ClosetMaid-Medium Size Closet Organizer-White Color-4 to 6 Feet

Review of Medium Size Closet Organizer

ClosetMaid 22873 is a she liftrack closet organizer, which can be easily installed within a closet with a width of 4 ft to 6 ft. This unique organizer has flexible and adjustable shelves and rods and can be configured in many ways to suit your purpose. The unit serves dual purpose with its designated space for hanging clothes and storing things on shelves. The wired shelves have a smooth white finish which adds a charm to the entire unit.

Because of its flexibility and multi-purpose usage, the shelves can be arranged in many ways, like the two stacked hanging rods can be set up on one side, while the hanging rod can be set up on the other. If you do not want shelves, you can simply not use them at all. This value-for-money investment helps to organize things better and gives a clean, uncluttered look to the closet.

Review of Medium Size Closet Organizer
ClosetMaid 22873 – Medium Size Closet Organizer


  • The Shelftrack system combines adjustable brackets and standards, which makes it very versatile to use in any kind of closet with a depth of 4ft to 6 ft.
  • The hang rods are strategically engineered so that they can be easily attached to the shelves, and hangers can be slid in an uninterrupted manner.
  • Shelves are made of metal wire, which is not only durable but can easily support a number of items of varying weight.
  • The designated spaces for hanging clothes and storing items on shelves make it a good choice for people who love to see their things properly organized.
  • Helps to increase the storage space for any closet.
  • The shelves are very versatile and can be arranged in different configurations to suit the purpose.


  • In most organizer units, the vertical standards and the horizontal bars cannot be mixed; so in case of any additional shelves, the configurations should be remembered.
  • Because it is a mixed organizer, you may need to plan carefully before installing the entire unit to avoid unnecessary trimmings and cutting. Shelf cutting may be needed to fit perfectly into the closet space.

Review of Mid Size Closet Organizer

Installation and setup

One should follow the instruction manual to the tee to install the unit. To install the unit, you will need at least 1 stud. You need not attach rods to all the shelves, if you do not need them. If the closet is less than 5feet wide, you will need to trim the horizontal bars. The vertical bars should be attached to the studs, and the shelves need to be hanged. This might take a little time, as you need to make all the measurements correctly, drill the holes properly before you start installing it.

Look and feel

ClosetMaid 22873 weighs about 26.5 pounds, with 96 inches of hanging space and 144 inches of shelf space. The shelves are 12 inches deep, making it easier to sore items of all shapes and sizes. The adjustable shelves can be configured as fit for the closet you are using. The adjustable bracket programs and standards make it extremely versatile. The mixed purpose of the unit helps to increase storage space in your closets. The hang rods, which are strategically attached to the SuperSlide shelving helps in smooth sliding of hangers.

4 feet to 6 feet closet organizer

Lifetime and warranty

ClosetMaid 22873 is quite durable and the wired shelves can handle weight of any kind. You can either buy it from a real store or a virtual one, but you will be provided with a warranty for this wonderful product. Going for a cheaper product of poor quality won’t be a wise decision while you work with your home indoors. A poor quality appliance may ruin your home’s overall ambiance. A manufacturer’s warranty is also provided, if required. This versatile product has a smooth white finish which resists rust affecting the clothes.

Add on and accessories

If you want, you can simply add some more shelves to the unit. You can buy EX shelves, a unit with expandable shelves or shoe rack organizer to ensure that your closet has a nice clean look. Other than the former ones, you can also combine the shelves with an EZ shelf which combines both shelves and hanging space. The addition of the EZ shelves will only make your storage space larger within your closet.


ClosetMaid 22873 is absolutely needed for any closet, with its adjustable brackets and standards. There is sufficient hanging space, and along with it shelves are provided which can be configured in various ways to fit into the closet. The durable metal wire can support appropriate weight and the white finish gives it a smooth look. Work creatively with this unit and it could be the best part of your home’s indoor decor. It can help you keep your essentials in order and at the same time give an excellent addition to your home indoors. To increase your storage space within the closet, nothing beats the ClosetMaid 22873.

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