ClosetMaid 8987 Stackable 3-Shelf Organizer, White color – review

Shelves are the beautiful things about the home, irrespective of the place where they are installed. An extensive beauty proposed by the ClosetMaid 8987 Stackable 3-Shelf Organizer(stackable storage cubes) turns the walls as beautiful as the latest interior designs. Laminated wood is the core unit of the shelf organizer and is very simple to assemble the organizer. There are a couple of adjustable shelves in the shelving unit which can be adjusted according to the need of the homemaker. This is portable and is ideal for any corner of the home. The components that can be kept in this unit can be clothes, books, display units, and a few things that we use often.

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Adjust the space in the living room or bedroom the best way possible with the ClosetMaid organizers. Enclosed back of the shelf adds beauty to the office as well. The spacious racks of the organizer provide great ease of organizing the things. The white finish of the organizer is sturdy and there are many shelf holes to adjust the racks in any place that the user needs. ClosetMaid 8987 Stackable 3-Shelf Organizer, White is truly amazing shelf organizer that is portable and is not to mount on the wall.

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Pros :

  1. ClosetMaid 8987 Stackable 3-Shelf Organizer exactly fits the shelving needs of the house.
  2. The place offered to the organizer decides its trendy look.
  3. It serves as the ideal nightstand to pile the things handy.
  4. The design is impressive and the functionality is ultimately remarkable.


    1. The shelf may not be flexible to fit the separate drawers that are available with the unit,
  1. The wood is too strong and cannot be pierced by a simple screwdriver which sometimes not so ideal.

Look and Feel

The dimensions of the organizer are 11.7 X 12.2 31.5 inches and weigh 15 pounds. Check the components of the pack thoroughly and assemble the shelf organizer. If the interior of the home is impressive and well-organized, order a couple of ClosetMaid 8987 Stackable 3-Shelf Organizer, white as they enhance the elegant look of the same. The complete ambiance gets changed once the portable organizer takes its place in the living room.

Lifetime and Warranty

The marvelous collection of the shelving units includes a finer way of perception to the people who enter the home or office. The installation is not hard as it is easy to assemble with a little effort. The organizer lasts long as the chief product used to manufacture is sturdy and the finish is of high quality. Well-managed shelf lasts long. Warranty of the product can be produced by the manufacturer.

Add on Accessories

Well-fitted drawers are available as add-on accessories for the ClosetMaid 8987 Stackable 3-Shelf Organizer. However, the drawers of this ClosetMaid cubeicals are not included in the unit but to be purchased separately. White finishes to exactly suit any kind of background of the living and bedroom.

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Keep your books, antique collections, decor items etc in order providing an attractive glance to your home indoors. 

Arrange this cube storage unit creatively and make it the best part in your home indoors. The trendy collection of the shelf organizers(stackable organizer), gift a finer appearance and matches the furniture of the home either classic or modern. The present-time fashion takes pride in making the house, office, public places such as a hotel, restaurant and the theaters highly interesting with the little addition of simple but stylish furniture to the existing. There are a lot of cheaper options available in the market. Keep in mind, they may not be built to last different plays of the time, and may, in turn, ruin your home’s indoor looks.

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