the best & remarkable bathroom corner shelves that can be suggested:

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1. John Sterling KT-0134-1212SN Glass Corner Shelf Kit, Satin Nickel, 12-Inch by 12-Inch:  

bathroom corner shelf 1
glass corner shelves for bathroom

A simple yet sophisticated product. Your bathroom really needs a corner shelf. You can simply place your shampoo bottles and other toiletries. The main advantage of this corner shelf is that it can be easily mounted on the wall. The tempered glass shelves are indeed of the best quality & offer durability. Here, the kit comes with stainless steel rods for installation which are anti-rust, so you may just want to invest into this corner shelf that is just so perfect and affordable. Glass corner shelves are one best choice of shelving for bathrooms, check glass corner shelves for bathroom.

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2. Saganizer Corner Shelf Brown Corner Shelf Unit 5 tier corner shelves:

bathroom corner shelf 3
zig zag corner shelves for bathroom

It is an exclusive corner shelf for a bathroom which just brews well with your contemporary décor. The stylish design and multitasking component is quite staggering. It has the capacity to stock up a majority of your items. Thanks to the sturdy & stalwart structure! The construction of Saganizer shelf is as easy as pie. Basic knowledge of mounting and a set of hardware (a handful of nails & screws) is enough. The dimensions 7.75×7.75×48.5 can easily fit into any décor & can be easily attached to both sides of your wall.

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3. Convenience Concepts Designs2Go Go-Accsense 4-Tier Glass Corner Shelf, Clear Glass:

bathroom corner shelf 2
4 tier corner shelves for bathroom

These shelves exemplify classy, simple yet modern look to your home. One added advantage of this shelf is that it requires no attention to installation. Yes! Sounds good enough, so you can use it as is. Being 4 tier increases its usability at a greater level. It is a perfect blend of state of art furniture & economical technique. This ultimately results in a low-cost affordable product with amazing durability. Why durability is emphasized? Owing to the fact that the poles are made up of high-quality stainless steel ensures no corrosion & tempered glass is generally strong to resist any breakages & holds up a larger number of stuff.

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4. VDOMUS Bathroom Shelves Storage Brackets Glass Corner Shelf Bath Corner Shelf Wall Mounted:

bathroom corner shelf 4
corner shelves for bathroom

VDOMUS brings an amazing range of unique yet affordable corner shelves. Creative corner shelves are an indispensable part of contemporary furniture. The material used for this shelf is glass & chromed stainless steel. This is a good amalgamation since glass offers a spanking look while the steel provides ample support. It is indeed a superior choice to upgrade your bathroom with this shelf. It can easily hold up combs, shaving kit, soap, shampoo bottles etc., thus saving a lot of space. Placing it over the sink is an exceptional idea as the things become really handy. A well-organized bathroom is what you can expect out of this shelf.

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5. MODONA 8923- A Glass Double Corner Shelf with Rail Oval series :

bathroom corner shelf 5
Glass double corner shelves for bathroom

MODONO introduces this glass double corner shelf for bathrooms with rail. This is just an immaculate addition to your bathroom. The product comes with an installation manual which holistically lists down step by step instructions. Just follow the steps honestly and you make your way! It is an awe-inspiring shelf which offers a sophisticated look without burning a hole to your pocket. Since it is quite affordable it is one of the best selling corner shelves without any compromise on quality. Not only this, the shelf is equipped with rails & oval shape which rules out possibilities of water clogging. Especially with the bathroom shelves, it is quite common to deal with the stuff with wet hands or with water. The shelves can be wiped off easily as the glass is sturdy and less prone to breakage. Stainless steel rails avoid rusting and offer a long lasting effect to the product. It is a onetime fruitful investment for sure!

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If you have any troubles in installing the bathroom, have a look at this video guiding to install a bathroom glass shelf.


6. 4 Tier Adjustable Shelf Bathroom organizer:

bathroom corner shelf 6
Adjustable corner shelves for bathroom

This is an apt solution for keeping your entire toiletries knick-knack. Pissed off with wet soaps & leaking shampoo bottles? Here is the smart solution. Stainless steel poles offer a rust free finishing & use the tension to form a bridge between the ceiling and bathroom floor. Drilling is really not required, this saves a lot of your time as well doesn’t spoil your wall with dreadful holes. Plus, the shelves are designed in a way to concentrate on the draining technique enabling a free flow of water. The holes on these shelves are large enough to freely drain off the water at the same time small enough to avoid any small stuff to fall off. This ensures clean wall & damp cloth can easily erase any dirt from the shelf. You just ought to have basic plumbing technique. The shelves offer intense support to hold up larger shampoo bottles, shower gel etc. Ideally the best option among all the bathroom shelves.

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7. FunkyBuys WHITE 4 Tier Adjustable 70-240cm Telescopic Corner Shower Bathroom Shelf Organizer Caddy:

Sometimes it becomes a little difficult to reach out to your stuff when you are taking a shower. This 4 tier bathroom corner shelf is one of its kinds. Why? Firstly, it just stays easy on

bathroom corner shelf 7
white corner shelf for bathrooms


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Sometimes it becomes a little difficult to reach out to your stuff when you are taking a shower. This 4 tier Corner shelf is one of its kinds. Why? Firstly, it just stays easy on the pocket. Yes, a cut-throat competition ensures that the product is high on quality yet affordable. Secondly, this adjustable shelf is relevant and good enough to stack up a larger amount of toiletries. It is due to the fact that you can choose to fit the shelves near the shower as they easily settle on simple rubber support. The adjustable design enables hassle-free installation, thanks to the diagrammatic instructions jotted down on the reverse side of the box. It is far different than the conventional nasty metal shelves which corrode easily and thus are deceiving. Besides this, the shelves are white colored and amazingly offer an aesthetic look. The sturdiness is apt to take on a favorable amount of load. What else do you want at this price after all? It does overpower the price criteria.

Wrap up!

Choose the right corner shelf for your bathroom from the handpicked collection reviewed by us above. The products listed above promises excellent quality. If you’re about to go for cheaper options, keep in mind quality as an important constraint. A poor quality appliance can, in turn, ruin your bathroom space.

Think creatively and make your bathroom corner shelves the most attractive piece of an appliance in your bathroom space.

Hope you enjoyed this review about the best corner shelves for a bathroom. Did I miss some good bathroom corner shelves for bathrooms? Feel free to bring it on in the comments, I’ll add it up.


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