Closet Maid 1578 Cubeicals Mini 6 Cube Organizer in White Review

When it comes to cube storage units, closetmaid cubeicals are the best. There are a wide variety of ClosetMaid cubicals that are perfect fits for your home. Closet Maid 1578 Cubeicals Mini is a small  6 cube organizer shelving unit that can be used anywhere at home or in office to organize one’s belongings. There are numerous uses of this ClosetMaid 6 cube organizer(mini organizer) made of laminated wood as it increases storage space effectively. The shelves are small in size, which makes it easy for the entire structure to be placed on a bigger shelving unit or desk. You can also hang it on a wall as it is quite small in size and fits in comfortably in any small space utilizing it efficiently.

closetmaid cubeicals 6 cube organizer 1

No two units will look the same once you put in an effort to organize your belongings and adding mini fabric drawers to customize and add color according to room’s decor or your requirements. All cubes are of equal of dimensions, 7.6 inches in height, 7.5 inches in width and 6 inches deep.


  •    Small unit that can be placed anywhere, horizontally or vertically according to your requirements.
  •    The cubes are not very deep so it does not take up a lot of space in front of a wall.
  •    The unit is ideal for individuals who do not have much space but want to stay organized.
  •    All items placed on the shelves are clearly visible unless they are placed inside a fabric drawer.   
  •    As it is made of laminated wood, it is sturdy, stable and long-lasting. There is no risk of it rusting or getting damaged by moisture so it can even be placed in bathrooms.      


  •    There is no back panel, which means that it can be placed only along walls or with mini fabric drawers to keep belongings safe.
  •    The cubes are slightly bigger than a CD cover which makes it difficult to store many things in the cubes.      

Installation and setup

Before you begin the process of installing this 6 cube organizer you need to measure the location where you want to place the shelving unit. Once you know the space available, you can decide whether to place it horizontally or vertically. You need not worry as the process of installation is quite simple and all one needs to do is follow the instructions in the manual. A screwdriver is the only tool you need to build this unit so you can even make it without professional assistance. You do not need to cut or even trim the sides of the unit making is an extremely easy installation. Once you place this organizing unit, you can easily avoid clutter.         

closetmaid cubeicals 6 cube storage unit white

Look and feel

This unit is small in size and does not have a back panel so it is quite light in weight. The white color allows it to blend in with the decor of the room while its laminated surface provides a smooth finish. The small cubes can either be used as they are or can be arranged or decorated using mini fabric drawers of different colors or designs.  

Lifetime and warranty

As this unit is made of laminated wood it offers strength and durability making it long lasting. However, if you are not sure about it, you can still ask for a manufacturer’s warranty as all products of this brand have a warranty.   


The simplest way to accessorize this unit is by adding colorful and stylish fabric drawers and the best thing is that you can decorate it as you like.   

Another recommended product of ClosetMaid cubeical is Closetmaid 3 shelf organizer . 


This 6 cube storage shelving unit is the ideal choice when you want to arrange small objects onto shelves but do not want it to appear cluttered. You can now utilize small spaces and areas along walls that could not be used due to a window or some other arrangement. Make space for your home or office utensils and at the same time make it an attractive element of your home decor. Think creative and make the mini 6 cube organizer an attractive part in your indoors.

If you’re about to go for cheaper options available in the market, keep in mind that quality is an important constraint while working with your indoors. A poor quality appliance in your indoors can ruin the overall ambiance in your space. Creating organized space is now very simple with Closet Maid 1578(ClosetMaid 6 cube organizer).    

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