Umbra Conceal Double Wall Mounted Book Shelf – Review

Wall book shelves are one of the most important shelving unit used in bedrooms. The Umbra Conceal wall shelf is a product which should undoubtedly be on your wish list. It is specially designed for people (basically nerds) who wish to heap up books & snob about their collection .It is a primary solution to those who cannot accommodate their books in the living rooms or bedrooms due to the space crunch. The Conceal double wall shelf successfully caters to them who prefer a minimalistic & classy look for their homes.

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The design of this wall shelf is a perfect blend of intelligence, unconventional thought & perfect usability. It categorizes itself in a chic & modern furniture solution. What is so impressive about its design is that it appears as a floatable book shelf & is hid once there are books piled up. With such power loaded features, it is in a high demand in the market. If you think of buying this product, go through its salient features, just to make sure you buy the right product at right price. Have a look at the features of this wall shelves for books.

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Features of this Wall Bookshelf

 1. Extraordinary Appearance :

For new & renovated homes, Umbra-Conceal Double wall shelf is an ultimate solution for ‘bookworms’ .Unlike the ordinary book shelves where you keep piling up the books & it appears quite obvious, this shelf becomes invisible. Yes, invisible is the word! This magic is something to look out for!

2. Manageable Installation:

The installation of this shelf is hassle free. The kit comes with all inclusive hardware. The L-Shaped shelf should be mounted on the preferred wall. The handy booklet guides you through the process. Once installed, place the very first book in such a way that the shelf ledge is in between the back cover of the book & the other book pages. This is to be done with the help of 2 hooks below to maintain the balance of the book cover. Once the first book is placed, the other books can make their way above each other. This stacking style gives a floating appearance to the shelf which will mind boggle you.

3. Amazing Capacity to hold books:

Umbra-Conceal Double wall shelf is available in the market in 2 different standard sizes, both apt for personal use. The larger sized shelf is suitable for stacking up medium to large books & has the capacity to clasp up to 20 pounds, whereas the smaller size can hold up to 15 pounds & is feasible for small to medium sized books.

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  1. Cost effective product.
  2. Strong, Sturdy & Convenient Shelf.
  3. Maintenance free.
  4. Commendable design.
  5. Anti-rust & Durable.

Add on’s:

The Umbra-Conceal Double wall book shelf also comes in vertical shelf format. So if you want to move away from the traditional horizontal shelves, this might work for you. Plus there is an option for double shelf & single shelf, so you can opt any one

book shelf

Installation Steps

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Finally the decision:

There is nothing so impressive than this shelf since it is economical, appropriate & a perfect solution to ease out the clutter of homes. Be it books, magazines, handbooks or anything in this genre, everything can make its way to this shelf, the floating shelf! The unit is very durable and easy to use. Keep your books and magazines in an order and at the same time make it an attractive piece of equipment in your home’s indoors. Always try to go for quality products while working with your indoors. The products reviewed by us above promises excellent quality.

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