White Floating Wall Shelves (Set of 3 ) for your rooms – Review

Latest trends take smooth curves when finest furniture hits the market. White shelves has great demand when it comes to home interior shelving. Here, we are reviewing a set of 3 super cool white floating shelves. nexxtCubbi Set of 3 Contemporary Floating Wall Shelves 5×5″, 7×7″, 9×9″- White is a perfect unit that maximizes the stylish display to the fullest. Newfangled ideas are exceptionally put in practice in assembling the wooden display units with white finish. Earlier patterns are put aside as the innovative interior decor needs such as imaginative bookends too. The unique accent is promised by mounting the Cubbi set of 3 contemporary floating wall shelves.

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white wall floating shelves

Different sized shelves afford the finest appearance as they mix and match with various patterns of backgrounds. nexxtCubbi Set of 3 Contemporary Floating Wall Shelves 5×5″, 7×7″, 9×9″- White is small but adorable as it meets the aesthetic needs of a well-designed wall. Tiny but attractive pieces in the living room can be occupied in these shelves as they enhance the perfection in decor. Interior decorating ideas turn contemporary and flexible with the new arrival of shelves. The awesome display unit contains the stylish set which adds excellence.

The world loves to serve many things in square shape such as the tables, pedestals, and other furniture. Floating wall shelves in square shape are magnificent in serving the people with an artistic sense. Put out the old designs and upgrade to the latest versions which offer uniqueness to the present time holding spaces. Go with the best deals and patterns to meet the quality and beauty. The most loved designer vase or an antique clock can be kept improving the richness of the white square shelves. Expand the living room, beauty with the well-crafted display units.


  • Well-designed with the finest furnish of the color and in rich wood.
  • Suitable to hold the antique and aesthetic items along with the ultramodern showpieces.
  • Easy to install and highly attractive display shelves that are designed in accordance with the modern user choice.
  • Globally accepted and inserted to give the best appearance to the living space, bedroom, and even the modular kitchens, DIY Wall Shelves are trending these days.
  • The cubes are very simple to look at and add perfection to the place where it is mounted.


  • The squares do not have a huge space to hold a really wonderful but big decorative item.
  • Holding large books may not be ideal for this cubic shelf.
  • The cubes are not so perfect in functionality, but visually wonderful.

white wall floating shelves 2

Installation and Setup

nexxtCubbi Set of 3 Contemporary Floating Wall Shelves 5×5″, 7×7″, 9×9″- White is an exceptional display unit that shines in white. Specialized designs of shelves are available to make the contemporary furniture complement by these square shelves. Installation is as simple as using the shelf. The nails are not to be seen giving the thought as if they are just coming out of the wall. Manual setup is enough and there is no hardship found in installing the cube shelves. Three cubes are of distinct sizes, rendering a different approach to the affixed place. Wood in white is beautiful and shines on the mounted space.

Look and Feel

Apart from the modern shelves seen here and there, nexxtCubbi Set of 3 Contemporary Floating Wall Shelves 5×5″, 7×7″, 9×9″- White adds a touch of heaven wherever it is placed. The clean display is assured that accelerates the neatness of the wall with simple but elegant cubic shelves. Guests and relatives feel that the enhanced interior by the existence of these white cubic units. 4.7 pounds is the weight and 4.5 X 9.4 X 9.4 is the dimension of the squares.

Lifetime and Warranty

Warranty is always available with the products and it is the duty of the buyer to claim the same when bought online. Manufacturers provide the information regarding the warranty and its lifetime is more as finest wood is used in making the unit.

Add on Accessories

There is no such need to add accessories to the contemporary display unit in square shape. Deep nails are ideal so that it can hold a little more weight than expected. People can’t say no to this beautiful display unit, but it can be more useful when the shelf spacing is more.


The present-time decorative units are not very functional. nexxtCubbi Set of 3 Contemporary Floating Wall Shelves 5×5″, 7×7″, 9×9″- White is a predominant product that exalts the aesthetic sense of the guests and relatives whoever enters the home. The shelves are remarkable with the trendy shape and rich wood. It is a best-buy for the home or workplace having perfect ambiance.

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