8 DIY Ladder Shelf Decorating Ideas to Style your Home Decor

The Ladders which we use to climb up are called ‘Stepladders’. In the world of DIY’s, when the steps of a Ladder are used as Shelves they are called ‘Ladder Shelves’ and with them, you can take a step towards heightening the style quotient of your place, instead of climbing heights.

On the contrary, not everyone has got the acumen for DIYs. Hence, to be on the safer side, you can purchase a new and a well-furnished Ladder Shelf from the market, instead of re-using those old ladders, inside your store room.

Whether you choose to make Ladder Shelves oneself or you decide to buy one, we are full of Design Tips and Ideas for both of them, in common. In this article, we present to you 8 DIY ladder shelf decorating ideas to beautify and style your home interiors. A wisely chosen ladder shelf that suits well with your indoor decor and overall finish of your home can be the best addition of all your home appliances.

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Why Use Ladder Shelves for Designing Interiors?

Are you familiar with Great Pyramid of Giza? Well, of course, you are!

Image Credit -Sammyapp
Image Credit -Sammyapp

People feel completely mesmerized to see the slanting sides of the Pyramid, don’t you? No wonder, its glorious design is one of the factors due to which, it has been made one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

If we are not wrong, you must be having those mundane rectangular or square shaped box-like shelves and racks in your place, right? The ones which always stick to your wall lifelessly, forever! But, do you have slanting shelves with you?

That’s right. These slanting shelves are nothing but ‘Ladder Shelves’, as the legs of a Ladder are slanting and its steps can be used as shelves.The Ladder Shelves would definitely stand out in your entire room. Just like the Great Pyramid of Giza, stands out in the plain desert of Egypt.

Slants have always been a modish style statement from ancient to modern times, from Pyramids to Ladder Shelves. Since designing is all about style, you can use them to leave a mark of your creativity, on everyone just like Giza’s Pyramid.

Tips and Design Ideas to Use Ladder Shelves

Great, now that you know about their importance. Here are some DIY Tips and Design Ideas on How to arrange your Ladder Shelves. You can put them into use beautifully, in the following ways:

1: Ladder Bookshelf  – “Home Library Ladder Shelf”

Image Source
Image Source

• Firstly, you won’t have to worry about purchasing ‘Book Ends’, when you keep your books horizontally on the shelves. You can keep your ‘Read’ books at the top, and ‘To be read’ books at the middle or bottom of the Shelf.

• Along with the books, if you have a collection of bookmarks, you can stick them, between the book covers and if you are afraid to misplace them. Take a glass case, put all your bookmarks in it and keep the same on the shelf.

• Books indeed help us in building our vocabulary, don’t they? Keep your dictionaries and thesauruses at the bottom of the shelf for easy access and reference. Likewise, your reading chair can be placed, just beside your Ladder Bookshelf.

Note:- We have reviewed a collection of Top 22 Ladder Bookcase and Bookshelf’s in this blog before. Read through the review article, if you are interested in knowing about different types of ladder bookcases available in the market.

• Reserve one shelf for books, second for magazines, and third for your journals. If you have a Ladder Shelf with more than shelves then, you can keep things like pen stands, paperweights, spectacles case etc. on the fourth shelf. This way your Home Library will get condensed in one corner.

2: Family Room Ladder Shelf – “For Family Meetings”


• Family Rooms are a place where everyone gathers. You can keep the belongings of each of your family member on the Shelves. Let it be an ambassador of your entire family.

• If photos depict memories, then keep such belongings, which were a part of those memories. Like for instance, you decide to keep your wedding photo frame on the shelf, then you can place your wedding card or any other thing from your wedding, by the side of your frame.

Note:- These types of shelves (as shown in image) are also called ‘Leaning Ladder Shelves’. We have reviewed an awesome collection of Best 22 Leaning Ladder Bookcase Type Shelves. Go through the review to get a good idea of leaning ladder shelves.

• Not only this, things like Television remote, Car keys , Cordless Phones, Mobile Phones etc. which are used by the entire family, can also be kept there.

3: Frames and Baskets’ Ladder Shelf -“Basking in the Memories”

Image Origin
Image Origin

• Let your baskets, bask among your photo frames. Your frames would become catchier when similar color baskets, like the ones above in the picture, would be kept near and around your photos. Keep your photos frames on the ladder shelves instead of ruining your smooth walls by nails, to hang them.

• Try finding Wicker Baskets, as they are easy to get. At top of this, they all are unicolored that’s just what we need. Prefer keeping photo frames and baskets separately as this would prevent the frames from falling down.

• If you have video cameras, photo cameras, photo albums, home videos and documentaries, CD’s and/or DVD’s of your favorite movies, etc. you can stuff them inside your baskets.

4: Bathroom Ladder Shelf – “Organized Bathing”

Image - Rights
Image Rights

• No matter how prettily you would decorate all your rooms, if you don’t keep your bathrooms as pretty as your rooms, this can be a total turn off for the guests.

• You can place trays or shallow baskets for keeping belongings such as hand towels, bottles of bathing drops and oils, face towels, bathing sponges, bath towels, and all your toiletries.

• One piece of advice, prefer keeping trays or baskets with holes on it so that your towels could get dried easily, as shown in the image above.

• You can even keep air diffusers or aromatic candles at one of the corners on the top shelf .

5: Basket Ladder Shelf – “Pocket Ladder Shelf”

Source of Image
Source of Image

• Since, pockets on clothes are used to keep things inside safely, the same way you can use a basket as your pocket for the Shelf.

• This Ladder Shelf will be of great use in Laundry Area, Toy Room, or your Kids room. You can even tag the baskets with name tags so that finding things becoming easy for you.

• If you want to give it a pop look then try keeping baskets and storage boxes of different sizes, shapes, and colors, unlike the one given in the photo above.

• They would act as a great replacement for drawers and cabinets. You can even keep small tin trunks, piggy banks, pen stands, engraved wooden chests and other such things which would act as a store box.

6: Black Ladder Shelf – “The Black Beauty”

Credit for Image
Credit for Image

• Almost every color contrasts well with black since it is the darkest of all. You can keep anything, you like. They will surely, look like stars in the night sky.

• Such a shelf would go very well with walls in light shades. The one above has been kept in a kitchen since we all have grills and fries to do there, some part of the smoke cannot be taken out despite installing chimneys inside.

• This way, your kitchen cabinets can get darken easily by the smoke. If you don’t want to take the pains of wiping it occasionally, then, a black ladder shelf will be perfect for your kitchen.

• Things made up of glass, porcelain, and ceramics would appear glossier on a Black Ladder Shelf. Do give it a try.

7: White Corner Ladder Shelf – “Snow Mountain Ladder Shelf”

Image Source
Image Source

• The biggest advantage of Corner Ladder Shelves is that they are suitable for every kind of room, whether it’s your office room or bedroom. Corner Ladder Shelves are one of the suave types of shelves.

• Many people fail to make the best use of their room’s corners. But, you won’t. You can keep in some nice antiques, diaries, paintings, table calendars, small pots of indoor plants, a clock, on the top shelf etc.

• If you are planning to keep it in your bedroom , you can adorn your shelf by fairy string lights. The lights would twinkle more because of the white color behind.

• A White Corner Ladder Shelf is universal in nature, as white goes well with every kind of color. It will have a cooling effect on people’s eye, just like mountains covered with snow fascinate everyone.

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