Top 10 Best Floating Wall Shelves For Your Homes – Infographics


Floating shelves have great demand these days. It adds classic and contemporary looks to your home interiors. Have a look at the top 10 floating wall shelves infographic.

We’ve made this infographic to hold the best and good looking floating wall shelves available right now.

Shelves in this infographic

  1. Square floating shelves.
  2. Long floating shelves.
  3. Honeycomb shelves.
  4. Floating Corner shelves.
  5. Triangle floating shelves.
  6. Zig zag corner floating shelves.
  7. Criss Cross floating shelves.
  8. W floating shelves.
  9. Tree floating shelves.
  10. Curved floating shelves.

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Top 10 Good looking floating wall shelves of 2016

1. Square (box) floating shelf

square shelf

Floating cube shelves form a part of contemporary furniture in recent times. It has become trendy owing to its usability & minimal look. These enthralling pieces offer staggering look to the boring walls of your offices or homes. These square box shelves can be arranged in the most customized way to suit your requirements. You can either group them or individually place them, it is so easy! The main benefit one can get out of these box shelves is that it is available in various sizes, so you can much decide for yourself & place your books, showpieces or any stuff to snob. These shelves are pretty easy to place it on your wall. It gives the wall an elegant look. Floating box shelves are multifaceted & comprise of many styles. One can get a vintage look, funky look, standard look and much more. They are much affordable. It is undoubtedly a nice & smart piece of art that can give your home and offices a new look. It is a depot to frame up things we much care about. If you’re finding a bloom, this is the right thing that you need to get.

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2. Long floating wall shelf



Long floating shelves are one of the appealing pieces that can add an edge to your home decor. One can think of placing these shelves on the walls to break the monotony of the room. The product is well built & durable which makes it beyond the shadow of a doubt. Long floating shelves are apt for a living room, bedroom, hallway or even more in corporate offices as they add charm to the whole setting. Plus, you can opt for various colors to contrast it with the walls.  Extra long floating shelves will definitely fill up the vacant spaces of the wall enumerating grace & poise to the room. Apart from this, one may want to show off the stuff by displaying it through these long shelves. One more feature of these long floating shelves is that it is hassle-free to mount and may just take a few minutes to hang it on the wall. So it is not at all a difficult job. In the long run, the shelves can be cleaned easily with just a wet cloth wipe.

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3. Honeycomb Hexagon Floating Shelf

honeycomb shelf

The name itself will give you a true idea of its shape. Yes, honeycomb-shaped shelves are one of its kinds and offer a great amount of versatility. Be it books, showpiece, clock, antiques everything can be just placed over it and give your home a trendy look. Honeycomb shelves are readily available in hot and solid colors which exhibit your snobby tinkles & items to a larger extent. It is a practical storage back-cap. It is also quite rugged which makes it suitable enough to stark up the books. The geeks will be delighted with these honeycomb hexagon floating shelves for sure!

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4. Floating corner shelf

small wall corner floating shelf
small wall corner floating shelf

Transform your boring corners into delightful shelves. Floating corner shelves do make up the best of your corners. These shelves comprise of easy designs which remarkably blends with the current home decor. You ought to be smart enough to choose the one that suits your requirement. These multi-faceted shelves are a great piece of decor for any home. What makes it contemporary is its bracket less feature which makes it unique from the other conventional shelves. It is an impeccable solution to display antiques, photo frames, and showpieces.

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This piece is practical yet buxom and is an optimal solution to display your achievements like certificates, trophies, medal etc. It can be appropriately placed in offices or shops to display important stuff. These shelves can be hooked up in living space, bedroom, bathroom or foyer. The floating corner shelves are equipped with 2 mountain rails, hardware kits, and shelf. One can easily maintain and clean the same by wiping it with a damp or dry cloth.

5. Triangle floating shelves




It is always not necessary to have a lot of time, skill or money to have a beautiful home. It’s all on the back of your mind. These days, people opt for a minimalistic approach when it comes to your home. Everyone wants things to be arranged in an orderly manner. Shelves have been a part of the conventional furniture but nowadays come with a twist. A lot of people opt for triangle shaped floating shelves since they are quite “in” (trendy) these days and can stack up a fair volume of your clutter. Triangle shelves also look very cute and attractive. It is a great way to display status and little trinkets and arrange it as per your whims and fancy. The end result of these floating shelves is a neat look where one can only see the glass floating since no hardware is required for installation. It can also be termed as a frameless shelf.

6. Zigzag corner shelf

Black Corner floating shelf
Black Corner floating shelf

Zig-zag corner shelves grooms in line with the modern and sophisticated home design. These kinds of shelves are generally made up of MDF (Medium Density Fiber). The shelf is pretty good and appeals the eye. It has a natural finish and can stack up a variety of your stuff like statues, decorative pieces, books, etc. This kind of corner shelves is perfect to store books.

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7. Crisscross floating shelf

reverse criss cross white floating wall shelf

Crisscross floating shelf ornate floating wall shelves comprising of a criss-cross design. It’s quite compatible for homes which have small areas with a lot of stuff to display. The major feature of this shelf is that it is made up of laminated medium density fiber which offers a lustrous and an even look. The mounting of these shelves is done with the help of two keyhole shafts at the back, which latches onto the nails and screens thus giving it extreme floating effects. Since the hardware is nowhere seen. It is also pocket-friendly and has a dependable design.

8. W-Shaped Floating Shelf


The W-shaped floating shelf is a smart solution to free up the hodgepodge. These W shaped shelves give a floating appearance as they are aesthetically placed without even giving a sneak peek of any hardware or adhesive. One may customize the setting up of these wall shelves. It can either be placed horizontally or vertically based on the decor requirements. The shelf allows you to stock up a large number of items of various dimensions in an alluring manner.

9. Tree-floating shelf

tree shelf

Tree floating shelf is a very innovative idea to store day to day items. It has a shape of tree & its branches which is apt enough to place a variety of stuff. There is no doubt the tree floating furniture is awesome. These shelves offer a floating look to the contents kept on it. It is amicable how much you can just twist your furniture and it will suddenly light up your room. Gallery space, office space, kitchen storage, bathroom storage, and rustic corners all of them deserve a tree floating shelf.

10. Curved floating shelf


source: realliving


This curved floating shelf is an ideal and smart solution for modern homes. A convoluted framework of waves gives the most modish look to your home. It enables placement of a number of small items which are easily visible and can be placed diagonally, vertically or horizontally. Plus, it offers a great amount on versatility.

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Choose the product of your preference from the top-selling handpicked collection of floating shelves reviewed above.

If you are looking at wall decor ideas of varied permutation & combination, the above solutions can work in your favor. These will not only give your room a unique identity but also make you free from the pain of the scramble. Decking up the walls also ensure a larger floor space and makes the best utilization of space. A blank wall can be smartly revolutionized by placing the shelves and opting the right ones as per the modern decor needs. Always try to go for the model that suits well with your home’s indoors ambiance. Don’t go for the cheaper options available in the market because they may not be built to meet certain conditions and plays of the time. Go for quality products with longer life while working with your indoors, because a poor quality appliance can ruin your home’s indoors.

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