Large Corner Wall Mount Shelf (Corner Shelves Wall Mount) – Review

Space is an important factor in every house. Many people find it hard to organize their items due to lack of space in the house. But, technology and art have progressed a lot over the years and man’s comfort has been enhanced with each step. So, how does it feel if you can organize your books and other items and increase the beauty of your house? Well, the Large Corner Mount Shelf is a solution to all the space crunch problems.  This product has state of the art quality and is quite durable to withstand the weight of the books, photo frames, decoration items and any showpiece of your choice. This wall mounted corner shelf is made with MDF and laminate this shelf serves as an excellent functional tool.

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You can easily hand the shelf in any corner of your room and make your room even better decorated. The dimensions of the shelf are 7.75 X 7.75 X 48.5 inches. This laminated shelf is a Must Have for every modern home and you can get art and style combined to give you multipurpose benefits all the time. The shelf comes with 11 units which can be arranged.  Try this all new Corner shelf and brighten up your room. This large corner wall mount shelf is a perfect corner shelf for your living room.

Large Corner Wall Mount Shelf zig zag


Let’s have a look at some of the biggest advantages in using this large corner shelf for your rooms.

    1. The laminate shelf is lightweight and is carried easily.
    1. It can take the weight up to 15lbs
    1. The shelf can easily hang with simple pins or by fitting it on the wall.
    1. Does not take up much space.
    1. Can attach on both sides of the walls.
    1. Can be used to place any kind of items like books, decor items etc.
    1. Only 2 nails or screws can be used to serve the purpose.
    1. Has an excellent walnut finish.
    1. Creates a nice aesthetic value.
    1. Can be used for decoration and functional purposes.
    1. It is inexpensive.
    1. It is durable and lasts really long.
  1. It can even be assembled.


Well, it does have some cons as well.

    1. Cannot carry heavy items.
    1. Shelves cannot be added.
    1. Screws need to be fine.
  1. The material can be improved.

Installation and Setup

The wall mounted corner shelf can be installed easily without any fuss. The shelf can be placed on any part of the wall. Only 2 screws are enough to keep it in check. It can be attached to both sides of the wall. Simply punch holes in the walls using a drilling machine and place the shelf by hanging 2 screws on the wall. If you want, you can even rearrange and assemble the shelves according to your need. The instruction guide can be used to install the shelf with minimum assembly.

wall mount shelf zig zag

Look and Feel

The corner shelf is an excellent decor item which can accentuate the beauty of your indoor space and also be utilized to place various items. If you are looking for decoration and utility then this shelf should top your list. Place the shelf in any corner of the room and transform the place. The walnut finish gives the shelf an overwhelming appearance. The material is shiny and can be easily cleaned by using a fresh cloth to remove any dust from depositing. So, no matter whether you are looking to place it in your living room or the bedroom, this shelf can easily be installed in any room. It will surely give your room a vivid view of elegance and class.

Life Time and Warranty

Generally, this shelf lasts for a long time with proper care. You can maintain it time to time by cleaning it and make sure not to place any heavy items. The product warranty is dependent on the seller and generally, a warranty of 6 months is provided by the manufacturers. You can return the items if any defects are found. But if you assemble the arts then it cannot be returned anymore.

Add on and Accessories

The shelf is self-sufficient and does not come with any other accessories. You can easily hang it on the walls using 2 nails or screws. You get detail instructions on installing the product just by having a minor assembly.


This sturdy wall mount corner shelf is a great value item which can heighten your room’s appearance and can be used to store materials. It is easy to install and can take up 15 lbs of weight. The special zigzag look of this large corner shelf makes this the most loved home decor shelf among interior design fanatics.  It can be used in parts of the house where finding space is a big problem. You can fit this in any tiny corner. This furniture is a fine piece and can be used in any corner of the house. Don’t get worried about quality, we’ve reviewed this product after completing quality checks. 

Manage space and you could make this ladder shelf the best part of your home’s indoors. If you’re about to go for cheaper options available in the market, keep in mind quality as an important constraint. A poor quality appliance can, in turn, ruin your home’s indoors.

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