ClosetMaid-Mini Adjustable Closet Organizer-White-4 to 6 Feet

Mini Adjustable Closet Organizer

Are you searching for a sturdy and easy to adjust closet organizer? If yes, then the ClosetMaid 8808 ShelfTrack is definitely a great option! The product, manufactured in China, is an excellent option for those who want to keep their closet well-organized and also make enough space for all their important items and belongings. No matter what type of stuff you are looking to store in your closet, the shelf can easily accommodate items such as shoes, scarves, clothes and purses among others.

As part of the kit, a user will be provided with closet rods, wire shelving, support rod, brackets and other hardware pieces, all of which can be easily fit and installed. Users do not require any extra hardware or need not cut the closet to fit it inside their closets. All they really need to do is grab the installation video& guide, provided along with the product and within a couple of minutes, their dream closet will be ready for storing all their stuff.

Mini Adjustable Closet Organizer
ClosetMaid 8808-Mini Adjustable Closet Organizer


The unique storage shelf is available in different variations including 144 inches to nineteen feet shelf area as well as 96 inches to fifteen feet of hanging area. However, you can fit the shelf in accordance with the size of your closet. Typically, these beautiful and easy to customize organizers are ideal for installation into closets ranging from 4-10 feet in terms of width.

Easy to Adjust Shelves:

The wire systems used for manufacturing ClosetMaid have been thoroughly tested to ensure that they are strong and efficient. Whether you are looking to organize your children’s closet or even if you want to arrange the pantry area, you can pick the product, available in beautiful white color and customize all kinds of closets as per your own requirements. It boasts of an easy to adjust mounting mechanism, which makes it ideal for configuring your preferred design and also re-arrange as and when your requirements change in future.

It also features the SuperSlide shelves, which can be easily attached to a wire shelf and is perfect for storing linens, folded apparels and similar other closet stuff. In fact, the SuperSlide feature also allows the user to create extra hanging space between their traditional wire-based shelves.

Review of Mini Adjustable Closet Organizer

Complements All Types of Closets

What is truly remarkable about the ClosetMaid ShelfTrack is that it can be easily adjusted into different types of closet ranging from four to ten feet. These shelves can be conveniently used for installing utility closets, baby’s closet and bedroom closets among others. What more, the shelves are fully certified, which means there is absolutely no need for you to worry around factors like durability, overall quality and strength.

Installation Requirements:

  • Tape Measure
  • Pencil
  • Screwdriver
  • Saw (In case cutting is required)
  • Level
  • Step Ladder
  • Drill


The ClosetMaid ShelfTrack is made of vinyl coated steel, which makes it highly durable and efficient. However, when it comes to warranty, you can always place a request with the manufacturer’s customer service department or visit their website and acquire the necessary details regarding the same.

Additional Accessories:

Apart from the above mentioned features, you can also use some unique accessories to maximize the potential and capacity of the ShelfTrack. For instance, you can invest in accessories like ShelfTrack 4 Drawer Kit, Shelf Liner and Hanging Basket. While, the Drawer kit is available in 4 inch and 7 inch deep variants, they can be easily customized to complement ShelfTrack and make it all the more versatile and spacious. However, the hanging basket is apt for storing items such as purses, socks and scarves. The Shelf Liner, on the other hand, is available in 12 inch and 16 inch deep variants and ensures that your smaller items do not fall through the wires.

Mini Adjustable Closet Organzer


  • The kit is easy to install and users can acquire different ideas for configuring the shelves comfortably.
  • The brackets provided along with the kit are easy to install.
  • Offers immense storage space and storing options.
  • The shelves can be configured in accordance with the user’s own requirements and preferences.
  • The ShelfTrack is extremely sturdy and made of high-quality materials.
  • The product is easy to clean and maintain in the long run.


  • Not ideal for seven inch closet.
  • Instructions need to be modified for users who are looking to install the shelves in a seven inch closet.


If you wish to maximize the storage space within your closet and make it more organized and elegant, then the Closet Maid ShelfTrack is definitely a good option. Not only are these shelves easy to organize but they are also robust and easy to fit.
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