Whitmor Mini Closet Organizer with 3 Tier Fabric Shelves and Drawers Review

Mini Closet Shelving Unit

Whitmor 6779-4464 is a unique yet innovative closet organizer as it has two collapsible drawers along with 3 tier shelves. This closet organizer is said to be innovative as it provides a stylish storage space which need not be placed in the closet for storing clothing or other personal items. It is the perfect solution to increase storage space in smaller and crammed places. The structure accommodates three shelves along with two drawers, which can be used according to requirement.

The set up is made of metal frame which is coated by epoxy and connected using black resin connectors. The unit is stand alone and is well balanced even when bulky objects are placed on it. The shelves are made of fabric which allows the items placed on it space along with air as the fabric is breathable, keeping all items fresh. The two collapsible drawers are also made up of the same material and have identification plates so that the items placed inside the drawer can be known without having to peep into it.

The fabric is soft and does not ruin any clothing as it not tear or snag the clothing placed in it. Due to the fashionable appearance it can be placed in any room and immediately jells with the décor of the room due to the colors of black and silver. Along with increased storage space one also gets a stylish yet functional addition to one’s furniture. It is ideal for use at both home and office.

Mini Closet Organization System
Whitmor 6779-4464 – Mini Closet Organizer


  • It is a stylish unit and can be placed outside the closet due to its appearance.
  • Efficiently increases storage space.
  • Drawers have identification plates which makes it easy for user to locate belongings.
  • Breathable soft fabrics used are soft and protects clothes from tearing. It also allows clothing to remain fresh by providing ventilation through the fabric.
  • Easy to set up after reading the instructions.
  • This innovative storage unit can be used in any setting and décor.
  • This unique unit has both, drawers and shelves.


  • It is not a portable closet organizer.

Mini Closet Shelving Unit

Installation and setup

An assembly manual is provided long with the product and using it one can understand what needs to be done to set up this brilliant and chic closet organizer. After reading it takes approximately 10 minutes time to set up the unit. Anyone can set up this unit as it does not require use of special tools. One need not worry if he/she has not done this before as setting up does not require any expertise or experience. This unit can be moved after assembly, as it weighs only 5 pounds.

Look and feel

This is a one of its kind storage space and closet organizer, as one does not need to place it in their closet, since it is made up of superior quality materials. Due to the light weight of the set up the quality should not be judged as the breathable fabric shelves are the reason for less weight. Most of the weight is added by the metal frame and connectors.

This is a stylish unit and can be placed in any room, be it at home or in office. The shades used in this storage unit make it apt to be placed in any bright or usual interior décor. It occupies approximately 32″ vertically and the shelves are 29″ long and 12″ wide.

Mini Closet Storage Unit

Lifetime and warranty

This product is made using top notch quality raw materials. Along with this fact the design of the structure is what adds to the long life of this unit. The fabric shelves and drawers are made of a soft breathable material which is quite strong. The metal frame is coated in epoxy so as to provide a stylish finish to the frame also adding to its strength. Along with the metal structure the strong resin used in the connectors increases the life of the unit. Manufacturer’s warranty can be availed on any product of Whitmor, as clients are provided extensive support.

Add on and accessories

This is a self sufficient unit hence, not many add-ons can be added to this innovative storage unit. Anti-tip brackets do not allow the unit to topple if it is placed in a location where one can knock it down.


Whitmor closet organizer with 2 collapsible drawers and 2 shelves is a stylish, unit which can stand alone, be placed inside the closet as well as outside it due to its chic appearance. It is an ideal addition to increase storage space.

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