Furinno-4 Tier Corner Display Shelf- Espresso-Black Color Review

4-Tier Corner Display Rack Multipurpose Shelving Unit, Espresso/Black

Furinno 12078EX/BK is a perfectly designed and stylish 4-Tier Corner Display Rack Multipurpose Shelving Unit that employs a convenient and optimum way of utilizing the maximum of the space available along with gaining in the aesthetic charm of the interiors of our rooms. The Espresso Black color of the corner rack correctly displays a reflection of modernity and style. The rack is shaped precisely to stretch and settle perfectly in the corners of your room and fetches you an ample amount of space to store your kitchen accessories, clothes, shoes, books, flower baskets or photo frames.

Along with fetching you a convenient storage area Furinno 12078EX/BK also catches many fascinating glances and appreciation from the visitors. The unit has a considerably lightweight and is durable too.

4-Tier Corner Display Rack Multipurpose Shelving Unit, Espresso/Black
Furinno 12078EX/BK -Espresso Black-4 Tier Corner Shelf


  • The shelves are spaced equally and share the same common area of storage, which along with giving you a capacious storage capacity gains in the aesthetics due to its symmetrical design theme
  • The assembling process of the rack is also very easy and uses no tools or nut and bolts. Instead, the design uses the groove fixtures and so the unit can be assembled in just 5 to 10 minutes, without any learned skills
  • The perfectly designed shape of the rack makes it suitable to fit well in the corners of your room
  • Being a four shelf unit, the rack buys enough storage space that can hold many objects individually in the 4 shelves available
  • The Espresso Black color of the unit makes it look all the more stylish and modern and adorns the aesthetics of your room as well


  • The color of the unit might not go with your furniture, in that case, you may go for another color option
  • The unit is designed to perfectly fit in your corners limits its area of installation to corners only

Installation and Setup

The installation process and setup of Furinno 12078EX/BK are particularly developed such as to be executed with considerable ease. The assembling process requires no tools or screws and neither any skill. The assembly of the unit is based on grooves that can be fixed easily and just requires about 5 to 10 minutes of your valuable time. With this, the light weight of the unit allows you to install it alone, without the use of any necessary helping hand.

Look and Feel

Coming over to the look and feel part of Furinno 12078EX/BK, the rack is made up of Material Engineered E2 particleboard integrated with PU lamination and PVC tube that comes from recycled plastic. All the 4 shelves of the unit have a total weight of about 6.5 pounds and a considerably large surface area. Further, each of these shelves has a loading bearing capacity of up to 15 lbs. The look of the rack is also appealing and surely adorns the aesthetics of your room. With the use of symmetrical design and short side extensions, the shelves also fit perfectly in the corners. Place your ladder shelf in an appealing space to give it a nice ambiance with your indoors.

Lifetime and Warranty

Furinno 12078EX/BK is made up from the engineered E2 particleboard and PVC tubes that gain the unit high durability and a considerably sound strength. The rack also has low maintenance owing to the long lifetime and strength of the materials used. The unit also comes with a manufacturer’s warranty with each of the units purchased, from wherever it is purchased.

Add-Ons and Accessories

Furinno 12078EX/BK comes with no extra parts or accessories, but the unit can be added with many creative accessories that are capable of extending the functionality of the product, accentuating its visual appeal, or increasing its lifetime. Among the common accessories added to the rack, the consumer can use mats or carpet on each shelf to add to the styling. The rack can be fixed at a suitable height that is beyond the reach of children so as to avoid toppling of things by kids. This can be done by employing brackets or screws that fix it to the wall. The rack can be conveniently used in the kitchen for storing vessels, dining room for improving the aesthetics or for the bathroom with some added soap boxes and small multi-purpose stands.


The product, Furinno 12078EX/BK is precisely crafted to serve you efficient and convenient storage space, along with adding to the visual charm of the room. The product is durable and has low maintenance that further glorifies its affordable price. The modern and stylish appearance of the unit in Espresso Black color will surely turn many heads in awe and fetch praise.

Be creative and make your ladder shelf an eye-catching appliance in your home’s indoors. Always be cautious while working with your home’s indoors. A poor quality appliance can turn your home’s indoor ambiance upside down.

We review products only after completing different quality checks, we do care for your home!

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