ClosetMaid-Closet Organizer Kit-5-to-8-Feet-White Color-Review

Closet Organizer Kit - ClosetMaid

ClosetMaid 1608 is an extremely useful closet organizer  which can be installed in a closet with a width of 5 to 8 feet and is made of vinyl-coated steel. It has adequate space for hanging clothes, and individual designated spaces for shoes and general things. If you are looking to keep your things organized and in place, within the closet, this traditional mount closet storage system will help you to serve the purpose.

The shoe storage system is strategically placed under the long hang space which definitely increases the efficiency and functionality of the system. Those who prefer reach-in closets, and like the belongings within their view, will find this organizer exceptionally useful. The best thing about this organizer is that it is totally value-for-money investment and is a great piece of addition to your existing furniture.

Closet Organizer Kit - ClosetMaid
Closet Organizer Kit from ClosetMaid-1608


  • One can organize a number of items as there are both short and long shelves in the system. The designated spaces for hanging clothes, keeping shoes and putting objects of general use make it all the more useful.
  • This organizer is beautiful and sturdy; the material is steel which makes it strong, while the vinyl-coated white finish makes it charming.
  • This closet organizer can be easily fitted into a closet space with a width of 8 feet.
  • The shelves are secured into wall clips, which make them quite sturdy enough to support all kinds of objects. The long shelves are well-supported by support posts positioned closely to the end of each shelf.
  • The shelves are extremely flexible and can be arranged within a pre-existing system. They can be integrated in any closet of any shape even with separate wire shelves.
  • Helps in increasing the hanging and storage space of the closets.
  • Easy to clean as steel is being used to build the high quality storage unit.
  • The vinyl-coated shelves helps to resist rush and protects the clothes


  • If the closet is less than 8 feet wide, the shelves need to be trimmed or cut. While cutting one has to be careful about leaving 1- 1/2 inch overhang past the post.
  • One may need extra braces if they are planning to store many heavy items on the shelves.

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Installation and setup

One should read the instruction manual carefully before setting up the unit. If the closet is installed in drywall or plaster of ½ to 5/8 inches thick, the hardware included in the installation kit will be enough. If not, additional hardware will be needed. If anyone wants to customize the unit to a height of their choice, they can simply have the shelves and brackets (with fitted clips) up, and push the poles in the floor. One can simply mark the places where the drills need to be done; and once the holes are drilled, the supporting poles can be installed. It simply helps to make the shelves more secure. The shelves do not have any problem in holding weight, as they are supported by the poles and secured by wall clips.

Look and feel

ClosetMaid 1608 weighs about 26.2 pounds with 9 feet of hanging space. Apart from the hanging space, there is 10 feet of space for general items and designated 3 feet for storing shoes. There are five shelves with different dimensions, making it easier to store items of different shapes and sizes.

Layout - Closet Organizer Kit

Lifetime and warranty

ClosetMaid 1608 is quite durable in nature as it is made of steel. The wired shelves are sturdy enough to carry appropriate weight. One can buy it from a real or virtual store and get a warranty for this wonderful product. Other than that a manufacturer’s warranty is also provided with every unit.

Add on and accessories

One can include foldable storage boxes and cube baskets with this unit, which will eventually help to increase more storage space. Expandable closet shelves can also be added to the unit. If you want, you can add a shoe rack which is capable of storing more shoes.


ClosetMaid 1608 is perfect for any closet as it provides better organization of clothes, shoes and other items. Because of its material, it is durable. The best thing about this unit is that it has designated spaces for hanging clothes and putting items on shelves. Those who prefer a clean suave look of the closet with everything arranged tidily, ClosetMaid 1608 is the best option for them.

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