ClosetMaid-Adjustable Closet Organizer-5 Feet to 8 Feet-White Color-Review

Review - Adjustable Closet Organizer

As the name suggests, ClosetMaid 22875 is an adjustable shelftrack-fitted closet organizer which fits closets from 5 to 8 feet wide. This vinyl-coated steel unit is a perfect choice for people who are looking for maximum space utilization in their closet. There are designated spaces for hanging clothes, separate shelf space and women will be happy to know that there is a perfect space for their shoes.

This organizer unit is a good example of how we can utilize the space within our closets in an effective manner. The shelftrack system is an added boon as it includes a number of adjustable and flexible brackets and standards. This total value-for-money investment is a guaranteed stylish addition to your existing furniture. This unit absolutely combines the concept of comfort and convenience.

Review - Adjustable Closet Organizer
ClosetMaid 22875-Adjustable Closet Organizer


  • The shelves are durable and can support 80 pounds of weight when evenly distributed.
  • Shelftrack combines flexible brackets and standards with hang rods for hanging clothes. The hang rods are systematically designed to be attached to the shelving system so that there is a smooth slide of hangers.
  • The shelves are made of metal wires and stand durable for years.
  • The vinyl-coated finish ensures that your clothes are properly protected from rust and dirt.
  • Additional shoe rack ensures that you keep your shoes separately.
  • Because of the adjustable nature of the shelves, they can be configured in various ways and can be adjusted to any closet of any shape and size.
  • This unit is easy-to-install and provides a much-desired uncluttered and clean look and feel to the closet.


  • The shelves might need some trimming and cutting to fit into the space of the closet. Perfect measurements are absolutely essential before installing the unit.
  • The shoe rack may not always be suitabl, if you wear high heels. In that cas,e you may need to make small adjustments.

5 to 8 feet adjustable closet organizer

Installation and setup

Before installing the unit, you must check whether you have all the hardware items you need. It is good to familiarize with all the items and check if they are inthe right quantities. Safety precautions should be followed strictly. You should be careful and find out if you are overloading the unit. In case any shelf bends or bows greater than ¾ inch, it is definitely overloaded. Same should be observed about a shelf bracket and if it bends more than ¼ inch, then precautions should be taken. Children should not be allowed to step on a shelf. Think about the final look of the organizer and decide to install the shelves and brackets accordingly. The first thing that needs to be installed is the hang track. The hang rack should be attached to the wall perfectly. Different walls require different kinds of support. Know about your wall type, where the closet is, and decide on the hardware accordingly.

Look and feel

ClosetMaid 22875 weighs about 50 pounds and is quite durable as it is made of vinyl-coated steel. All the wired shelves can be cut to adjust in any type of closet. With the help of the shelftracking system, it is easier to move the positions of the shelves as per requirement and convenience. You will be pleasantly surprised to know that the kit has almost 132 inches of hanging space, with 216 inches of shelf space. A separate 36 inch space is provided to stack shoes. The shelves are 12 inches deep making it easier for the user to store and stack different kinds of items. The separate hanging space is an added advantage for those who want a clear distinction in their storage space.

adjustable closet organizer review

Lifetime and warranty

There is no debate about the durability of the product, because as it is made of steel. Keep in mind quality as an important constraint. A poor quality appliance may ruin your indoors. If you’re about to go for cheaper models in the market, try not to compromise with quality. Whether you buy it from a virtual store or a real one, ClosetMaid 22875 carries a warranty. If you require, you will be given a manufacturer’s unit.

Add on and accessories

You can increase the space of the unit by including all kinds of shelves, including folding ones. A lot of accessories can be added to this unit, keeping your requirements in mind. To increase the space of your shoes, you can also include a shoe rack of a bigger size.


Undoubtedly, ClosetMaid 22875 is a worthy addition to your existing furniture. It is not just stylish, but extremely functional, easy-to-install and above all helps to unclutter things. Now you will have a proper view of all your possessions and closet essentials. Plus this is absolutely adjustable to fit any closet of any size. Try some creative ideas while working with this unit in your home indoors and could be the best part of your home indoors.

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