7 Best Examples of Creative DIY Ladder Shelves

creative diy ladder shelves

A beautifully decorated ladder shelf is a requisite for a quick living room makeover. If you have the passion, skill, and love for decor, DIY is your thing. Why invest in an upscale interior decorator when you can solve your decor dilemmas on your own!

Curated and compelling arrangements of ladder shelves can completely transform the look and feel of those ladder corners. You can either make these ladder shelves on your own, by shredding some sweat. Or, you can refer our online guide to have a look the best ladder shelf pieces available online.

In either case, these formulas will give the ideal look to your ladder shelf.

1) Creative DIY Ladder Bookshelf

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With clever styling tricks, a ladder shelf can turn into a gallery presentation. You can present a ladder shelf in your lobby area or living room to showcase your decent collectibles.

Stack the first rack of the ladder shelf with big and differently sized wall hangings or paintings. For this, consider graphic or abstract designs as they vaunt a fashionable appeal.

Add grace to the furniture by placing a trendy and dainty flower pot. Use fresh flowers if you have them nearby as they add life to the room.

Fill the lower shelves with elegant scented candles having long stemwares.

2) DIY Rustic Ladder Shelf

DIY Rustic Ladder Shelf
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If raw is your preference, this look is custom-built for you. The shabby and rustic ladder shelf is the easiest DIY goals. All you need is an old ladder shelf to pull up this look.

Dab a few patches of paint here and there on the ladder to give an untidy raw look. Add to its shelves some old antique pieces like a traditional wall clock or a vintage dial telephone.

If you have old cutlery, let some of the collection find way to your ladder shelf.

Some old plates, a piece of teapot, or a few archaic cups – any would compliment the look.

3) DIY Ladder Shelf

Creative DIY Ladder Shelf
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If your ladder shelf has a lot of compartments, why not use it to lessen your storage trouble! Use this portion in your living area to get the best urban look.

Stack up your everyday good-looking essentials in this portion so that they fit naturally in the space while appearing trendy.

A pile of books, some frames, decently-sized wall hangings, or some cutesy soft toys – add anything and everything that makes the space colorful and vibrant.

For a great styling trick, also add vases, home plants, and your knick-knacks in the corner to beautify the corner. Just don’t make it too bestrewed.

4) Tweaking an Old Ladder

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Miniature things put a period to the mundane decor. The minute items are innovative and uncanny, at the same time!

For this, make small dolls and soft toys using an old pair of socks. Stack these up in one corner of your ladder shelf. You can easily find a Youtube tutorial for this.

Combine with a set of key chains hanging from different compartments of the shelves. These small keychains can upgrade the charm of your ladder corner. If you like windchimes, hinge one up on the top of the ladder shelf.

Also, you can put up a trail of small toys on one of the shelves.

5) Ladder Makeover in a Farmhouse

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Plants have the potential of gracing your living room with an elegance quotient. Your ladder case is the perfect place to showcase your love for gardening.

Put those house plants on shelves of your ladder dedicated to planting. Layer the bottom of the shelves with tiny stones for a dapper look.

You can add saplings and climbers as they carry a beauty of their kind. The house plant ladder shelf can turn into the most alluring part of your living room.

Pamper it with adequate water, sunlight and care. Otherwise, the plants might rot giving an unpleasant odor.

6) Crafting an Old Ladder for your Study

DIY Ladder Shelves
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If used precisely, ladder shelves can be the best room decor item. In your study or reading area, all you need is a ladder shelf that does the purpose of a bookshelf and also adds serenity and soberness to the room.

For that, pick a ladder case with rustic wooden built. Stack it up using a traditional pen stand with ink bottle, an office clock to reflect your regularity, and some books that are an embodiment of your persona.

Let this one corner of your room say a million stories about you. This cozy corner will be the silent decor enhancer.

7) Shoes on your Ladder

DIY Ladder Shelves
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No matter how much space there is in a house, storage space for footwear is never enough. Why spend extra bucks on a new shoe cabinet when your existing ladder shelf can serve the purpose!

Your shoe ladder shelf can provide enough space so you do not have to toss one footwear over the another. This also means your shoes remain at their place, so you don’t have to go nuts finding them.

Make dedicated rows of shoes. One for party wear. The other for casuals. For every member of the house, there can be a personal rack.

If you paint the rack in caramel brown shade, it will be at its best.


The ladder shelving models can help you save a lot more space in your indoors. These ladder shelves may hold the lion’s share in your home decoration by choosing a proper design and finish that suits well with your indoor finishing and other pieces of equipment. Keep in mind to choose good quality utensils when working with ladder shelves since you’d probably hate if your new appliance ruins your home’s whole indoor ambiance.

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