Set of 3 Honeycomb floating shelves (Hexagon shelf).

honeycomb shelf 1

Honeycomb is one of the finest designs we’ve ever seen. The layered hexagon look and feel of the honey comb is really classic. What about a shelving unit in honeycomb style? Should be cool right?

Have a look at the Set of 3 Hexagon Shelves(Honey comb shelves)

This shelves does have white interior.The three shelves come separated, and when added together, it will give you the feel of a crispy honeycomb.It is perfect for your living room, dining room or bedrooms.

honeycomb shelf 2

Apart from the honey comb setup you can also set this up in stand alone mode(as individual piece).
They are of 12″ point to point, are 3 1/2″ in depth, and are 3/4″ thick.

You can place any utensils, photos or any of your daily usage stuffs inside the hexagon shelf.

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