ClosetMaid-Affordable Closet Organizer Kit-Steel Material-Review

Affordable Closet Organizer

Are you searching for a quick and cost-effective way to organize and arrange your wardrobe? If yes, then the ClosetMaid 1628 5ft. to 8 Ft. Closet Organizer Kit is without doubt one of the best options available in the market today. It has been carefully designed to offer enough ventilation in between shelves and provides just enough space for hanging clothes, without cramping your closet. You can easily stack the sweaters in it and give your closet a much more tidy and clean look by placing all your essential items in order. The organizer is also preferred because it completely utilizes the wasted area and enhances the overall look of your wardrobe. This unit will help you place your essentials in place and at the same time provide an attractive addition to your home’s indoors.

Impressive Features

The product available in 2.8 x 49 x 13.8 inches weighs around twenty pounds, which makes it a very durable and lightweight option for organizing all the closets that are five to eight feet in terms of width. Almost all the hardware pieces that you may require for assembling the organizer within your closet such as holding rods, brackets, shelves etc. are provided along with the kit. Apart from this, you are also given an installation guide/template, which can be conveniently used for installing the organizer safely and comfortably. It is one of the most sought after products for homeowners who need to arrange their messy and untidy closets and transform it into a great looking wardrobe. When assembled properly, the ClosetMaid 1628 5ft. to 8 Ft. Closet Organizer Kit allows you to create around 10.5 feet of hanging area and around 13.5 feet of shelf area within your closet.

Affordable Closet Organizer
ClosetMaid 1628-Affordable Closet Organizer

Customize As per Your Needs

Another reason why this kit has become one of the best sellers is because it can be configured and customized as per an individual’s requirement. If required, you can also cut the shelf to fit it appropriately into your closet and create the right amount of space for hanging clothes and arranging other personal items. The kit can also be assembled in nine feet or twelve feet wide closet. So, if you have a bigger closet then there is absolutely no need to worry around the installation. All you need to do arrange a power drill, tape measure, saw, stud finder and level and in no time, you will have a nicely arranged closet before you.

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Quality and Certification

The product is made up of vinyl coated steel, which makes it both robust and strong. Therefore, if you are on the lookout for a permanent and long-term solution for your closet, then this kit is worth investing. The fact that it is made up of ninety-one percent recyclable content and is SCS® certified makes it a great option for those who want a good quality product at reasonable prices. Never give up on quality to save a few bucks. A poor quality appliance in your indoors may ruin your home’s indoor ambiance with time. We’ve reviewed this product only after undertaking certain quality checks.

Review of Affordable Closet Organizer Kit


  • A perfect space saving kit that easily fits into your closet.
  • The product is ideal for enhancing the storage capacity of any closet.
  • Easy to hang and stack clothes.
  • Made from high-quality materials, which makes it a long-lasting option.
  • The instructions provided in the installation guide are simple and easy to follow.
  • The shelves are sturdy and flexible and can be arranged according to your own convenience and choice.


  • While the product description may state otherwise, you may still need to cut the shelves if your closet is six inches wide.
  • Keep your shelves and brackets up, if you want to configure it at a preferred height or else the shelves won’t remain intact and may fall off.
  • Use support braces if you wish to hang heavy items on these shelves.
  • Read the instructions carefully or else you may end up taking incorrect measurements and may also have to drill fresh holes on your walls.

Affordable Steel Closet Organizer Kit


If you’ve been having a tough time arranging your closet stuff and need premium quality and tough organizer shelf, then this product is definitely a great investment. It can be customized as per your own needs and offers the desired opportunity to organize your otherwise shabby closet. What more, you can use it to assemble all your closet items, especially clothes and belonging in separate sections. The kit can be assembled comfortably and is ideal for organizing your kid’s and your own closet. Do some creative work while working with this unit and you could make it the best part of your home indoors. However, don’t forget to follow the instructions mentioned in the installation guide or you may end up spoiling the entire look of your closet and create holes all over it. Get this kit, if you are running out of space and need to arrange all the closet stuff in a neat and clean manner!

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