Best Selling LED Bar Shelves and LED Liquor Shelf Collection for Bars and Pubs

LED Bar Shelves

LED bar shelves are an amazing technological advancement that bring together innovation and creativity. These shelves are most often durable and can stay with you for a long time before you even consider changing or upgrading them. Led bottle shelves are an absolutely stunning way to arrange your bottles in the bar. The best part of it all is that you have the option of constructing your own LED liquor shelves as a DIY project or you can buy from what is already there in the market. Whether it is a multi- tiered LED liquor shelf or just a single-tiered LED bottle shelf, these lighted bottle shelves are the way to go.  Apart from the fact that LED bottle shelves are cool and innovative, there are a number of advantages of using LED lighting. They include:

  • Efficiency: LED lighting is extremely energy efficient, as they consume up to 90% less energy than incandescent bulbs. This means a very big decrease in energy costs. Even though it might cost you much more to install LED bar shelving units, over time, the price is recouped because the electricity costs are relatively lower.
  • Durability: LED lights are far sturdier than incandescent bulbs and fluorescent tubes because they are solid state bulbs that utilize a semi-conductor instead of neon gas. Other types of bulbs use filaments and glass, which means that LED lights can withstand things such as extreme temperature, shock and vibration.
  • Longevity: if you choose to have LED bar shelves in your bar, then you are in for a long term- relationship. This is because LED light bulbs have a life-span of up to 60,000 hours. This means that your lighted liquor shelf could last for over seven years, depending on the hours that you power it per day, before needing replacement of the bulbs. This is a dramatic way to reduce the maintenance and operating costs compared to using incandescent and fluorescent lights.
  • Environmentally friendly: if you choose to install LED bar shelving units for your bar, then you are being a friend of the planet because the LED light bulbs are made from non-toxic materials. These lights are recyclable and environmentally friendly, unlike fluorescent bulbs that are made of mercury which has environmental implications.
  • Color: with LED lighting, you will have a variety of colors to choose from. Your LED liquor shelves can have a blend of colors according to your preference and you do not have to be restricted to a few color options.
  • Future usage: let us face it, LED lighting is the future of lighting. The LED lighting is quickly becoming a preferred solution for both professionals and in homes due to its numerous benefits. This means that using lighted bottle shelves right from the beginning gives you an advantage over your competitors.
  • Safety: this is perhaps one of the biggest advantages of using LED lighting. These LED lights will ensure that your lighted bar shelves are cool to the touch even after hours of operation. Which means that there will be fewer accidents such as fires and burns.

From the above information, you can see what you bring to your bar by choosing to use LED liquor shelves. Next we are going to look into some of the best bar shelves that you can put into your bar for a classy and beautiful look, all day, every day. Some of them are:

1. The Armana standard LED liquor bottle shelves

LED Bar Shelves

These LED liquor shelves come in various lengths from two to eight feet, so you can choose what best suits your taste. They are also thin, measuring only .75 inches thick. They have a lifetime of up to 50,000 hours and has a wide variety of effects and colors to choose from. Some of the effects include, fading to flashing and you can also create your own color scheme and store it away for when you need it.  These LED bottle shelves are used for illuminating a wide variety of items such as artwork, bottles and even glassware, all with a stunning result.  The lighted bar shelves have a rugged design that makes it tough enough for your bottles to stand on. Due to their long lasting nature, you will get to enjoy the service of these lighted bottle shelves for a very long time to come.

The best part about the Armana standard LED liquor shelves is that they can be made according to your specifications as a client. The lighted bottle shelves are also made modularly such that if there is an issue with power supply, the controller or the LED then they can be swapped out.

Some of the best features of these LED liquor shelves include: an attractive design with a glossy black on the sides and a frosted top, flame polished edges and a 44 key RGB wireless remote control to create and control lighting effects and the wide range of colors.

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2.Kegworks tiered LED light bottle displays with bases made of different materials


These LED bar shelving units come with different bases; wooden and acrylic, depending on your taste.

The wooden base LED bar shelf is a display that will keep things organized, help you save on space and generally improve the atmosphere of your bar. Made of solid wood with a glossy black finish on the sides and front, each of the tiers is encased with LED lighting that can be remote controlled. They are durable and liquid resistant. The LED liquor shelves also produce less heat with a lifetime of over 50,000 hours.

The acrylic base LED bar shelf is another of Kegworks items that is worth trying. It is an exciting and beautiful shelf that combines premium LED lighting and a stylish black glossy finish to give your bar an organized, clean environment.  The lighted bar shelves will easily transform your bar into the place all your friends and customers want to be. If you want to make a liquor shelf by yourself, follow this tutorial about DIY Liquor Shelf.

Both the wooden base and the acrylic LED bar shelves come with a wireless remote control to enable you control the various effects and colors that you can use to illuminate your bottles at the bar.

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3.Customized designs LED lighted bar shelves

lighted bar shelf

Just like the name suggests, Customized Designs can make your work easier by customizing your lighted bottle shelves according to your specifications. Their shelves are a worthy lifetime investment that any bar owner can make. If you have a lot of vertical space in your bar but are limited horizontally, they have a 4 step LED lighted bar shelf that could just fit your fancy.

Some of the features of their designs include; removable rubber feet to prevent the lighted bar shelves  from contact with liquids on the counter top, NeXus LED lighting system, a Grade Formica Finish counter top and Formaldehyde free cabinet construction, which means the materials are safe to use.

The products also come with a nexus controller to ensure that your liquor bottles are bathed in the glory of various color and multiple effects to keep your customers coming back always. They can also include a logo and branding to your preference and at the same time construct the LED bar shelving units in custom dimensions and fabrications. These LED bar shelves from Customized Designs are sure to meet your exact needs as a bar owner.

4.Vipply’s LED liquor shelves


Vipply,s products stand alone as a shelf or as art of a tier structure. Their products provide just the right ambience and beauty for your display. The shelves can be customized to your specifications or you could acquire an already built bottle shelf for use at home or in your bar. The lighted bar shelves are made of commercial grade aluminum that can be used in a large variety of places such as restaurants, bars and even in the home. A Vipply’s LED bar shelf has a high quality acrylic top and the most brilliant and brightest LED lights to ensure your bottles are well lighted and that you can play with a variety of colors and effects to achieve the desired mood you want to set in the bar. When it comes to quality with no compromise, Vipply’s LED liquor shelves are the absolute answer.  You will also be getting the best deal because these shelves come with a lifetime warranty. You surely cannot go wrong with the wonderful lighted bottle shelves from Vipply’s.

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5. L.E.D Baseline LED bar shelves


If you are looking for great bottle exposure, then be sure to consider getting yourself LED Baseline’s LED bar shelves. Their shelves are perfect for smaller displays that need a height enhancement.  Their lighted liquor shelves will look great in just about any place that needs a display including the nightclub, bar, office and even at home. The shelves have a standard black finish, which is a sure way to show sophistication and organization in your arrangements.

The LED bar shelves are tailored to your needs. The standard dimension with these products is a height of 7” tall, and a width between 9 to 16 inches. They also have wall mounted and low-profile options as long as you specify your requirements. The materials they use to make their LED bar shelving units are laminate, wood and acrylic. Though their standard finish is black, they have a wide variety of customized finishes that you can be able to choose from according to your desire.

The LED specifications of these shelves are also unique, the LED lighting is remote controlled and allows for ease of use of the 44 keys. There is a total of twenty preset colors with options such as dimming, color fade, and speeding control. There is also the option of creating and saving up to 6 custom colors should you choose to get yourself this shelf.

6.LED Bar Customs Led bottle shelf display

This is yet another of the LED bar shelves with a fine look. It has the standard gloss black finish that makes it stand out from the regular display shelves. The lighted bar shelves have a high heat and impact resistance so you do not have to worry about having it destroyed. It also has high durability due to its thickness. The high quality led lighting features include: up to 20 colors you can choose from and 6 DIY colors that you can create and save, jump and flash effects, fade effects , 12 volts power supply with a 110 volt plug and a 44 key IR remote control with the battery included.


LED lighted shelves is an innovation that is quickly taking over in terms of bottle display. As the days go by, many more people continue to discover the benefits of using these lighted liquor shelves over the other types of shelves. The shelves can help to create an ambiance of liveliness and creativity in an otherwise dull environment while at the same time preserving the organization and tidiness of the bar. The LED liquor shelves are also a promise of longevity and durability as you do not have to keep replacing parts such as bulbs. For those who love the environment, these are the kind of shelves that actually suit your liking as they are pollutant-free due to the usage of LED lights. With these bulbs also, there is always a cool environment as the bulbs do not produce large amounts of heat energy. The customer is the king! So get creative and put some work to enrich their mood by choosing the right LED bar shelf of your choice from the top-selling products reviewed by us above. Always go for the one that suits well with your space. A flawlessly chosen bar shelf can be the best part of your indoor decor. Create a wonderful ambiance in your indoor space so that no one would ever miss a chance to be present in your space. Because of all these and more, it might be time to switch up your shelves, after all, it is almost a guarantee that you will not regret the decision.

LED liquor shelves also provide an awesome user experience because you can be creative and showcase it through the colors and effects you choose for your bar. They are a way to create fun and hype in your surroundings with all the variety to choose from. If you do not own one for your bar already, then it may just be the right time to get started on one of the most worthy investments you will ever make for your bar.

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