ClosetMaid-Closet Organization System-5 to 8 Feet-White Color-Review

Closet Organization System Review

ClosetMaid 8809 equipped with a shelftrack is a closet organizer kit which can be easily installed in closets with a width of 5 to 8 feet. This extremely helpful unit is made of vinyl-coated steel and increases storage space in your closet. Due to its adjustable shelves, the space inside can be utilized in various ways. You will love to see the different configurations within your closet space.

Each and every part of the unit including the white metal wire shelves or hang rods attached to the SuperSlide shelving are unique and can be used optimally to increase storage space. A combination of bracket program and adjustable standards make it a ready choice for people who have space constraint and want their closet to have an uncluttered look. This value-for-money investment can be quite an impressive addition to your existing furniture as it can seamlessly blend with other units.

Closet Organization System Review
ClosetMaid-8809-Closet Organization System


  • Designated shelf space and hanging space along with shoe space.
  • This unit is a good choice for people who have babies and toddlers and need good amount of space to keep and store various items.
  • Shelves are flexible and their positions can be moved as per convenience.
  • Increase in space within the closet. Those who love to have a clear view of all the closet essentials will find this unit to their liking.
  • The vinyl-coating ensures that they will not be rusty and can be used for a longer time.
  • The smooth polish makes gives it a luxury look which will enhance the entire glam quotient of the closet.


  • You may have to cut some shelves to fit it inside the closet. Take your measurements carefully, so that there is less hassle when you are installing the unit.
  • If you are not very familiar with hardware and installation process, you might consider taking some additional help.

Closet Organization System

Installation and setup

If you follow the instruction manual carefully, you should not have a problem with the installation process. However, there are certain things that needed to be considered before you initiate the procedure. Think of the final look of the organizer, the walls where the unit will be installed. Separate instructions are given for dry walls or thick walls. Also, try to think if you need all the shelves, so that you can reduce the time of cutting and trimming the shelves. Take a look at the closet, think about its shape and try to visualize the way you want your clothes, scarves, purses and shoes to be organized and arranged.

Look and feel

The unit weighs about 34 pounds, with flexible configuration and adjustability in shelves. The most unique feature of the unit is the shelftrack system which combines bracket program and adjustable standards. The hang rods are strategically attached to the SuperSlide shelving, so that the hangers can be properly slid. You will be amazed to know that the unit has 144 inches of hanging space, which means your dresses will be hung in full length and there will be less cringes. Along with it, you will have 168 inches of shelf space, adequate for storing different items. The vinyl-finish gives it a simple look, favoured by people who love a clean face of the closet.


Lifetime and warranty

When you think of the material of ClosetMaid 8809, which is steel, you will be guaranteed of one thing; durability. If this warranty is not enough, you can also ask for a manufacturer’s warranty which will be provided to you.

Add on and accessories

This organizer unit can look better with an addition of few shelves. Foldable storage boxes or cube baskets can be included within the unit to increase the storage space. As the shelves are adjustable, you may or may not include all the shelves and increase the open space. The best thing about the organizer unit is that you can design it as you choose, as per your comfort. Those who love the concept of walk-in space may not choose to install any shelves at all.


If you are one of those people who have always wanted the feel of an uncluttered closet space, will not be disappointed with ClosetMaid 8809! It does not matter whether your closet is small or big, you can redesign it as per your requirement. Plus, the adjustable shelves are movable and can be removed if you look for more hanging space. Take a look at the different configurations in the manual, and select something which will suit your taste and closet.

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