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  • Whitmor Double Rod Closet Organizer-Cloth and Sweater Hanging Shelf-Review

    Cloth and Sweater Hanging Shelf

    Whitmor brings to you an incredibly designed innovative closet organizer in the form of Whitmor 6779-3044 Double Rod Closet in silver color. Now, storing your clothes, shoes, sweaters and all other accessories in an organized form has become easier as all one needs to do is purchase this wonderful closet organizer. The entire unit is […]

  • Closet Shelving Systems
  • Whitmor Stackable Closet Shelves – 2 Tier Chrome Shelves – Review

    Stackable Closet Shelf Review

    Whitmor Stackable Closet Shelves with a special chrome finish provides easy shelving options inside the closet. These units are known as stackable because one unit can be placed upon another to form multi-tier shelves. Closet shelves made of steel are lightweight yet durable due to the high strength. The chrome finish adds to the beauty […]

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  • Launching BestShelvingUnits – A Review Blog for Shelving Units and Storage Systems

    Shelving Unit

    Hello Everybody, I thought the first article on our ambitious blog – BestShelvingUnits – should be a launch announcement describing the purpose and objectives of the blog itself. So let’s come to the point. This blog is basically a product review blog, which reviews shelving units and storage systems for your home, office and garage. […]