Furinno-5 Tier Multi Purpose Corner Display Rack-Dark Brown Color-Review

5-Tier Corner Display Rack Multipurpose Shelving Unit, Dark Brown Grain/Black

Furinno 99811DB-WG/BK is a particularly beautiful corner display rack, due to its versatility and modern, revolutionary feel to it. It has five tiers with an equal distance between each shelf, meaning a variety of ornaments or objects can be placed upon it with ease. The shelves are very strong and durable, meaning they can hold heavy objects such as books, ornaments, clothes or shoes. Although the shelving unit is very light, it can easily withstand this and hold up to 15 pounds at any one time.

The shelving unit is great in whatever room you decide to put it, due to its versatility and uniqueness. It looks great in kitchens, dining rooms, bathrooms, living rooms or bedrooms.

5-Tier Corner Display Rack Multipurpose Shelving Unit, Dark Brown Grain/Black
Furinno 99811-Dark Brown – 5 Tier Corner Display Rack


  • Outstandingly easy to assemble as you require no tools and there are grooves on Furinno 99811DB-WG/BK to slot everything into place.
  • The spacing between the shelves is very big, so any ornament or object can be fitted on top easily.
  • It can fit any corner of the room due to the 90 degree right angle on one side, making it easy to place.
  • Due to the five shelf tiers on the unit, one can easily accommodate several ornaments on top with ease.
  • The coloring of the units compliments or harmonize beautifully with the color of the ornament or room surrounding.


  • The shelving unit could be described as bland due to the color.
  • Due to the unit being a cornered piece, it can only fit one of the four corners of the room.

5-Tier Corner Display Rack Multipurpose Shelving Unit, Dark Brown Grain/Black

Installation and Setup

The Furinno 99811DB-WG/BK is very easy to set up, due to no tools being used to set it up. There are simply grooves in the plastic and requires no longer than 10-15 minutes work to set it up perfectly, no matter your experience in DIY. This makes setup very easy and efficient, providing a great experience for rushed buyers. Although the unit appears heavy to many an eye, it is a particularly light piece of equipment and so easy to install.

Look and Feel

As the shelves weigh a total of around 7 and a half pounds, it is very light to install but firm and heavy enough to allow any ornaments on top with no destruction to the shelving unit. This is because the engineered particleboard that the unit is made of can withstand heavy weight. The unit can be placed in any cornered room and gives a modern touch to any household or office. It will give a distinguished and professional look to an office, but multifunctional in the way that it also looks beautiful and homely if placed in a home. Each shelf is placed at equal lengths away and can hold various sizes due to its helpful nature.

Lifetime and Warranty

Furinno 99811DB-WG/BK is very strong and comfortable with a variety of objects due to the strength of the high quality recycled particleboard and plastic poles to hold it together. It is very durable and requires no maintenance to keep it maintained. Due to this guarantee, a manufacturer’s warranty can be obtained from wherever you have bought the item from. There are other cheaper models available in the market. But remember, this poor quality though cheap units may not be built to last different plays of the time. Your overall indoor ambiance may be ruined by a single poor quality appliance. Consider quality as an important constraint while working with your home indoors.

5-Tier Corner Display Rack Multipurpose Shelving Unit, Dark Brown Grain/Black

Add-Ons and Accessories

Although Furinno 99811DB-WG/BK is sold with no accessories, one can easily equip it with whatever one feels suits the shelving unit. To tackle the problem of a household with clumsy children, you can attach the shelving unit to the wall so it does not fall and break when knocked. Any other household accessories are applicable, such as carpets or mats that can accompany it well. To accompany a room for children, accessories such as feathers or glitter would accompany it very well. To accompany an adult’s bedroom, simply keep it how it is. It is a larger unit of the series and has more shelves, and so would suit better as a storage device and not a table.


The Furinno 99811DB-WG/BK is a beautiful and well-made shelving unit and would suit any buyer looking to give the illusion you have more space in a room. The shelving unit suits any room perfectly and gives a great way to arrange your personal belongings. The feel of Furinno 99811DB-WG/BK makes the room look more modern and so fashionable. Due to its strong and versatile appearance and nature, it would suit any household or office looking for a way to collect any pieces of the item or arrange them in a way to find them with ease. Purchasing this unit would be ideal for anyone looking to make the most of their office or home.

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