Top 30 collection of White Bookcases and Bookshelfs

Shelving units might not be a typical home owner’s stylistic dream, but they are key players in defining the character of any room. If you are interested in a classy look for your bookshelves we’ve brought to you a list of 30 best selling white bookshelves of excellent quality. So here are some example of shelves that would, not only cater to traditional home styles, but also, enhance the disposition of your home, while giving you opportunities to choose what style might suit you best.

Best Selling White Bookshelves

1. South Shore Axess Collection 5-Shelf Bookcase, Pure White

south shore 5 shelf book case

“Less is more,” said Mies Van Der Rohe, and in this case, he was definitely right, because this sleek, glossy white bookshelf is the perfect fit for making a bold, yet simplistic statement for any room. It offers sleek line for that build a contemporary style of an atmosphere, and features five open, accessible and practical storage spaces, one of which is fixed, while 3 of them are adjustable – so there would be no hindrance in functionality, but would be free reign to adjust the aesthetics to your taste and sensibilities.

The quality is long lasting, with a standard guarantee of five years and the material is long lasting and durable, made from long lasting, non-toxic laminated particle board – perfect for a home with a budding family.


2. Casual Home 3 Shelf Folding Stackable Bookcase, White

3 shelf folding stackable bookcase

A perfect fit for an average, classic style home, this white bookshelf, not only optimizes the space, but exudes a classic-cum-conventional vibe. Not only is it forthcoming in its simplicity, but is also foldable for easy storage and transport – you can easily carry it in a fold to another part of your house, if need be. In addition, it requires no assembly, and is delivered a whole.

The best look it could adorn would require for its whiteness to be a highlight, so when you put this shelf inside your home, make sure that its backdrop might just be a little bit dark in shade. Aside from that, you can put anything heavy books, decorative trinkets to wicker boxes on the shelves to aid and ease in everyday life. When it comes to 2017, white floating shelves are the ones with great demand(so as white bookshelves), this white 3 shelf folding white bookcase will be a perfect fit for your bedroom.


3. South Shore Axess Collection 5-Shelf Narrow Bookcase, Pure White

white narrow bookcase

This white book shelf offers 5 open and adjustable frame shelving units that are easy to assemble, and can be fitted according to your taste, style, and ease. The shelf would be shipped in parts, so assembly would be required, but rest assured, it would be a great addition to any, and all, home décor initiatives. It’s glossy, white finish, is not only appealing to the eye, but can also become an eye catcher in your living room, while providing a great solution to minimize and store the clutter, that is an essential part of any home. 

Beneath the white paint, it is made from environmentally friendly material, and each shelf can hold up to 30 pounds of storage.

In addition, this white bookcase’s simplistic integrity also delivers a formal appeal, so it can be used in an office, to store books, magazines, official brochures or company files, while still retaining its panache.

4. Marcel Mission Style White Finish 5-Tier Ladder Bookcase Shelf

white ladder bookcase

This shelf is certainly a unique combination of fashionable and contemporary. Not only can it hold its own in aesthetics, but would be the perfect addition to your living room or home study. The five shelves rise up in an alternative system that decreases in the real estate of every shelf, and the lean-to system only adds to its personality. It is made from solid wood, with a fine sheen of veneer, and each shelf is an individual body of its own, so the entire system would need assembly.

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In addition, there is a wide difference between each shelf, so it can be used to store a wide array of books, frames or décor – pretty adequate for a den, where you can showcase family photos and close belongings.

5. ClosetMaid 421 Cubeicals 9-Cube Organizer, White

cube organizer bookshelf

This square, avant-garde storage unit is a prime candidate for eliminating clutter and maximizing the utility of space. Made of laminated wood, it is easy to assemble and perfect for organizing. There are nine cube openings within a single box; each holding a plethora of possibilities for display. You can showcase small knick knacks, offer vignettes of your life in photo frames and utilize the space for storage at the same time – a jack of all trades, really.

In addition to being a master of priming area, this sleek, white bookcase would make an enticing picture, leaning against a feature wall – hang a large frame over its nook, and you’ve got yourself the perfect centralized, eye-catching display.

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6. Sauder Pogo Bookcase/Footboard, Soft White Finish (Kids Bookshelf/Children’s Bookcase)

kids bookshelf

Short in stature, but deep in stylistic opportunities, this sleek white bookcase cum storage shelf leans more towards a vintage classic style, and would be an adorable fixture in any child’s room. With its cubbyhole storage feature, you can easily organize your child’s toy collection, or conduct an easy’ clean-out’ exercise. Not only can this shelf store toys, but can also be used to showcase stationary, store coloring books, and feature small vignettes of your child’s life. Its short stature would make it easily useable and accessible to kids, and its wide berth and glossy white sheen, could be used to make personalized statements, like glow-in-the-dark stars and drawings.

The storage bins feature ID tags and you can get free replacement parts with the original.

Premium Antique White Bookcase

7. Sauder Harbor View Library, Antiqued White

antique white bookcase

Composite in nature and lean in style, this bookcase is classic with an edge of vintage. It comes with three adjustable shelves, with a fourth one affixed to the body, so it may require partial assembly, which will not only be relatively easy, but will give you opportunities to attune this bookcase to your style and perspective. This white bookcase, comes with an enclosed back panel, which affords cord access – making it easy to be a home for electronic gadgets that might require a current outlet.

Its vintage charm could be enhanced to Kitsch, by showcasing antiques on the shelves, but if your taste flows in other directions, it is still a great choice for holding books, magazines, baubles and trinkets.

White – 3 Shelf Bookcases

8. South Shore Axess Collection 3-Shelf Bookcase, Pure White

white 3 shelf bookcase

This white bookshelf is relatively short in height and stature, and is made up of recycled laminated particle panels – making it environmental friendly. Assembly might require a hand or two, but its simplistic style makes it a fun and easy task. Two of the shelving units are adjustable, while two are affixed – so while assembling the entire unit, you can decide if you want a taller storage capacity, or just smaller ones, in the same unit. This way, the user has insight into prospective declamation, while retaining the original integrity of the product itself.

9. Sauder Beginnings 3-Shelf Bookcase, Soft White (Adjustable Height -3 Shelf Bookcase )

white 3 shelf bookcase adjustable height

This white bookshelf is very modern and very minimalist in nature; however, given the right setting, it can become a perfect foreground to a feature wall, even in a traditional home setting. The preferred outset, however, would be a more minimalist interior, which might compliment the initial stark of this white bookshelf, some more.

When put inside a traditional living area of any home, this bookshelf would look, more a show piece, than a storage unit, because of its short stature and small physique. It could be the perfect standalone, mounted with an assembly of decorative trinkets, books and baubles.

4 Shelf Bookshelf – White

10. South Shore Axess Collection 4-Shelf Bookcase, Pure White

4 shelf bookcase white

The white of it may be stark, but the style of this book shelf is definitely classic with a touch of contemporary; with a small lid on the upper shelf. This may require some assembly, but is essentially easy to put together, given the simplicity of its style. Two of the provided shelves are adjustable, so it is up to the user to decide to make use of them or not. Technicalities aside, this white bookshelf would make a perfect shoe-in for a reinstating vogue and showcasing the highlights of your home, in a single go.

5 Shelf Bookcases

11. Sauder Beginnings 5-Shelf Bookcase, Soft White(Adjustable Shelves)

Sauder 5 shelf bookcase

Ideal for a chic, vogue interior, this shelf can either be decorative or be used for storage. Both situations would drastically alter the intrinsic character of the shelf. Decorative stance might entail it being a show casing feature while putting on display bauble that is in extreme contrast to its color. But set inside a conventional home, the shelves could be used for storing books, holding photo frames or even small boxes that might go with the style.

12. Ameriwood 5-Shelf Bookcase, Set of 2, White

Ameriwood 5 shelf bookcase

With three adjustable shelves and easy assembly, this two-set shelving unit is not-quite-agrarian but still simple in style. One can be set against a feature wall, but two, as a set, can either be styled together, as a set or be pulled far apart, against the same wall, to make some cover space for other design elements, a la paintings or lighting fixtures. It’s sleek, simple style could be used in a professional office setting, too.

In addition, this shelving unit has three adjustable shelves, so you can assemble accordingly.

White Narrow Bookcases

13. South Shore Axess Collection 5-Shelf Narrow Bookcase, Pure White

5 shelf narrow bookcase

Simple, yet elegant, this white bookshelf would be complimentary for a modern home décor theme – not only is it minimalist in nature but is austere and fashionable in its simplicity. That makes it perfect for both, formal and casual settings. With its deep storage capacity and adjustable shelving units, it can be used both, in a home, and in an office setting. Since the thematic output is a little conservative; styling would dictate it to be a setting for bauble, trinkets, and knick-knacks that vary in contrast, so it may highlight the actual physique, as well as the austerity of the design of this bookshelf.

14. ClosetMaid 8987 Stackable 3-Shelf Organizer, White(3 shelf narrow bookshelf)

closetmaid 3 shelf organizer

A little less than 3 feet tall, this sleek, white bookcase features three adjustable shelves with an enclosed back and is perfect for setting up inside your closet, or office – as it is ideal for storing folded garments or bound files and books. It’s too small in stature to be used in a living room but could be mounted on a side table, or a countertop to make it more easily accessible in an office setting.

Aside from storing books, it could be used for showcasing prized possessions and knick-knacks. Two of the shelves are adjustable, so can be affixed according to the user’s sensibilities.

White Horizontal Bookshelf

15. ClosetMaid 1565 Stackable 5-Shelf Organizer, White

white horizontal bookshelf

This white bookshelf could either be a feature, or it could be used in an interim space – such as a foyer, or a lobby – for storage and decoration purposes. Its wide berth makes it a little intimidating, but the white of its sheen makes it elegant and chic. If set against an appropriate background, it could become a great highlight for any home, while also acting as adequate storage and show-case object.

Another use could be setting it up inside a closet, as it is also ideal for storing garments and shoes.

16. ClosetMaid 8993 Stackable 24-Inch Wide Horizontal Organizer, White

Closetmaid white horizontal bookshelf

Not exactly conventional in setting, this standard white shelf is quite elementary in nature, and thus, is its function. Low in height and wide in berth, it can be used in and out of the closet to store garments, shoes, and accessories like scarves, shoes and denim. However, if your taste deviates, it may also be stacked upon another, higher shelf, and used to showcase trinkets or store books.

Made of laminated wood, this white bookshelf, would require assembly, but is quite easy to affix.

17. ClosetMaid 5062 All-Purpose Organizer, White

white horizontal bookshelf 2

Trim and stylish, this white bookcase is more of a closet organizer. This one, especially, has been designed to provide many more opportunities than its various counterparts. Not only is it stackable, but has no dearth of storage compartments, that could make for appropriate compartmentalization for various possessions and knick-knacks – shoes, scarves, garments. It could be put atop an open closet to showcase your possessions, or waylaid as a file storage in an office setting.

72 Inch Tall Book Shelf

18. Sonax Hawthorn 72-Inch Tall Bookcase, Frost White

72 inch tall bookcase

Traditionally classic in style, this white book shelf merges well with the contemporary. With its Fresh Frost white finish and soft arches, it beautifully complements any home interior. Its open shelves are wide in breadth and tall in length – perfect for storing and showcasing books, DVD collections, or a touching personal style of photo frames and baubles. It may need some assembly, but that would be easy enough, given its classically simplistic style.

White Bookshelf with Drawers

19. Monarch Bookcase Ladder with 2-Storage Drawers, 69-Inch, White

white bookshelf with drawer

With a refined and sophisticated style, this semi ladder style bookcase is not only perfect for showcasing baubles but with its drawer compartment system, is an ideal choice for hidden storage systems – where in one can get rid of all the clutter in record time. Its lean-to stature is charming and understated contemporary.

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With its tall physique and commanding presence, this bookshelf has the potential to become a feature of any home decor idea. Some assembly might be required, but given the simple take on stature, that would be easy enough.

20. 4D Concepts Girl’s Storage Bookcase, White (Bookcase with Drawers – Girly Design )

white girls bookscase with drawer

If one might wonder what a teenage girl might want in her bedroom setting – well, this would probably be it. Set against the cool backdrop of an overall white sheen, this white bookshelf features alternates between hot pink and light mauve drawer systems that complement the overall aesthetic of the shelf itself – not at all compromising the stylistic integrity of the bookcase itself. It would be good to note that all drawers and compartments – both pink and purple in nature – are made from canvas, and are easily removable and foldable – so if ever, the bright colors prick one’s eye, the shelf could be converted into an all-white affair.

This bookcase could become a feature in any setting, given its tall and wide physique. It demands attention, is perfect for easy storage, and can showcase a children’s book collection, stationary, or personal belongings.

White Bookcase/Bookshelf with Doors

21. Altra 9448096 Bookcase with Sliding Glass Doors, White

white bookcase bookshelf with doors

With two sliding glass doors and a high gloss white painted finish, this white bookcase is prime example of conventional meets contemporary. Not only is it designed in a traditional, old-school way, but would be a perfect candidate to showcase a china collection, or a trophy case. It comes with four shelves, three of which are adjustable, and is made from a board that apparently reduces toxins from the air. Assembly is easy and fun.

22. Sauder Harbor View Library with Doors, Antiqued White Finish

bookshelf with door antique

A little Kitsch in nature, this white bookcase comes with three adjustable shelves, hidden storage behind the louver detailed doors and a drawer with metal runners and safety tops. The storage compartments are open and would be best suited to highlight books, photo frames and trinkets, while the enclosed compartments be used for storage. The back panel is enclosed, with just one outlet for a cord, so this particular shelf could also be used to store r highlight electrical gadgets.

23. Sauder Harbor View Storage Cabinet, Antiqued White(Full closed doors)

bookshelf with full closed doors

This white bookcase is quintessentially archetypical in its traditional classic – with those louvered cabinets and that tall frame. It may not be a show-casing masterpiece, but there is quiet elegance to its style, and despite that, it can become a feature piece of any room. But mostly, it could be used for storage. With four adjustable shelves behind the doors and a whopping 16” width, it can hold many things – from clothes and shoes to stationary and DVD’s.

Kids Bookshelf – White

24. KidKraft Nantucket 2-shelf Kids Bookcase

kids bookshelf white

Classic in style and relatively short in stature, this shelf emulates a vintage touch. Offering wide and deep shelves for storage, it shows a sturdy construction. It’s easy and accessible stature makes it a prime candidate for a kid’s room, and the shelving could be used to showcase a stuffed animal collection or a coloring book collection.

25. Altra Furniture Kids Bookcase with 4 Shelves, White Finish  (4 Shelf – Kids Bookshelf  )

white bookcase with 4 shelves

This white bookcase features 5 shelving units and a subtly rotund disposition that is fun in its simple elegance. The shelves could be used to display toy collections, books, and personalized items like trinkets, photo frames and stationary. The white finish adds a smart, fashionable touch. Some assembly would be required, however, it could be converted into a fun activity and is quite simple.

26. KidKraft Bookcase with Reading Nook Toy, White

white bookcase with reading nook toy

This bookcase features six convenient storage spaces and a comfy compartment to sit down and enjoy some book reading – perfect kiddy heaven in a nutshell. Not only is this piece user-friendly, but the style could be assimilated into any interior setting, either converging into the interior décor theme or holding its own as a feature object. The compartments could be used to store any things – books, lamps, picture frames, toys, and shoes.

Customized Design Bookcases

27. Altra London Hobby Desk, White(Work desk – Bookshelf Combo)

work desk white shelf

With an easy to use philosophy behind the design, this shelf comes desk is more of a space saver than anything – all the sections offering easy compartmentalization of different products to de-clutter material. This kind of a shelving unit would be perfect for a home office – for storing those different files – or craft rooms – for filtering the different products.

28. South Shore Crea Collection Craft Table, White(Table Bookshelf Combo )

white table bookshelf combo

This white shelf comes crafting table offers easy assembly and reasonable functional capacity. Not only is it offers a wide variety of storage modules, but also offers liberty with adjustments – now you can assemble as per your need and sensibilities; no compartment would be too tall, or too short.

29. South Shore Annexe Work Table and Storage Unit Combo, Pure White (Bookcase – Table Combo -)

bookcase white table combo

Leaning more towards functional and practicality, the white finish highlights the elegance of this worktable. Not only is it useful for storing and showcasing, but is the perfect surface to sit down comfortably with your laptop.

30. White Floating Desk with Storage (Floating desk/Bookshelf – Combo )

white floating desk bookshelf

This one exudes understated elegance. Wall mount in style, it hangs at any height with Prepac’s metal handing rail system and would double efficiently as a study table. It offers cable and wire features to keep the desk organized and the compartments on the side are adequately sized to hold books, stationery, and other trinkets.

Go for the that suits well with your home indoors. These classy white bookshelves looks good with any decor, irrespective of light or dark. All the products reviewed above promises excellent quality. Before going cheaper options available in the market, make sure that they may not be built to meet different plays of the time. Think creative and make your bookshelves the best part of your home’s indoor pieces of equipment.

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