ClosetMaid Closet Shelving System-Satin Chrome-5 to 8 Feet-review

Closet Shelving System Review

Is your closet very cramped? Do you want to create more space in it? If yes, then the ClosetMaid 78809 ShelfTrack 5ft. to 8ft. Closet Organizer Kit available in satin chrome color is definitely the solution to all your problems. It is a unique type of closet organizer that is perfect for creating desired sections and space within your closet/cupboard. The beauty of the kit lies in the fact that all the hardware and pieces required to assemble the same such as brackets, support rods, closet rods and shelves are provided along with the product and you don’t need to buy them separately. So, if you feel that the extra space within your closet can be utilized to create additional hanging area or storage space then get this product right away!

Closet Shelving System Review
Closetmaid 78809- Closet Shelving System

Special Features:

The ClosetMaid 78809 ShelfTrack 5ft. to 8ft is a great addition to your home. The product does not require any cutting or extra hardware in order to be installed appropriately. With the right kind of tools like a drill, pencil, screwdriver, tape measure, step ladder and a saw (in case cutting is absolutely required), you can build up a wardrobe that is terrific in every sense. Give your room and house a complete makeover by opting for this premium quality product, which is both easy to assemble and use.

Expand Your Closet’s Capacity

These shelves range from 144 inches to nineteen feet in term of shelf area and 96 inches to fifteen feet in terms of hanging area. They can easily be accommodated into closets ranging from four feet to ten feet in width and can be customized to place a host of closet stuff such as shoes, clothes, purse, jewelry, scarves and other personal belongings conveniently.

Another reason why you must invest in this product is that it is sturdy and long-lasting. The wire and rod systems are very tough and durable, making it an obvious choice for people who prefer good quality products over cheap inferior quality items. Whether you wish to make more space within your children’s closet or even if you want to re-arrange your own bedroom closet, with The ClosetMaid, you have the freedom to design a closet of your dreams and desires. It’s unique and easy to adjust the mounting mechanism allows you to transform your closet and give it the desired look.

Satin Chrome based Closet Shelving System

Comfortable Shelving

The kit also encompasses SuperSlide shelving, which is basically a twin piece sliding rod, which can be used to hang clothes as well as functions as a support system for your closet. It can be conveniently attached to a wire-based shelf and used for hanging linens, folded apparels, and other items. This particular system allows you to transform your traditional wire-based shelf into an additional hanging area. Organize your essentials in space and at the same time bring home an excellent addition to your indoor decor.

Fit for All Types of Closets

Whether you have a four feet wide closet or even if it is ten feet in terms of width, this organizer will definitely appeal to you. The product can be easily customized and installed into all types of closets. Right from your pantry closet to your utility closet, the ClosetMaid’s ShelfTrack perfectly complements closets of different shapes and sizes.

Certified Product

The fact that almost all the hardware pieces provided along with the kit are made from high-quality vinyl coated steel, makes the product an extremely good option for all types of users. With SCS EC 10.3-2014 certification and 91% recyclable materials, the product is definitely a good option for those who want to build a durable and tough closet for their homes. Compromising with quality while working with your indoors is never a good idea. The cheaper models out there may not be built to last different conditions over plays of the time.

In case you wish to enhance the storage capacity of your closet further, then combine the ClosetMaid’s ShelfTrack with other accessories such as Shelf Liner, used for storing small items and ShelfTrack 4-Drawer Kit, used for assembling baskets within your closet. You can also acquire a Hanging Basket, which is utilized for storing items such as scarves, socks, and purses.

Satin Chrome Closet Organization System


  • You don’t have to do a lot of thinking in order to install the kit.
  • The installation guide offers enough ideas for configuring your closet.
  • The product is certified and of the highest quality.


  • The organizer won’t fit well into a seven-inch closet.
  • The instructions are not meant for assembling the shelves in a seven-inch closet.


Get this product if you want to enhance the storage space within your existing closet. It is well-built, strong and robust, which makes is an excellent option for those who do not wish to settle for inferior quality products. Try to think creatively while working with this unit and you could make it the best part of your home’s indoors.

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