Top 25+ Corner Bookshelf and Corner Bookcase Collection – Review

In the era of fast-paced communication, where the world has converted into a mass global village. There has been a sudden boom in population – and in turn, affordable housing; including, yet not conforming to Tiny Homes and Apartments. Now, the clicker with the reality of affordable housing is, that it may provide one with enough space to live, but by and far, going from the construct of the human psyche, space is never, enough.


When it comes to housing, even though, a person has a place to live, it may not be sufficient. Less is More, has become a contemporary that only ever worked when true modernism was actually a thing.

So, when space is enough, yet, not enough – what to do? Invent hacks that would give that space an illusion of freedom – a series of tried and true methods that would not only conform with the character and identity of the space but would give it a personalized touch, along with that certain oomph, that would kick the interior design in context.

Now, Small Style interior design is complicated in its essence because it demands a delivery that fits with stylistic, simplistic vogue, so reminiscent of the modern movement. But since the advent of postmodernism and its contemporaries, the design world has never been the same again; people want a mixture of classic, colonial, simplistic, minimalistic and ornate.

So, how does one actually accomplish that – with the advance in smart furniture, that is not only functional but also appeals to the aesthetics, decorating and interior designing has become a much more adventurous field.

Keeping that in mind, this article would further discuss the styles and aesthetics of a Corner Book Shelves in context with interior design and lighting.

1. Large Corner Wall Mount Shelf


Only slightly bigger in stature, it is decidedly more delicate and elusive than the Saganizer Unit. But its bulkiness can be maneuvered to fit several styles of interior designing – Queen Anne, Baroque, or even, Rococo. Its breath defines the character of any interior that it is set against – the wood of its physique highlighting the stature of its build. This shelf is perfect for showcasing your favorite collection of books, photo frames of memories most cherished, and small baubles that complement your aesthetic.

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2. Winsome Wood 4 – shelf Narrow Shelving Unit

Wood Corner Bookcase
Wood Corner Bookcase

With an elusive, illusionist build and wooden texture, this shelf/bookcase would be a perfect homebody amidst a Prairie Style or Colonial Interior design. With its wide-set, tall frame and ability to be a centerpiece of a room, clearly designed around it, it runs the product design gamut of a show-case, bookshelf or a storage unit, depending on the psyche of the user.

The best place for it to become inherent with an interior setting would be the figurative center of a room, built in the Prairie Style theme – French windows, stone inlay, warm splashes of color, bright, natural light – and in the center, the Narrow Shelving Unit with its ladder style design.

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3. Casual 5 Tier Corner Bookshelf


With a tall physique, lean and easy, forming a triangle on the top while supporting a wide set frame on the bottom – a three dimensional tetrahedron, if you will, with solid frames of wood in between, that serve as shelves – either for storing books, showcasing the small, decorative trinkets, plants or storage devices.

Such a style is slightly agrarian in nature, and inhibits the charm of an outland prerevolutionary; so the best style of interior design for it to be put in would be either the Bauhaus, Colonial Revival, or Beaux Arts.

All three of them vary in aesthetics, but would, no doubt nurture the physique and design of this kind of a corner bookshelf – considering that it is built in deep-set tones, it would mix well with the bright and ornate style of the Beaux Arts, which valued vivid, natural light, decorative trinkets, and thick, leather-bound books – all of which would look stunning on this style of a shelf.

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4. Wooden Corner Bookshelf


With a straightforward and uncomplicated design – a lean, tall frame, 5 tiers to accommodate all trinkets and storage – this kind of a bookshelf would work best in a Postmodern, Minimalist or Brutalist style of interior design. Available in a dark, deep-set, mahogany, the best placement for this shelf would be in a corner that is in a direct angle of light; natural and golden, near a window fixture with a billowy curtain. The background should be such that, it would bring out the darkness of its frame – shades of greys, whites, and blues.
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3. Cappuccino finish 5 tier Corner Book Shelf


Minimalist in nature, this bookshelf is perfectly befitting for a Small Style interior design. With its tall, stature and built-in shelving, it would be the ideal candidate to annotate that special furniture position in an everyday living experience – one which is handy for putting things up, or which becomes the highlight of the room, with its capacity to hold and showcase anything and everything that the user feels inclined to put on it.

Not only consummate for place holding, but it is also a beautiful decoration piece in and of itself – synonymous with the minimalist ideology, it is built in clean, straight, edgy lines that work the length of a corner, is lacking in those subtle ideas of opulence and is the epitome of lovely and functional.

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5. Corner shelf brown corner shelf unit 5 Tier corner shelves


A Postmodern, elusive interior design dream – this shelf-cum-book case is the epitome of symmetrical Zen and Feng Shui Style interior designs. Wall mount in design strategy, it would perfectly befit the corner of any room – given it be set in proper lighting and color scheme to set off its built-in illusion standards. Designed in the image of a spiral staircase, it fits naturally, in every corner – and contrary to previous designs, is not suitable for everyday storage. Instead, it would be the perfect highlight, to showcase tiny trinkets around your home.

The apropos color scheme for this bookshelf would be an off-white backdrop, reflective against natural or fluorescent light.

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7. Hanging Corner Storage, Cherry


Bulkier than its counterparts, this one does not have a base and has to be attached on hinges and nails to the corner walls, behind. But the style is, no doubt, to emulate a Georgian or Prairie style home interior; its dark wood staining would be the perfect correlative to the stone and wood inlay style interior that, in turn, would highlight the shelf’s bulky physique and wide slabs.

This one would be the quintessential showpiece of the room, delivering, by flawlessly portraying wicker baskets, photo frames, books, flower vases and even, small, indoor plants.
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8. Corner Zig Zag Hanging Wall Shelf


Coffee colored and deep-set, this zig-zag shelf-cum-book case is medium in stature and hanging in nature. The best way to highlight its build would be to set it against a background, that is bright, popping and in complete contrast to the coffee-colored shade of the built material itself – yellow, lemon, gold, or a mixture of all three of these colors would be an adequate blend!

Considering the color palate, the appropriate style of the built environment and the atmosphere that is being emulated, the choice would be either Retro or Raj Style. While Retro would lean more towards the ‘funky’ punk style, Raj would be a complete contradiction – in that its color palate would be complemented by darker shades that would be at home with the texture of this style of a bookcase.
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9. 5 Tier Large Corner Wall Mount Shelf, Walnut Shelves


Constructed with Walnut, and mahogany in texture, this shelf would be the perfect hanging for a Contemporary Style interior design. Contemporary uses a mixture of color schemes and styles – from neo-classical to New Rococo – which would perfectly blend in with this large shelf and save adequate space.

With a hard, tall, musculature, with wide-set shelving, this would be the optimal choice for storing in maximum capacity inside a small style living arrangement; from small, indoor plants, to tiny or medium-sized trinkets, wicker baskets, and books, this shelf would be the perfect blend of form and function.
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10. Walnut Laminate Corner Shelf


Two-tiered, small, dark, yet wide in build, this corner bookshelf would be a prime choice for minimalist interior design. Given the dark tones of its design, it would be the perfect complement to the varying light and shadow scheme of the minimalist prototype. So make sure, that the corner this shelf would be hung in, would be near a large window, so the light coming in through the portals would set off the dark texture of the laminate while reflecting off the lighter toned backdrop of the space, this shelf would be hung against.


Since, these bookcases are essentially decorative, as well as functional, another style that fits well within the category of function follows form while being aesthetically pleasing, is the ladder style bookcase. Following descriptions allow for discrepancies in styles and color schemes so that each one fits within a specific genre.

11. White Finish 5-Tier Ladder Bookcase Shelf


Leaning Tower Style, the Ladder Bookcase-come-shelf in the color white, is both classic and conventional, contemporary and traditional, depending on the kind of interior and lighting that you might want to put it in. Since it is a lean-to design, and medium in height, the placement needs to be such that it is in the center of the room even by being to the side – so, preferably in the heart of the main wall.

Now, white can go against white, and still stand out, granted that the type of ornamentation and color scheme it is set against, complements it. So, if a white shelf is set against a white wall, then the bauble, ornaments, books, and trinkets on it, should be in stark contrast – blood red, emerald green, navy blue and such.
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12. Dark Espresso Brown Leaning Bookcase Bookshelf


If the roles are reversed, and the ladder style shelf is wooden inbuilt and texture, then the design scheme and color palate would switch dramatically. To complement the browns of the texture, the complementary background would have to switch to warm colors – gold, cream or yellow.

In retrospect, the kind of baubles that could be put on the shelf would vary too – books of old world variety, leather bound, wicker baskets, wooden photo frames and the like.

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13. 4 Shelf Corner Bookcase, Honey Oak


This kind of a shelf would work in an interior style of Contemporary, Raj, Baroque or Prairie. Honey Oak is golden brown in aesthetical taste, and such that, all interiors, with a warm color palate as a design element could make a study out of it. Built-in 4 tiers, this corner bookshelf emulates a side table, so it should be put in a corner that is a busy lee-way between two oversized rooms, so it may be used as a holding place for temporary things – keys, phones, a glass of water, etc.
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White, as a color, can be translated into several meanings for several parts in the world. Similar is the case with designing palates and aesthetics – every design retains the individuality of the color, and with the structure and styles of corner wooden shelves, white could mean a variety of things within the context of a specific interior.

14. White Finish Wood Wall Corner 5-Tier Bookshelf Bookcase


The eggshell white finish of this bookshelf, complete with its stark, clean, cut lines oozes Contemporary – with just the slightest touch of modern. Staying true to its aesthetic would mean, coupling it with a palate that would highlight the white of the finish – meaning the backdrop would have to be dark, but not dark enough – with shades of greys and browns, and plenty of natural light to let off the reflective qualities of the corner white shelf.
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15. Axess Collection 5-Shelf Narrow Bookcase, Pure White


With a wide set frame and zero ornamentation, it is a cross between modern and contemporary – a hybrid breed that would fit into an interior that is just as good a merge of the two styles. Since the physique of this white shelf is sturdy and tall as well, the best placement strategy would be to make it a center placeholder on a secondary wall. De Style would be the perfect design setting – given its penchant for a mixture of primary colors with a monochromatic color scheme.

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Okay, we checked many corner shelves, you might be interested in assembling a corner shelf by yourself.

16. White Finish Wood Wall 5-Tier Corner Bookshelf Bookcase


A semi-triangular build, five tiers and a fresh look with no ornamentation – this corner shelf would be adequately suitable to be integrated into a modern style interior, a la, ample natural light, use of straight, clean and bold lines, both straight and curvilinear, inspiration by function, a simple shell structure and a focus on the originality of materials.

So, keeping in a format with the style, the accompanying interior design would use windows as an element of design, so that in turn, one could use the reflective qualities of natural light against the white finish of this corner bookshelf.
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17. Hawthorn 72-Inch Tall Bookcase, Frost White


Long, lean, cut, widespread as well as a tiny bit ornamented – with that curvilinear trimming on the top and bottom. This bookshelf would be most at home, inside an International, Streamline Modern, or Futurist Style and even a Contemporary Neo-Colonial Style interior. It is hard to pin down a rebel inside conformity – and that is exactly what this shelf is; non-conforming.

So given the above-mentioned choices, the color scheme and design palates would vary a lot. But one thing would remain constant; the white finish of this bookshelf. This means, one either highlights the entire frame by a dark backdrop or emphasizes the interior of the shelves by filling them up with contrasting trinkets and books.
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18. Five Tier Corner Ladder White Display Bookshelf


With a semi-tetrahedron shape, five varying tiers, and a vintage look that is neither too old nor too new – this white corner bookshelf is the epitome of elegant chic. Stylish and fashionable, this book-come-display shelf would be the perfect fit against a Postmodern Contemporary style interior design. The semi-monochromatic design palate and use of greys and whites make it spectacular. The placement of the trinkets and books should be such that, they highlight the frame of the corner shelf – so being in tandem with the color scheme – silver, grey, black, or even emerald green a la an indoor plant would be a perfect highlight.


Premium designs consist of a variety of traits that set them apart in cost, efficiency, styles, designs, and aesthetics. Some of these corner bookshelves are listed below in the context of interior and lighting.

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19. Bassey 5-Shelf Bookcase Display Stand


Towering, rangy, but far from gangly, this corner shelf alternates in a zig-zag between holding tops, and would be most suitable in a Raj Style or Baroque interior – as it is deep-set, complicated and has a presence of its own. The perfect complimentary backdrop would vary to the extremes – either a blinding frost white or a deep burgundy coupled with an ornate aesthetic.

Similarly, lighting would contrast between naturally bright, and dim gold.

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20. Casual Corner Shelf


Built in the image of a natural, growing tree trunk, it is tall and gangly with several breaking points in a vision to demarcate the holding places for the shelves. Dark in color and tone, it would sit well with a contradictory interior style of the vintage or Kitsch variety – were pastel and warm colors mix together to define ornate yet slightly opulent environs.

The holding rack for this corner bookshelf would best be used for showcasing trinkets and small planters – but not books.

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21. Tango 5-Shelves Corner Display Stand


Built with medium fiberboard construction with a laminate cappuccino finish – this corner bookshelf is long, languid and built-in fine lines. It has the sleek physique of the modernistic style, so it would be best suited for a minimalist interior where opulence is underrated yet elegant, with just a single splash of color.

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22. 5-Shelf Leveled Corner Display Stand/Bookcase


High, lofty and elevating, with a well-rounded abdomen and mellifluous bottom and countertops, this kind of a corner shelf is an innovative style that would perfectly befit the corner of a staircase of a busy junction – where the right units would be planters, small trinkets, and baubles.

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23. Corner Black Bookshelf


Antique, with solid wood construction, this design is best suited for Contemporary and Neo-Classical interior, where the new, lavish materials would set off the dark tones of this period piece. Make sure the backdrop is light in color so that it sets off the deep-set tones of this corner shelf.

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24. Modular Corner Radius Cube Storage System


Broad, with an expansive outset, this corner shelf is built in the side-table style – which means the best possible position for it to be placed in, is in between two couches, which have to be light in color to enhance its dark tones, or between busy junctions so it can be a holding place for stuff.

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25. 5-Tier Corner Stand, Cherry


A mix of antique and neo-classical, this corner shelf would be best for a Moroccan, or Victorian Style interior, as it is quite delicate and classic in nature. Books would be too unorthodox a burden on this one and would be perfect to showcase decorative pieces, just as delicate as its physique.

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26. Tier Corner Shelf Goldish Copper


Tall, frail and constructed in rustic curves reminiscent of Art Nouveau and Deco, this corner shelf is bracing to be part of a vintage Baroque or Italian Renaissance style interior that complements its ornate stature and would be perfect for holding leather-bound books, and delicate, glass or metal ornaments.

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We’ve listed many corner shelves from Amazon. Wayfair also has some good corner shelves collection. From my experience, home depot(which is very famous for home decor furniture), doesn’t have that much collection of corner shelves. In short, if you are looking to buy corner shelves online, amazon or wayfair would be the ideal choices. Never forget to go for a model that suits well with your home’s indoors.

A flawlessly chosen bookshelf can not only help you to keep your books and magazines in order but can also be an excellent addition to your home’s indoor ambiance. Probably you’d wish to maintain your home’s indoor for the long term. In that case, if you’re about to go for cheaper options available in the market, remember that they may not be built to meet different conditions occurring with plays of the time. So, while working with your home decor go for quality options. The products reviewed by us above promises excellent quality.

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