Furinno 3 Tier Multi Purpose Corner Display Rack-Espresso/Black Color

3-Tier Corner Display Rack Multipurpose Shelving Unit, Espresso/Black

This 3 tier corner display rack is the beautiful and utilitarian shelving unit which is oriented for multi-purpose and can be accommodated to any sort of room. The shelving unit is easy to assemble and can be assembled with much ease, making you relax from the worry of placing it at the appropriate place. The versatility of the unit is maintained with the feature of perfectly accommodating to any furniture. It is made up of quality material which ensures that it can easily carry the range of objects including flower vase and china ornament.

The unit is given the most stylish and classy appearance which not only enhance the decor of the room but also offers easiness to place at the desired place. The unit is made appropriate to be placed at the office and room accompanied with desired beauty and staggering durability.

3-Tier Corner Display Rack Multipurpose Shelving Unit, Espresso/Black
Furinno 12077EX/BK- Multi-Purpose Corner Display Rack


    • The choice of color for the unit is quite attractive that harmonizes with the color of ornament and room surrounding.
    • Three shelves on the unit can easily accommodate a range of objects with much ease.
    • The 90-degree angle on one side allows fixing the unit at any corner of the room or office.
    • The ample spacing between the shelves makes you feel relax to keep any object or ornament on top easily.
    • The storage unit is easy to assemble and hardly needs any tool to install.
    • Grooves on the unit are given to slot everything into the place.


  • The shelving unit is quite attractive but still, the color is not so impressive and eye-catching might be defined as Luke warm.
  • There is a drawback of the ability to be placed at the corner only.
  • There is no drawer and nor it is foldable.

Installation and Setup:

The shelving unit is easy to install and assemble while does not need any specific tools to set up. The unit is featured with grooves in the plastic which makes it much easier to install perfectly in just 10 minutes. The buyers get the astonishing experience with easy to set up a unit that not only offers efficient use while also increases the overall charm of your room/office. The unit may appear heavy in first glance while the actual weight of the shelving unit is too less despite the strong architecture to hold objects. The use of recycled plastic makes the product very light comparatively.

Look and Feel:

The unit is made of a strong and quality material which makes it light while looking heavy enough. The 3 tier corner display rack is light to install and firm enough to keep any ornament in the top with no risk of damage to the unit. This is made possible with the intensely engineered particleboard. The unit can be placed at the corner of the room and gives the embellished touch to room and office. This unit can be the best place to display your antique collection if you’ve one. The sober and professional appearance of the rack is accommodating to your office and household while the multifunctional feature adds the extra sense of versatility. Each of the shelves can hold the object of various sizes being equal at length.

Lifetime and Warranty:

The three-tier corner display rack is much strong and oriented to carry heavy objects which are made possible with the high quality recycled particleboard and plastic poles to hold it together. The 3 tier corner rack display rack is much durable and needs less maintenance due to its premium quality polish and material. Additional to this, the manufacturer warranty can also be ensured depending on the vendor. Never give up on quality if you’re going for cheaper options. These poor quality appliances may not be built to last with different plays of the time.

3-Tier Corner Display Rack Multipurpose Shelving Unit, Espresso/Black

Adds on and Accessories:

The 3 tier corner display rack comes with no additional accessories and even requires no tools to hold. If needed, it can easily be equipped with suitable accessories to the shelving unit. The unit can be attached to the wall, in order to keep it secure and safe from knocking down by children. Further carpets and mats can also be used to increase the beauty of the rack while for offices there is no need for accessories. The smaller unit can conveniently be accompanied as the bedside table and storage unit for books and cloth etc.


Accumulatively, 3 tier corner display rack is beautiful and finely made shelving unit, which suits the buyer’s needs and allow to make more space inside the room. The unit makes a great way to arrange the range of things and personal belongings while on another hand it makes your room look more attractive and classy. The rack also possesses the versatility where it can be placed anywhere from the office to your bedroom and drawing room to your kitchen. This shelving unit is ideal if looking for something versatile and utilitarian. Bring the best out of this shelving unit by working on it a bit creatively. This unit will help you keep your collectibles in place and at the same time bring home an excellent addition to your indoor decor.

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