ClosetMaid-Fixed Mount Closet Organizer Kit-White Color-5 to 8 Feet-Review

Fixed Mount Closet Organizer Review

Need a permanent solution for your messy closet? The ClosetMaid 5636 SuperSlide 5ft. to 8ft. Closet Organizer, available in white color is undoubtedly a great choice. Place orders for this product right away if you want to put an organizer within your closet that is designed to offer continuous sliding and comfortable hanging features. Read on to find out some of the other reasons why you must consider this organizer to put things in order within your closet.


With ClosetMaid SuperSlide as your closet partner, you will never have to worry about hanging your clothes and arranging them in an appropriate manner. Once purchased, you will receive all the relevant hardware fittings and pieces, which are required for assembling the product within the wardrobe. The product is tailor-made for closets that are five to eight feet (in terms of width). You can also opt for the product in case you have a walk-in closet in your room. The product is made up of vinyl coated steel, which makes it highly durable, sturdy and excellent for people who have been searching for a long-term solution for their closets. It consists of hanging rods, which are strong and provide continuous sliding. The installation procedure described in the installation guide is simple and easy to follow. Another important point that buyers must pay heed to is that if they have a bigger shelf, then they may have to cut the organizer in order to enjoy hassle-free installation.

Fixed Mount Closet Organizer Review
ClosetMaid-5636 – Fixed Mount Closet Organizer

The product measures 2.8 x 42.2 x 13.8 inches and is extremely sturdy and strong. For warranty, customers can get in touch with the manufacturer directly and acquire all the necessary details. Also, customers who wish to adjust the size of the organizers simply need to cut it with a saw and fit it into their closets. You may require items such as stud finder, pencil, drilling machine, level and saw to install the organizer conveniently inside your closet.

Efficient and Space Saving

One of the most prominent reasons behind the product’s popularity is its efficiency and ability to save space within your closet. As a result, you get the much-desired opportunity to increase the storage space within the closet. Whether you want to hang all your shirts high up or even if you wish to hang the pants low, the Closet Maid SuperSlide won’t disappoint you at all. You can also arrange your suits in the mid-section and put your sweaters somewhere in between, once you have successfully installed the organizer inside your closet. Post installation, you will have created around nine feet of hanging area and as much as fifteen feet of shelf area, which will be more than enough for storing items such as cameras, suitcases (empty), hats, sweaters, umbrellas, and other items.  The product is highly reliable as it is made up of premium quality steel. Thanks to the design of the wire, your closet will remain ventilated and fresh. The kit also consists of specially designed hanging rod brackets, which ensures that you enjoy continuous and smooth sliding as far as the hangers are concerned.

Review of Fixed Mount Closet Organizer


  • Perfect for enhancing space inside the closet.
  • Stack and hang your clothes conveniently.
  • The kit is easy to install and the instructions provided are simple and effective.
  • Robust product available at an attractive price.
  • Allows you to transform your old-fashioned wardrobe into a beautiful and spacious one.
  • The shelves are highly durable and flexible.
  • The kit can be configured as per your own specific needs.


  • The product cannot be easy to fit into all kinds of spaces.
  • You may have to cut the shelves a bit if you own an eight-inch closet, which isn’t mentioned in the product’s description.
  • Make sure you read all the instructions carefully or you will end up recording wrong measurements and creating holes all over in the closet.

Review of Fixed Mount Closet Organizer

Final Verdict:

The kit is ideal for people who want to re-organize and arrange their closets properly. Never try to go for cheaper options to save a few bucks. A poor quality appliance can, in turn, ruin your indoors with time because they may not be built to last different conditions with plays of the time. The fact that it is made up of high-quality vinyl coated steel gives the product an edge over others. It is extremely sturdy and long-lasting, which means after installation, you won’t have to worry about wear and tear at all. However, don’t forget to scan all the instructions properly or you will have spoiled the entire look and feel of your closet. Also, make sure that you have all the necessary tools and pieces handy before you begin configuring the system inside your wardrobe. Think creative while ordering your essentials with the help of this organizer and give a classy look to your indoors. If you work well with this unit, it can be the best part of your home indoors.

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