Edsal-Heavy Duty Steel Shelving Unit-5 Tier-Adjustable(edsal trk-602478w5)-Review

Extra Strong Heavy Duty Steel Shelving Unit Review

Edsal 78 inches 5 tier Heavy Duty Shelving unit is a very useful product for those looking for a very strong shelving system. This multifunctional unit can be assembled horizontally or vertically and the space between shelves is adjustable which can provide enough customized storage space in your Home. The shelves are made up of steel with a Powder Coated Exterior finish. It can hold up to 5000 pounds which makes it a heavy-duty sturdy shelving unit.


Extra Strong Heavy Duty Steel Shelving Unit Review
Edsal TRK-602478W5 -Heavy Duty Steel Shelving


  • The unit can be easily assembled even without any professional assistance or complicated tools. You just need to look at the picture on the package box and the whole unit can be set up in less than 45 minutes.
  • You can adjust the space between the shelves according to your needs which give plenty of space for storage. Only the bottom shelf has to be at a fixed height from the floor for stability.
  • The unit can be assembled horizontally or vertically depending upon your purpose either as a workbench or a shelf. Hence it is multi-functional and very useful.
  • Very sturdy and can hold up to 5000 pounds. Each shelf can hold up to 1000lbs if the weight is equally distributed. In the wire rack double strands of wire is added after every few rows to add extra strength hence it will not sag even if you keep heavy objects on it.
  • This Shelving unit is affordable when compared to the price of similar heavy duty shelves in this category.
  • Since the unit is very strong and stable it can stand on its own and don’t need the support of a wall. So you can keep the shelf anywhere in your house.
  • The Shelf hardly collects dust and it is easy to clean also.


  • If you place things which are heavier than the allowed weight then the long bracket may tend to bend.
  • The rack is made of wire mesh hence if you place small objects it may tend to fall through the hole.
  • The unit is very heavy and it is very difficult to move the whole unit together from one place to another.


Installation and setup: It is very easy to assemble and will not take more than 45 minutes to finish the whole process. The product comes with a user manual with instructions clearly specified but you can easily set up the unit even without referring the manual and you do not require any professional assistance or complicated tools. The picture on the box is enough for you to complete the installation. It is recommended to fix the bottom and top shelves at a fixed level for structural integrity. Most important is to keep the bottom shelf fixed about an inch from the floor for stability.  You can assemble the product horizontally as a workbench or vertically as a shelving unit.  You can also adjust the space between shelves.  This Heavy duty shelving unit does not need wall support and it can stand on it’s on.

Look and feel: This 5 tier Heavy duty shelving unit occupies a floor space of 60-inch x 24 inches and it is 78 inches high if all the shelves are assembled vertically and if arranged horizontally, it is 120 inches wide and 36 inches high. The color is closer to black than gray. The shelf is made of steel with wire racks and powder coated Exterior finish. The wire mesh racks are not painted. To add extra strength to the wire mesh, double strands of wire is added to every few rows of wire. To prevent small objects from falling through the wire mesh it is recommended to keep them in cardboard boxes. The plastic feet protect the floor and allow ease of movement. When evenly distributed the weight capacity is 1000lbs per shelf. In total it can hold up to 5000 pounds.

Lifetime and warranty: This Shelving unit is very strong and has a long life. Edsal Manufacturing Company, Inc. products have a one year guarantee from the date of purchase. In case of any defects, the product will be repaired or replaced.  This will not be applicable for damage caused as a result of misuse. We’ve only reviewed this item only after certain quality checks, we do care for your home!

Note: If you’re about to go for cheaper options in  the market, keep n mind that they may not be built to last different plays with time and may ruin your home’s indoor ambiance.

Add on and accessories: A Rubber Mallet will make the installation of this Heavy Duty Steel Shelving Unit easier.

Conclusion: It is advisable to purchase this Heavy Duty Steel shelving unit from Edsal if you are looking for a multi-functional, affordable, sturdy and well-built storage unit which can be customized. This unit can be the best place to keep your home decor items and other tiny units in order. Do your work creatively and make the best out of this shelving unit to give an excellent visual appeal.

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