Top 10 Corner Shelves for Living Room

Shelves are one of those more innocuous furniture pieces that shape up the style, and the ambiance of a room without anyone being the wiser. Some of them have a huge presence, while others are subtle in stature, appearance, and overall physique. A nice shelf can go to highlight the basic personification of any style you might choose to apply to a given area. When choosing corner shelves for the living room, you got to be careful in blending the shelving unit design with the interior theme of the living room. Here, in this article, we would be discussing a few shelving styles that just might inspire you to hit the market, and buy a few shelving units of your very own.

So here begins our review of Top 10+ corner shelves for the living room.

5 Tier black corner shelf for living room

corner shelves for living room 1

A tall, lean, ladder style design that would make for fine compartmentalization in any space of a living area. This shelving unit is easy on the eyes, and sensible in its functionality – you can showcase the best of your trinkets on each of the five tiers, or you can even buy customized baskets, and use them for light storage, while also making them an aesthetically pleasing element. A compelling amalgamation of functional and aesthetic, this ladder style 5–tier bookcase is a pragmatic approach at styling your homes. Each tier in the shelf is proportionately equidistant – approximately 11” apart, and so, you can easily showcase tall, leather-bound books, and other ornate decorations here. Available in an espresso finish, this shelving unit is subtly graceful and would become the highlight of any room.

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2. White Finish Wood Wall Corner  Shelves for Living Room

corner shelves for living room 2 white wood finish

Similar in build and finish, this one is the sister piece to the Wall Corner 5-tier Bookshelf in an espresso finish. Although there are quite a few similarities on the design front, the overall impact of this corner shelving unit is completely and totally different. The white of its finish makes sure that its set up is in a lightly decorous, and less formal setting than its wooden counterpart. In its essence, this bookshelf is one in a kind, and to make the best out of it, make sure that you set it up in an ambiance that would enhance its visual and aesthetical qualities – the right lighting, the right backdrop, and the right ornamentation is definitely essential. A light assembly might be required, but if you’re tool savvy then this might not be a problem for you. Overall, this corner bookshelf would be suited best in a children’s study, a playroom, and if the environment is right, then even the living room.

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3. Dark Taupe Reclaimed-Look Corner Accent Etagere, 72-Inch

corner shelves for living room dark
Cascading down in alternating tiers, the reclaimed-look corner accent bookshelf is a unique piece that accounts for its contemporary by building on dilapidated tones, which are a foreground to its uncanny design. Built on the themes of shabby chic, this corner bookshelf is more stylistic, and a bit less pragmatic. Made from MDF /Particleboard, this bookshelf runs the gamut from casual to semi-formal – living area, to office spaces, without seeming out of place, or over the top. Contemporary in design, it blends well with any and all surroundings and would be a nice accent to most enclosed, decorative spaces. Its dark gray tones make it slightly dull, but the achromatic color scheme also makes it blend with most of the decor that it would be laden with.

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4. Cappuccino Corner Accent Etagere, 72-Inch

corner shelves for living room capuccino

Lumbering down from top to bottom in successively wider shelves, this corner shelf is a contemporary ideal. Its espresso finish is complementary to almost all sorts of formal, and casual settings, and the round plate of each individual unit makes for a user-friendly experience. Given its trendy build, this bookshelf can be used as an accent piece or a small bookcase. Depending on the kind of usage, you can further accentuate, and highlight the physique of this unit by decorating the surrounding area with photo frames, and lightly warm paint tones. Its warm tones make it an ideal candidate for a warm, ostentatious style interior design with a casual touch. The honeyed tones of the wood are especially eye-catching, and although the overall build is definitely simple, the slender compactness of the design would make it an elaborate feature of your home.

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5. Large Corner Wall Mount Shelf, Black

corner shelves for living room zigzag large dark

If you’re looking for something that is slightly more stylistic, and a whole lot elaborate in the contemporary modern style, then this corner wall mount would be the perfect choice for you. Slender in build, and short in height, this bookshelf zigzags along the corner of a wall, and might appear to be a little ornate depending on the kind of ambiance it is put against – it might add a formal touch to a casual environment, and an ornateness to an already formal ambiance. Slender and long, this wall mount shelf features it pre-eminence with a focus on middle height, and an aura of distinction achieved by its unique style, combined with the choice in color. Although it is rather simple, at the same time, this shelving unit is also complicated, and the combination of that uncanny juxtaposition makes for an interesting and clever design element. Other than that, its laminate is bold enough to accentuate any decoration piece, and the proper strategic placement of the unit will ensure that there are no visible connectors or hardware.

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6. Black Finish Corner Zig Zag Wall Shelf

corner shelves black zigzag

This modern cum minimalist zigzag shelving unit would be the perfect addition to an austere contemporary setting. Made from MDF and laminate, it holds a simplistic appeal, that is standard, yet complicated – the angular design fits well with the combination of flat, square shelves, and the basic, unadorned beauty of the cut is especially eye-catching. This one would look beautiful against a stark, white backdrop which would highlight the unembellished simplicity of its physique. You can decorate the unit by putting a lot of decoration pieces on the shelves, or you can enhance the minimalist quality of the entire setting by using only one, or two shelves as a base for elementary trinkets, or books. Other than that, it is easy to hand and comes with all the requisite hardware. Decorative, and functional, this corner shelf is definitely a winner in this niche.

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7. Shelving Solution Corner Wall Shelf (Black)

corner shelves for living room black


A simple solution to the problems of clutter and adequate decoration, this corner shelving unit is a handmade masterpiece that is easy to assemble, and straightforward in its design appeal. Reveling in its unadorned appeal, this shelving unit is made from MDF laminate, and attaches to the wall in the most innocuous of ways, so that no hinges or hardware are visible. It comes with wall brackets, and it would be essential to note that they only connect at a ninety-degree angle, so this shelving unit might become obsolete for an angular wall. You can use each shelf as an individual unit of décor, or you can collaborate decoration pieces that go with one another – for example, a couple set photo frame, or matching trinkets. Aside from that, this corner shelf makes space utilization more efficient than any straight-laced design, and make for an ideal accent to any living space. All in all, this one is a classic design that adds that expands your available space while providing display space for your favorite trinkets.

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8. Walnut Laminate Corner Radial Shelves (Set of 2)

corner shelves walnut finish

Simple, debonair, charming, and refined; this walnut laminate corner shelf is an exercise in appropriate space utilization and minimal decorative sense. Eleven and a half inch in depth from each other, this set of corner shelving unit is different in aesthetic than most. From afar, it seems to be almost floating, with no visible hardware, and a light smattering of baubles on the surface. Available in the rich tones of walnut, its dark tones are made of a fine sheen of laminate, and seem rather modish. Its simplistic appeal deems it modern, and the straightforward, standard design scheme is decidedly functional. This corner shelving unit boasts a creative design that makes space utilization possible from every corner.

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9. FNAJ-11112-1 5-Tier Corner Ladder Garden Shelf, Espresso

corner shelves for living room 5 tier espresso

Simple and stylish, this design is compatible for both indoors, and outdoors. Boasting a sleek tetrahedron design scheme this unit is made from fine medium density composite wood with PU lamination. The tall physique of this shelving unit makes it ideal for living room, and office spaces and its casual, lean body exudes a low-key elegance that is chic and would style up the ambiance of any home.

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10. Poundex Corner Shelf, Walnut

corner shelves for living room walnut finish

An attractive ladder style unit, this one is simple, straightforward, and unadorned – yet none of that takes from its easy appeal. It would look best in the most casual of settings – bedrooms, home offices, living area, or even foot traffic junctions like foyers or lobbies. Constructed in densely pressed wood, it is available in a deep chocolate finish and would be best for displaying small trinkets, photo frames, keepsakes, and house plants. This shelf would require some light assembly at home, so be prepared with your toolkit, and enjoy the casual, easy ambiance of this shelving unit in your home.

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The bottom line!

An attractive ladder shelf chosen flawlessly could be the best part of all your home indoor decors. If you are going for cheaper options available in the market, keep in mind they may not be built for certain situations occurring with plays of the time.

The product reviewed by us above promises excellent quality. Don’t go for cheaper products of poor quality which can in turn ruin your home indoors.

If you have any of the best ladder shelfs in the market, let us know in the comment section below.

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