Set of 3 Honeycomb floating shelves (Hexagon shelf).

honeycomb shelf 1

Honeycomb is one of the finest designs we’ve ever seen. The layered hexagon look and feel of the honeycomb is really classic. What about a shelving unit in honeycomb style? Should be cool right?

Have a look at the Set of 3 Hexagon Shelves(Honey comb shelves)

This shelf does have a white interior. The three shelves come separated, and when added together, it will give you the feel of a crispy honeycomb. It is perfect for your living room, dining room or bedrooms.

honeycomb shelf 2

Apart from the honeycomb setup, you can also set this up in standalone mode(as an individual piece).
They are of 12″ point to point, are 3 1/2″ in depth, and are 3/4″ thick.

You can place any utensils, photos or any of your daily usage stuffs inside the hexagon shelf.

Wrap up!

The honeycomb shelf suits well with your light or dark indoors. It has a white interior design and wooden exterior. This unit is an excellent space to display your collectibles and other antique pieces. The unit promises excellent quality. Never compromise in quality while working with your indoors. A poor quality appliance in your indoors can ruin overall home ambiance.

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