Whitmor-4 Tier Closet Organization Shelving Unit-with Wire Shelves and Metal Frame

Closet Organizer with 4 Wire Shelves

Whitmor provides the ideal unit for increasing storage space, with a unique and sturdy closet organizer, which is a collection of 4 shelves. It is easy to set and easy to maintain making it the ideal storage space for light objects light sheets, towels, linens, pillows and bedding. The metallic finish along with the use of long lasting resin for the connectors makes it easy to clean and increases its life. It is a well balanced unit and can efficiently stand alone without any external support.

The silver color coating added to the metal frame makes it apt to be placed in any room as it falls into place in any interior setting. The user might vary the height of the unit by using only two or three shelves rather than the entire unit if height is restricted. The wires which make up the shelves are extra strong adding to the durability of the unit, which is also enhanced by the metal frame and resin connectors.

Closet Organizer with 4 Wire Shelves
Whitmor 6779-4414-4 Tier Closet Organization Unit



  • Adds plenty of space to the closet.
  • Allows the closet to appear organized and things placed on it are clearly visible.
  • Sturdy in spite of the use of thin wires to build the shelves.
  • Metal along with resin connectors bond the unit strongly.
  • Fits into closets due to apt height.
  • Easy to assemble and does not require particular tools to set up.


  • The distance between shelves cannot be adjusted.
  • This unit is not portable, hence cannot be shifted after being set up.
  • Not fit for any object weighing more than 50 pounds.

Installation and setup

This free standing Whitmor closet organizer needs to be set up after the packaging has been opened. The assembly of this unit does not require any additional support as it can be easily performed by anyone. Special tools as well as professionals and their expertise, is not required by the user for setting up this easy to use 4 tiered closet organizer.

Installing the unit does not require more than a few minutes of carefully studying the manual and instructions and following them to a T. This storage unit should be set up in the place where it is expected to stand, since it is not portable and might take a lot of time and effort.

Look and feel

Whitmor 6779-4414 is a closet organizer with 4 levels each of which is built of a shelf made up of thin wire. This unit increases storage space extensively as the 4 shelves accommodate numerous items while occupying very less space horizontally. The horizontal area occupied by this unit is approximately 20″x32″. Vertically its stands 54″ tall and this length allow it to provide sufficient gap between lower bases of each level.

The number of shelves can be varied according to the user’s requirements, which means that while setting up one can omit one or two shelves if they are not required.

Lifetime and warranty

Whitmor 6779-4414 closet organizer made up of 4 tiers of shelves is a premium quality product of Whitmor, which makes it a long lasting product. It is due to the standard maintained by Whitmor of using superior quality raw materials that products being manufactured by it are strong and last longer. The steel frame adds to the strength and resin connectors with long lasting resin considerably increase the lifetime of the product.

Warranty is offered by the manufacturer on every product, thus Whitmor’s 4 tier closet organizer is also offered warranty of one year. Additionally, one can also avail warranty from the seller if purchased from a standard store or web store.

Add on and accessories

Even though accessories are not required as this storage unit is self sufficient, one can add some accessories that suit their requirements. The wire on the shelves is thin as it is meant mostly for clothes, sheets and pillows, so if any other item is being placed on the shelf it is better to place a strong mat, which can also add to the charm of the stand. If this unit of Whitmor is not being placed inside the closet, then the color and design of these mats might be chosen to jell well with the décor and interiors of the room or setting. Anti-tip brackets ensure these units do not top if one accidentally bumps into the unit.


This unit can be assembled easily and once assembled provides sufficient storage space for storing pillows, beddings and sheets. The weight is well supported by the stand of this robust 4 tier closet organizer shelf.

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