Top 5 Bamboo BookShelf Units for Your Home / Office

Trying to make environmental considerations to your decorating and building options?

However, a bamboo shelf can be one of the best addition you could have to get something classy for your home. Bamboo bookshelves are quite cheaper than other type of bookcases. Also, using bamboo shelves is an environmental option for home renovation.

Before buying a bamboo bookshelf its important that you’re aware of the unit’s purpose.

That is, apart from storing books the unit can be used to display photographs, souvenirs, etc.. Else, go for a unit with some drawers or closed shelving for storing daily essentials such as sunglasses, keys, mobile phones, etc.

Above all, taking strength and durability into consideration bamboo is naturally strong having a tensile strength 28000 lb / sq .in. Its strength can also be increased by lamination.

Measure the area where you’d like to place the bamboo bookshelf and go for the right unit without blocking any of your home’s decorative spaces or windows.

Finally, style your bamboo bookshelf by arranging your books both vertically and horizontally. Also, add some decorative collectibles and picture frames to add an enhanced look to your bamboo shelf.

1. C&A HOME 7 Shelf Tree Bamboo Bookshelf, Oak Red

This bamboo bookshelf from C&A Home is made of 100 % solid wood. Combining modern design and aesthetics, it can be used as a piece of perfect storage equipment for your home or office. The unit offers abandoned storage space with its 7 widen shelves to meet your storage needs. Considering safety aspects, this unit is made of natural bamboo wood and has rounded edges and countersunk screws for safety. The vertical structure and thickened baseboard offer maximum stability to the unit.

The unit is very easy to assemble and no complicated tools are needed for the installation process. A user manual is provided along with the unit using which the bamboo bookshelf can easily be assembled and installed.

Moreover, the manufacturer provides 3-year replacement warranty to damaged parts of the unit.

Product Description

Item Weight: 14.1 Pounds

Item Dimension: 17.2 x 7.2 x 43.3 inches

2. Tribesigns Desktop Bamboo Bookshelf with Drawer, Desk Storage Organizer, Shelf Rack for Home Office Supplies

This bamboo bookshelf is the perfect piece to keep your desktop clear of clutter and distraction. The minimalist design and natural materials used with this unit add up a soothing experience to your home indoors.

A drawer with cut out handles for storing your essentials and the two open upper shelves for storing frequently used books and notebooks. This unit uses 100% solid bamboo that is environment-friendly and renewable. It has an excellent built quality and is more durable than beech or maple wood making it robust for extended use.

Exquisite workmanship gives the bamboo bookshelf a smooth touch and eye-catching design. Also, the solid bamboo with carbonation treatment helps provide scratch resistance and waterproof.

Specially varnished surface to protect against water and make cleaning easy.

Each part of the unit is marked numerically for easy installation and it just requires half an hour for an individual to setup this bamboo bookshelf.

Above all, the manufacturer offers 90 days money back guarantee and worry free 18 months warranty. The manufacturer also offers excellent customer service and a 3-year replacement warranty for damaged parts.

Product Description

Item Weight: 10.1 Pounds

Item Dimension: 22 x 8 x 4.5 inches

3. HOMFA Bamboo Bookshelf Organizer With Adjustable Desktop Display For Home/Office

This bamboo shelf from HOMFA is made of high-quality natural bamboo material and is built stable, non-toxic and environment-friendly. This unit is provided with a smooth surface, beautiful appearance, durable performance and environmental protection features. The durable and stylish design of this bamboo bookshelf with sleek irregular shelves can meet your storage needs.

In addition, the natural bamboo color of the bookshelf will match well with your pieces of furniture and very useful and adaptable to different spaces. Above all, this bamboo bookshelf can be utilized in three ways and is suitable to be placed in the living room, bedroom and office.

In conclusion, this bamboo shelf is very easy to assemble with needed tools an instruction manual included. Designed to fit compact sizes this unit is lightweight and space saving.

Product Description

Item Weight: 5.8 Pounds

Item Dimension: 25.2 x 6 x 15.7 inches

4. Bamboo Bookshelf Organizer Rack with Two Drawers Three Expandable Book by IDK luxury

Whether it’s for your home,office desktop or next to your couch this bamboo shelf can be an excellent addition to reduce unsightly clutter. Making your desk clear and when distractions are minimized you can accomodate art supplies, antiques and everyday utilities with much ease. Have everything in your fingertips with this multipurpose bamboo bookshelf from IDK luxury and run your day smoothly and professionally.

Made of top natural wood and has two divided compartments that can slide from 20 inches to 31.5 inches.

Product Description

Item Weight: 5.6 Pounds

Item Dimension: 21.9 x 10 x 2.1 inches

5. Tribesigns 21” Large Bamboo Bookshelf with 3 Drawers, Counter Top Bookcase, Desk Storage Organizer

This bamboo bookshelf from tribesigns is an excellent unit to store books, organize office supplies, and show decorative pieces to keep your essentials tidy on your desktop. It’s perfect for your office desk, study room or near to your couch. 5-year-old alpine bamboo is used in this bamboo shelf.
Waterproof and mildewproof built of this unit makes this bamboo shelf an excellent option for your home or office space.

Moreover, this unit has excellent storage space with its three independent drawers enable you to sort and store all your essentials at your fingertips.

Above all, tribesigns has made this unit sturdy and durable with high-quality hardware screws and the two back bars increase the stability of the bamboo shelf. For enhancing bearing capacity thickened bottom plates are featured with this bamboo bookshelf.

In conclusion, this unit is very easy to assemble and takes about 15 minutes for a person to set up this bamboo shelf. All the necessary hardware, tools and clear instructions are included within the package.

Product Description

Item Weight: 7.28 Pounds

Item Dimension: 20.9 x 11.8 x 7.3 inches

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