11 Best Bathroom Ladder Shelves for toilet storage-reviews

A fusion of elegance and opulence, and a fruitful furniture for space management; such are the descriptions that precisely glorify these ingeniously crafted ladder style shelves used in bathrooms. Be it for decorations, be it for particular utilities or be it squeeze out as much space as possible from in your already constrained household; the products mentioned herein are a compilation of the best options and/or problem solvers available right at your disposal. This post is about the best collection of bathroom storage ladders. Drag one of these into your bathroom and relive your best spa experience over and over again!

1. Zenna – Espresso Bathroom Space Saver


Meet Zenna! Carefully crafted to make the most out of a constrained environment, Zenna can find you more space than a mediocre relationship ever can. A painless pull of the two chromium plated (more popularly, chrome-finished) knobs shall open your way through the main cabinet on the top wherein maximum storage space with about a foot long clearance is assured. A shelf in between the top cabinet and the draw allows immediate access to your frequently required sanitary. It offers a much compact design that can be fitted in a space without affecting your bathroom’s overall area. Zenna is a 23 inch wide, 7.38 inch deep and 64.5-inch high bathroom ladder. Irrespective of your bathroom’s theme, Espresso can set the mood!

2. Sauder – White Bathroom Cabinet

sauder white bathroom ladder shelf
sauder white bathroom ladder shelf

With Sauder in your bathroom, you can place a variety of toiletries and expect them to fit in just fine. It has a plethora of compartments to resolve specific issues. The two adjustable shelves adjacent to a square-shaped cabinet compose enough space for your medium sized cosmetics and deodorants. Sauder’s soft white shade and smoothed edges catch the eye of even a passerby that had an accidental glimpse. The excellent white finish can suit well with your bathrooms kight or dark ambiance. Unless on a bumpy floor, Sauder stands free and upright about its back panel tailored essentially with beadboard. Weighing hardly 32 pounds, it is a priceless addition to your bathroom.

Product dimension: 23.3 x 7.4 x 68.1 inches

3. Zenna – White Space Saver

Bathroom space saver white ladder shelf
Bathroom space saver white ladder shelf

Tiny bathrooms cannot afford the luxury of spaciousness. This Zenna bathroom ladder shelf is the perfect addendum to your bathroom to conserve and make most out of the space available. Bathrooms with lighter shades would often find Zenna invisible or cloaked as its taming white shade dissolves with the surroundings. Ease of assembly and its extensible limbs make it a souvenir for newbies. Zenna bathroom ladder in white is compartmentalized identical to Zenna in espresso; hence, making it a choice between two of the most alluring shades.

Product Dimension: 29.5 pounds

Product Weight: 7.4 x 23 x 64.5 inches

4. Brushed Titanium – Space Saver

bathroom ladder shelf space saver
bathroom ladder shelf space saver

Only an architectural genius can give an antique luster to today’s metal tubes! Brushed Titanium space saver gives your bathroom an aroma of the pre-modern era when carved metal meant sophistication. It has three shelves to contain all your bathroom essentials and renders enough space from the floor to comfortably fit over your toilet tanks. Tempered glass 5 mm thick reassures an elite touch to the base of each shelf. Adjustable levers keep the 20-pound structure erect unless a raccoon runs straight into it.

Product Dimensions: 26 x 9.8 x 67 inches

5. Affordable Space Saver

bathroom ladder shelf
bathroom ladder shelf

Sophistication, spaciousness and durability; the three essentials for any ladder style bathroom shelf! How about making it all set well within your budget? Affordable Space Saver can make more space than you possibly imagine there to be in your rather constrained bathroom. Its complete chrome finished metal body boasts a modern elegance throughout the structure. Weighing only 8.8 pounds it quickly catches note as one of the most lite weighed bathroom space savers in the market.

Product Dimension: 11.8 x 24.9 x 64 inches

Leaning Ladder shelves for Bathroom

6. Modern – Wood Leaning Ladder Shelf

Wood Leaning Ladder Shelf for bathroom
Wood Leaning Ladder Shelf for bathroom

No matter how lustrous, metal can never match the avidity we have for wood! With three identical shelves equally spaced from each other, Modern – Wood Leaning Ladder Shelf can be the perfect host for all sorts of bathroom apparels, toiletries and fashionable decorative. Weighing hardly 5 kilograms, it is robust enough to bear as many books as you can fit about its shelves when used as a wall shelf in your study and/or living room. The three variants offered viz. black deep shaded, varnished and painted in impeccable white accustoms the wooden beauty in any household space.

Product Dimension: 29.5 x 14.2 x 3.4 inches

Product Weight: 11 pounds

7. 5 Tier – 72 inch – Leaning Ladder Shelf

5 Tier - 72 inch - Leaning Ladder bathroom Shelf
5 Tier – 72 inch – Leaning Ladder bathroom Shelf

Ladder shelves are both fashionable and purposeful! When carved seamlessly in wood and given a contemporary black finish, leaning ladder shelves can take your breath away instantly. 5 Tier leaning ladder shelf shall do exactly the aforementioned when placed in your living room. When space is a concern for you, this 5 shelved leaning ladder is the must buy option for you. At almost 72 inches off the ground, the wooden elegance houses five equally spaced shelves with the lowermost extending about 17 inches from the wall. Ease in assembly and a high life expectancy is guaranteed by the manufacturer owing to the durable wood used for making the structure. You can place a variety of books, tapes, DVDs yadda yadda and expect them to perfectly fit in.

Product Dimension: 25 inch x 17 inch x 72 inch

8. Leaning Ladder Shelf with Towel Bar

bathroom leaning ladder shelf with towel bar
bathroom leaning ladder shelf with towel bar

Bathrooms have the ability to be potentially traumatizing given you had a bad day. It is your being well organized alone that can spare you from the horror. Leaning ladder shelf with towel bar does exactly what needs to be done to assist you in your quest to organize better. Evolve from the times when cluttering was possible in your bathroom. Keep your towel and clothes separated from your toiletries and sanitaries by a fair distance; thereby, get your bathroom more organized, and as well, spend little space in the process. The structure can carry a more than reasonable 12 pounds in each of its shelves! You can assemble one for almost any spot in your house, and it would function as you desire.

Product Dimension: 12 x 20 x 59.2 inches

9. Antique White – 4 Tier

Antique White - 4 Tier bathroom ladder shelf
Antique White – 4 Tier bathroom ladder shelf

Why take the support of anything at all? Make these independent shelves your own and feel the comfort of putting it almost anywhere in your house. With 4 shelves linearly increasing in surface area from top to bottom, you have enough room to organize your stuff with respect to their specific sizes. Drag it to your bathroom, drag it to your kitchen; place it right in the middle of your living room, this ornamental wooden ladder shelf painted in antique white can match the aesthetics of all imaginable household genre.

Product Dimension: 15-5/8″W x 13-1/2″D x 46-3/8″H

10. 52 inch – 4 Tier

52 inch 4 tier ladder shelf for bathroom
52 inch 4 tier ladder shelf for bathroom

If you’re looking for sophistication within compactness, here is a bathroom storage ladder you should surely have a look at. It has a glossy black finish to stand out against any conventional household background. With a mere 52 inches head to heel, it houses four equally spaced shelves with appropriate dimensions to enhance your bathroom space. It can endorse any number of accessories within its length and breadth. Ascertained by an overall weight of 33 pounds, this little tough guy can assist you for years being an efficient space saver.

Product Dimension: 25.1 x 12.5 x 52.2 inches

11. 4 Tier – A Frame Shelf

4 tier bathroom ladder shelf
4 tier bathroom ladder shelf

If you’re a lover of simplicity in design, here is a product exclusively crafted for you! Carved out of solid beech wood, this structure lures you by its dark brown espresso finish. It can house a reasonable number of toiletries and other bathroom appurtenance within its spanwise length (width) of 23 inches. It can be easily assembled to play a key role in any desired function in your household ranging from in your bathroom till by the side of your study table.

Product Dimension: 12.9 x 25 x 58.4 inches

We’ve chosen the best products from the top sellers in the huge market to filter up against your purchase process. The products reviewed are selected only after making sure that they meet certain quality concerns. Hope you enjoyed this review about 11 ladder shelves for your bathroom, hope it was helpful for you.

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