Top 15 Cheap Floating Wall Shelves Under 40$ in 2017 you’ll Love

Today, it is quite easy to purchase floating wall shelves online as they are available through several platforms. Moreover, as they are available at affordable prices, one can have the satisfaction of having a good looking interior as well as saving some money. Through bestshelvingunits, we have reviewed many expensive shelving units, but this post is all about affordable shelving units. In this blog post, we are reviewing the cheapest floating shelves available in the market right now. Well, we’ve set these reviews thoroughly analyzing these shelving units that it is not just cheap but of great quality.

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Mentioned below are 15 floating shelves available under 40$, browse through the list and choose one which fits within your budget.

1. Floating U Shelves, Set of three

floating u shelf cheap walnut

This is one of the most popular models of cheap floating shelves owing to the fact that is made of MDF and is well laminated. Also, due to its color and finish it is considered of top-notch quality and fits in with any decor, regardless of whether it is one’s home, office or even dorm room. This shelving unit is quite easy to install in place as all necessary hardware is provided along with easy to understand instructions. Each shelf has the dimensions 17x4x4 inches, is highly functional and can also be used for decorative purposes.

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2. Melannco 5003626 Square Shelves, Set of three

cheap wall floating shelf

This unit of floating shelves is one of the best cheap shelves available online. Three square shelves each smaller by two inches than the other with the smallest measuring 5×5 inches, can be used as a set or as individual pieces. The pieces can be used in a single room as a set, and owing to their beautiful appearance and deep finish this unit adds to the magnificence of the decor. One can easy install it using the instructions and hardware for hanging offered.

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3. Large Rustic Weathered Oak Laminate Corner Wall Mount Shelf

wall floating shelf under 40

This unit which can be attached only to the corner of a room is one of the best cheap wall shelves, which also offers great quality. This affordable shelving unit appears chic and can fit in with any type of decor owing to its rustic weathered oak finish. Its innovative design increases storage space without occupying much space in a room and the 5 shelves can be used to store display collectibles, toys, awards and any other display pieces. This unit is easy to assemble and all necessary hardware is provided along with the package.

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4. nexxtCubbi Contemporary Floating Wall, Set of three

best floating wall shelves

One of the most affordable yet stylish and classy shelving units, this set is quite easy to install. Moreover, with the rich wood-like finish, the three pieces of different dimensions can be assembled in innovative patterns. Not only are they stylish but are also highly functional and offer one the chance to mount objects of up to 30 lbs. Add this magnificent unit to your wall and add to the charm of your decor.

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5. nexxt Maine Wall Shelf Floating Ledge

floating shelf


Now, add a contemporary finish to your decor with this wonderful shelving unit, of the dimensions 1.5x24x5 inches. Small objects can now be easily decorated with isolated shelf effect, and with its black/white color, the beauty of any collectible can be enhanced. Several sets can be combined to increase storage space as well as create an innovative design. It is one of the best cheap floating shelves and can be easily installed as all necessary hardware parts are available within the package.

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6. Intersecting Squares Decorative White Wall Shelf

floating wall shelf


This shelving unit truly appears as if it is floating as the hanging part is well hidden, and can be hung either vertically or horizontally. Thus, one can make it an innovative addition, making it easy to enhance one’s decor, with this unit of dimensions 23.5×23.5×5 inches. It is quite easy to assemble this unit and one need not work hard as all instructions are provided in an easy to understand language. Not only can one decorate their walls but also increase storage space with this highly functional unit.

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7. Rustic Weathered Oak Corner Radial Shelves, Set of 2

best floating wall shelf

Now, one can easily enhance the appearance of one’s office, or room with special shelves, that not only increase space for storage but also quite decorative. This unit of two shelves is placed at the corner and its radial shelves are of dimensions 11.5×11.5×1.5 inches. It is made of MDF and laminate and even though it is one of the best cheap wall shelves it appears chic. Installing this unit is very easy and with the instructions mentioned one can easily have the shelves up in no time.

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8. Decorative “S” Shaped Wall Shelf

s shaped wall floating shelves

Now, it is possible to add to the charm of your decor with a simple ‘S’ shaped shelf, as it makes a blank wall magnificent in appearance. With medium density fiberboard, and laminate this sturdy structure has a long life. This set of two can be assembled together or separately, and be used for creating unique designs, which blend in well owing to their espresso finish. This unit can be assembled easily, thus making it one of the best cheap floating shelves.

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9. Architectural Elements Floating Wall Shelf

floating wall shelves cheap

This is another affordable shelving unit of one piece offers a rich black finish, which increases the charm of any room by enhancing the focus of the object placed on this shelf. It is the ideal unit to set up a wonderful collectible or special display piece. There are no lips along the edges of this single shelf; however, the lower part is quite charming. It is quite easy to install, with the instructions mentioned within the package.

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10. Kiera Grace Vertigo Set, Set of 4

wall floating shelves

Each unit is of different dimensions, and can be attached in a creative manner to create a wonderful design. The black color makes the shelving unit appear classy and enhances the decor of any room. The dimensions of this unit are 6, 12, 20 and 24 inches, and the shelves are attached to the walls through hidden fixtures. Thus, it can be considered as one of the best models of cheap wall shelves, with a wonderful finish.

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11. nexxt Classic Multi Length Shelves

white floating shelf cheap

This shelving unit is both practical and beautiful, and with its polystyrene finish can be considered quite classy. It is a 4 piece set which can be used to display photos or other collectible, or be used to increase storage space. This unit creates an eclectic image as the shelves are of varying dimensions, with the shortest at 6 inches and longest at 24 inches. It is quite easy to install and instructions are provided within the package.

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12. Shelving Solution, Set of 2, Reversed Criss-cross Wall Shelf

reverse criss cross white floating wall shelf

Displaying trinkets has never been much easier as this shelving unit can be used for storing as well as displaying one’s favorite collectibles, CDs or photos. Now, with the 17x17x5 inches shelves, small spaces can also be enhanced using this unit to increase space and make it classy in appearance. Its white finish allows one to use it with any decor, and the sides can be used as bookends, to increase functionality.

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13. Home Decorators Collection Espresso Floating Shelf

floating wall shelf latest

This wonderful shelving unit is a popular piece and can be considered a part of the collection of best cheap floating shelves. Owing to their design they are considered as one of the most contemporary designs available. It is quite durable and has a long life, as it has been constructed using MDF. Its rich finish in Espresso hue allows it to complement every decor it is added to. Moreover, with its dimensions and sturdy structure, it can carry a lot of weight.

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14. John Sterling KT-0134-624SN Glass Shelf Kit

floating glass wall shelf

This is a single shelf unit which is quite sturdy and can efficiently hold up heavy awards, collectibles and other trinkets. The satin nickel glass kit is quite easy to use and install and can be used for enhancing the beauty of any room in one’s household. It offers a contemporary look, which makes it the ideal choice for a contemporary decor. Moreover, tempered glass offer a wonderful finish as well as immense strength.

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15. Reclaimed Wood Rectangle Shelves Set of three

rectangular wall floating shelf

This is a wonderful unit for displaying collectibles, as owing to its rustic look it appears like a collectible. There are nail holes and knots placed randomly along these shelves, to enhance its appearance in a classic way. It is ideal for any decor, and one can use it in offices, at home or in any commercial place. Now, make antiques, photos and other memorabilia more special by using this unit of cheap shelves for the wall.

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The bottom line!

Hope you enjoyed this article about the budget wall mounted floating shelves under 40$. Always try to go for a model that suits well with your indoor home decor. A floating wall shelf with a wonderful design that matches well with your home’s overall ambiance can boost up your indoor decor. If chosen flawlessly, your wall shelf can be the best part of all your home decor types of equipment.

The products reviewed above are chosen only after considering certain quality checks. Don’t forget to check for quality before making a purchase. A poor quality wall shelf in turn can ruin your indoors.

Did we miss some affordable cheap floating shelves?  Post your opinions as comments, if you have something more to suggest, we’d love to hear from you.

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