Closet Maid 8996 Cubeicals 6 Cube Organizer in White Review

Closet Maid 8996 is a set of cubeicals which are assembled outside the closet to provide storage space in an orderly manner. This closetmaid cubeicals is a highly advanced closet organizing kit with cubes of dimensions 11.25 inches length and width and 11.75 inches depth. Cubes of laminated wood can now be used to stylishly eliminate clutter from the interiors of your home. You can set up it up both vertically and horizontally according to the space available and use it for storing various objects.

closetmaid cubeicals 6 cube organizer white

Not only does this organizing unit reduces clutter, but also provides a way to make your living space colorful and special. The beautiful finish of this cube shelf allows you to hold office supplies, toys, and decorative items. Also, the fabric drawers of different colors give you the freedom to store numerous objects in limited space. As these drawers are available in various colors you can freely mix and match them to blend with the decor of your home.           

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  •    The composite laminated wood makes the structure sturdy and stable without adding a lot of weight to it.
  •    Small spaces, which are usually left empty, can be effectively utilized for storage.
  •    Fabric drawers can be placed in any order on any shelf making it colorful and allows personalization.
  •    This unit can be modified to time, so that room appears special.
  •    Laminated wood is free from the risk of rotting, and does not rust as it is wooden.
  •    The shiny surface along with the fabric drawers of this ClosetMaid 6 cube organizer make the unit appear quite chic and refined adding elegance to your living space.


  •    The back panel is made of cardboard which has been painted black, making it appear tacky at times.
  •    Installing the unit might prove difficult, and you might want assistance if you are not well versed in handling tools or setting up such units.

Installation and setup

Before beginning with the installation of this 6 cube organizer, you need to decide if the structure will be placed horizontally or vertically and in which area. After making the decision all you need to do is read the instruction manual and follow it precisely, to attach the cubicles and insert the fabric drawers. By imagining the space before placing the structure one can easily place the decorative items or games that always occupied a lot of space previously. All parts are marked which makes it easy for you to recognize them and place them in a proper structure.    

closetmaid cubeicals 6 cube storage units

Look and feel

As the unit is made from laminated wood it is quite heavy however with its strength it can hold a unit of equal weight on top of it. This unit can be made completely unique by choosing fabric drawers of different shades in any of the six cubes. If you want you can have these drawers in all six cubes or not even in one. As each cube is of equal size it is quite easy to decide set up of objects in the unit. As it is made of laminated wood and cardboard you get value for your money and get a sleek, shiny and colorful unit for storage with a clean appearance. The only way to accessorize the unit is with fabric drawers of different shades, textures, and styles and can be purchased separately.

Lifetime and warranty

As the shelving unit is made of wood it lasts long and if you need further guarantee you can always ask for the manufacturer’s guarantee, which is provided for all products of this brand.        


If you love being organized, you will definitely enjoy owning Closet Maid 8996 6-Cube Organizer as your space will definitely be completely uncluttered. You can adjust it according to your space and as it is white in color it will jell perfectly in all settings. With this simple and easy to use cube organizer save a lot of space in your indoors and at the same time add an attractive decor element to your living space. Think creatively and arrange this cube storage unit attractively to make it the pretty piece of your home indoors. In short, this 6 cube storage unit is a perfect fit for your home interior or your rooms.    

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