Set of 3 White Floating U Shelves for your home interior – review

Modern shelves are perfect places that display the finest interior and the things that the owners love to store. Set of Floating U Shelves in White Finish adds a trendy approach to the ambiance. The clean display is the added beauty to the well-finished walls. Awesome collection of the books or decorative pieces occupied in these shelves appends excellence to the interior decor. The Set of Floating U Shelves in White Finish suit any pattern of living design and enhances the richness of the furniture around. This U shaped white floating wall shelf can definitely change the outlook of your living room or bedroom. These three individual units can be organized in any way you wish. Think creatively and make these floating shelves an excellent space to display your antique collections and other decor items.

The classic and core purpose of the shelves is arranging the most used things handy has now been modified. Latest trendy floating shelves unveil the hidden beauty of the interior in a distinct angle ever seen. The total unit is amazing as it joins the modern and classic needs of the home. Set of Floating U Shelves in White Finish is elegantly designed to harmonize with the contemporary decor. Simple to assemble and white finish is the feature that makes it acceptable on any colored wall.

Floating U shelves are

nt in adding an aesthetic touch to the ambiance. When there is a difference in the decorative items, the total rooms seems different giving a new feeling of living. With the perfect shape and white color emerged in floating U shelves reach the royal living spaces and corporate workplaces.


  • Design and quality of the shelves take a prominent place as they are perfect and matching any part of the home.
  • Installation tools included in the pack are highly helpful.
  • A trendy option for various collectibles and trinkets.
  • The shelves are catchy with the latest shape and acceptable by modern users.
  • Creative decorative shelves as they pour dignity to the wall.
  • Floating U shelves look as if they are built in bookend.
  • Specially assembles for all classes of users.


  • Though installation is easy, the plastic piece that must be pierced in the wall is not so helpful in installation.
  • At times, the hardware is not that hard that questions the durability of the product.
  • The total unit, though, seems tough, there is a hidden doubt to fill the shelves with big products or heavy books.

white wall shelves 1

Installation and Setup

Positioning the Set of Floating U Shelves in White Finish is not tough when the instructions are read thoroughly. No professional installers are needed in the picture to mount the display unit. The unit is mounted with less effort even for the aged. There is no risky move in assembling the shelves. As the unit is capable of holding any sort of products which fit in, it is ideal for any segment of the residence or office. The unit well-built and well designed to organize the modern living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens.

Look and Feel

Sturdy anchors that accompany the Set of Floating U Shelves in White Finish strengthen its fix and brightens the place where it is fixed. The unit is 4 inches deep which suffice for a CD/DVD. The unit weighs 4.1 pounds. The floating shelves offer a finer feel as if it is a built-in shelf that is specially made to maximize the wall beauty. Wall decors are quite different from the antique styles and the U shelves show the unique design complements the ambiance. Special designs are always welcomed by modern users as they try to enhance the beauty of the home with something or the other.

Lifetime and Warranty

The warranty can be obtained from the seller or on the website of the seller. As the laminated engineered wood is the chief component of the product, the lifetime of the same is lasting. It is durable and looks new after a number of years when maintained well.

Add on Accessories

The U shelves are highly modernized to organize the things. As the space designed for the books and other showpieces, there can be an addition of plates that unite with the available unit. It looks impressive as the core idea is to mount trendiness to the wall.
white wall shelves 3


Floating U shelves are the best sample of floating creative patterns that resemble the best possible decorative items. Accelerate the new look and trendy feel by mounting the latest version of the wall shelves. Emphasize is focused on the visual plus functional zone that makes the products worthy for the price. The whole set is responsible to magnify the dignity of the furniture picked from the well-crafted designer pieces. The unit flawlessly matches the contemporary interior.

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