Furinno-4 Tier Corner Shelving Unit and Display Rack-Dark Cherry/Black Color

4-Tier Corner Display Rack Multipurpose Shelving Unit, Dark Cherry/Black

The 4 tier corner stand is the unique and quite beautiful addition to your room or office décor. The 4 tier of the rack allows putting any object or ornament over the shelving unit without much hassle or annoyance. The unit is attractive and suitable to the requirement along with the accompanying to the beauty of your room or office furniture. The unit is quite easy to assemble and requires no tool to install it while the quality material makes the use much relax where there is no need of getting damage over the shelve with rough use.

The shelving unit not only looks great in the room or office but also gives the distinguishable and modern features. The shelving unit possesses the utilitarian aspect also where it works as the storage unit. Keep all your collectibles in order at the same time get an excellent addition to your home indoors. Think creatively while working with the corner shelf to make it an outstanding product in your home indoors.

4-Tier Corner Display Rack Multipurpose Shelving Unit, Dark Cherry/Black
Furinno 12078-Corner Display Rack


  • The shelving unit is quite easy to assemble and makes no headache for the requirement of an additional tool.
  • The grooves over the furniture also allow slotting everything into place.
  • The ample space between the shelves is much bigger and allows to fit any ornament and object on the top easily.
  • The shelving unit can be fitted to any corner of the room due to the 90-degree angle on one side, making it easy to place.
  • The four shelves can accommodate several ornaments easily on the top of the shelving unit.
  • The coloring of the unit compliments with the color of room o ornament.


  • The simple and sober look of the shelve with professional colors make it lukewarm in terms of room and office decoration.
  • The corners stand can be fitted at the corner only thus limits the flexibility.

Installation and Setup

The 4 tier corner stand is very easy to assemble and install and needs no tool being used to set up. There are grooves in the unit which make it easy to slot everything into pace while requiring no longer than 10-15 work to set it up perfectly which makes the great experience for a buyer since they will get it too easy to set up at one to another place. The easy to set up and efficient unit is quite lucrative to purchase where it appears strong and heavy but makes no difficulty in placing it at the right place.

4-Tier Corner Display Rack Multipurpose Shelving Unit, Dark Cherry/Black

Look and Feel

The shelves weigh around 6 and a half pound and are a very light piece of equipment to install. There is no fear of getting damage with the heavy ornaments placed on top of it due to perfectly engineered particleboard that can withstand heavy weight. The unit can be placed in any corner of your desired room, be it the bedroom or kitchen, drawing room or office, everywhere it is suitable. Once placed, the three-tier corner stand offers the classy and fabulous look to the room and office. While on another hand if it is placed in the home than it also makes multifunctional approach where each shelve is placed at equal length and can hold various size with its helpful nature.

Lifetime and Warranty

The three-tier corner stand in dark cherry color is much strong and suitable with a variety of objects because of high quality recycled particleboard and plastic poles to hold them together. Try not to go for cheaper options in the market if you don’t wish to ruin your indoors with plays of the time. The use of premium quality material also ensures the manufacturer warranty which may depend over the vendor you are purchasing from.

Add-Ons and Accessories

The three-tier corner stand unit is stand alone and sold with no tool and accessories but if needed then it can accommodate any suitable accessories for the shelving unit. The shelve is fixed to the wall which saves it from damage by knockdown while the object or ornament put over it can also be saved. The household accessories also accompany it much well and increase the look of the shelve. While placing in children room, the stickers and glitters can also be used. For placing in the bedroom and adults room, the shelve hardly needs anything additional. The versatility of the corner stand makes it suitable to place anywhere.


The well built and beautiful corner stand suits the requirement of any buyer which needs the unit which not only covers less space but also shows the increased space in the room. The unit is made to perfectly suit the room and allows to arrange the personal belongings. Then fashionable and curved sides of the modern build unit make it a quite versatile appearance and nature. We do care about your home! We’ve reviewed the product only after performing the necessary quality checks.

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