Top 20+ Floating Glass Shelves for your Home and Office Interiors

Floating Glass shelves just brew right with any backdrop and make its way to super addition to offices, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or bars. From adding that extra space near cabinets or using it as bookshelves, glass floating shelves bring a lot of elegance to any room without any space cramping. They look reflective, delicate but a sturdy structure is what gives it an extra boost. Contemporary homes are incorporated with these peculiar structures rather than the conventional and robust cupboards and cabinets for storage. Smart storing solutions are an outcome of non-stop brainstorming pertaining to the modern techniques so as to blend the cramping spaces yet yielding the required result. Appended are few options that stand the best solutions for storage in today’s competitive market.

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Lets begin by reviewing some of the best wall mounted glass shelf kits.

1. Organize It All Wall Mounting Glass Shelf with Nickel Finish and Rail

floating glass shelves

These floating glass shelves are an inspiring piece of art. This glass shelf with rail ensures there are no breakages. Plus, it really looks cool and serves the purpose. Priced at approx 19 USD is really an impressive buy, since it offers much more scope. The nickel finish enhances the overall look of the shelf making it one of its kind. Assembly is basic, all you need is a little knowledge and technique of fitting the shelves. Once fixed, it is quite sturdy and can hold a favorable amount of weight. Usually apt for placing bottles, cutlery, spice boxes etc. The nickel finish is a step up to grab a lot of attention. Additionally, the rails are quite important part of these clear glass floating shelves. They make sure that nothing falls off these shelves, a guardian for sure!

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2. Organize It All Glass Shelf with Satin Nickel Mounts


This is another glass floating shelf that makes its place in an impressive list of glass floating shelves. The glass is perfectly tempered which makes it quite resistant to heavy load, heat and extra impact. It really looks superior in your room giving a mainstream look to the wall as well. The satin nickel mounts ensure that this floating glass shelf remains intact and sturdy enough to take up a considerable load. Its price of 13$ is quite economical and suits the pocket. They look really great in bathrooms where you require that extra space without being too intrusive. A smarter way to keep your clutter away.

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3. Moen Preston Inspirations Vanity Shelf – Chrome Finish


Floating glass wall shelves are pretty much in demand these days. The reason is the usability that these shelves offer. The lustrous appearance is the main reason why people opt for floating glass shelves. The high reflective glass renders a sleek look to this vanity shelf. You may opt for a couple of these to display an array of your collection. Be it, your toiletries, tiny trinkets, small decorative pots etc.

They not only blend with your color card but also sustain for a longer period of time. Since they are made up of glass, it is quite obvious extra care is taken by each one of us. Cleaning it with a damp cloth will make the glass look as new as a shiny penny.

Glass floating shelf is a superior choice over other furniture items as it does not take up an extra space rather places itself onto the walls. It is a cheap and smart storage solution designed to make the best use of space. Coming to its price, $ 21 is a price to watch out for. Bet, you get such amazing glass floating shelves at these prices. The customers who have reviewed these shelves have appreciated the whole new look of the shelf. They have been impressed by the quality that these floating glass wall shelves render. The crisp design is backed up with simple assembly technique which makes it popular among the masses.

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4. Gatco Franciscan Glass Shelf – Chrome Finish


Gatco introduces these cute shelves which perfectly adorn the little tight spaces. Tempered glass makes it quite strong. These are quite popular floating bathroom glass shelves. What is so unique about this shelf is that it has been polished to perfection; substantial hardware has a chrome finish & is basically easy to assemble. Plus, buying it at $ 45 is totally worth the price. Floating glass shelves wall mount can save that extra space & totally change the appearance of the wall making it quite usable. You can think of stocking up your little stuff on this 20 inch shelf. Apparently, the floating effect is quite phenomenal here since the hardware is not visible. This in turn offers a very neat & crisp look without any damage to your walls. Appearance, usability, sturdiness are power packed features which definitely deserve a thumbs up.

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5. John Sterling – Wall Mounted Glass Shelf Kit – Satin Nickel – 6-Inch by 24-Inch


This is indeed the perfect size- and has amazing style. Floating glass wall shelves like these look first class in bathroom and propound an extra storage space to add up tissue holders, candle stands & cosmetic bottles. Mounting these shelves is elementary just make sure of utilizing the drywall inserts in the box. Coming to the holder, brushed nickel glass holder looks quite hot off press & blends well with the shelf. For the price of just $13 you just can’t go wrong, it is worth the price. Customers who’ve opted for these extant floating glass shelves have simply used them in bathrooms, salons, above the fireplace and so on. So, here you see the customer market is quite heterogeneous with people using these beautiful clear glass floating shelves in their home as well as workplaces. Coupling up with few more shelves can instantly light up the room and add extra opportunity of storing your stuff. They certainly add up life into the boring clutter.

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6. Organize It All – Bathroom Glass Shelf with Towel Bar


Floating bathroom glass shelves are in vogue these days. Their demand is high for personal as well as commercial use. Renovating your home or workplace is not an easy task. It takes a lot of effort & money to revolutionize the look that you want. It’s not always necessary to spend more to get the best stuff. You definitely can spend $15 and but this glass shelf with towel bar for your bathroom. It is a general practice of concentrating on living room, kitchen & bedroom for the best of the best home décor, where your bathroom just takes a backseat.

Economical solutions may give excellent results in no time. Buying these floating glass shelves can work wonders for the bathroom. Why? We all get irritated with the stuff lying hastily in the bathrooms, be it icky soaps, shampoo bottles, tissues etc (the list is quite big).Here is the smart solution of mounting this floating glass shelf onto your bathroom wall and keeping all this stuff organized. Neatly folded towels & napkins can surely add serenity to the bathroom and your life.  Washrooms are most frequented corners of a home & workplace so it becomes crucial to take care of it as well. Towel bar is another accessory which ensures there is no ruckus on the shelf. The wet towels now have a separate place to land up before the laundry!

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7. Decopolitan Gravity Mount Glass Bathroom Shelf in Chrome:


Floating glass wall shelf is an indispensable part of home décor these days. This exquisite shelf is not only good with the looks but also with its exclusive functionality. It is just so apt for displaying decorative items, bath essentials or everyday accessories. One of the most popular features of this shelf is the durable construction which offers a larger amount of versatility to this product which is effectively priced at $30.

The shelf dimensions are 18×5.8 x2.9, so can judge the size and decide the corner where you prefer to mount this eventually. They generally are created keeping in mind the apartment size and the stuff that one would want to load on it.It is a matchless design to keep your room knick knack. A large amount of your stuff lying here and there can be arranges in a disciplines manner through the use of this chic glass floating shelf from Decopolitan.

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8. John Sterling Curved Glass Shelf Kit – Satin Nickel 8-Inch by 12-Inch:


Floating glass wall shelves are solutions that transform the look of the whole room. They are quite trendy and modernize the home in a splendid way. The 8×12 shelf is sturdy and can help display a lot of your clutter. Like for instance you have a habit of throwing your keys and then thinking badly where you have thrown it, then this kind of stuff really works magic. You may place the shelf right next to your entrance so as to ensure you locate your stuff well. This ensures that there is no hide and seek between you and your keys! Sigh! The tempered glass is of superior quality which is less prone to breakages. Its leading edge design is amongst the best selling designs in the market. Delight yourself by placing everyday accessories, bathroom essentials and delicate artifacts on this shelf.

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9. Rectangle Floating Glass Shelf Kit 6″ X 18″ – Clear Glass Shelf:


Your small corners do need some care. They need to be put into use through rectangular floating glass shelves like these. This 6×18 shelf with 2 free chrome brackets an impeccable piece which can be used to place decorative pots, plants or even artifacts. They are quite stylish and popular owing to its simple & sleek design. Not only this, the mounting is also plain sailing which makes it absolutely a hassle free shelf. The glass offers a dazzling look & since it is tempered it becomes resistant to heat and sturdiness. This part is essential since customers tend to think that glass is very delicate and likely to break. This myth has been taken care by the manufacturer by ensuring strong brackets that keep the shelves in an orderly manner. At this price of $32 approx this floating glass wall shelf is a fun addition to any of your rooms. Coupling up with some more will offer supplementary storage quick fix without much affecting your budget, though!

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10. Window Garden Veg Ledge – Suction Cup – Window Glass Shelf:


A clean and green environment is proven cure to almost all the diseases. Hectic work schedules have added a lot of stress to our lives. People are quite reluctant to grow plants in their spaces since there is no one to look after and maintain becomes difficult. But as the technology advances some things do work in favor, like this window shelf, which is absolutely marvelous amongst the other glass floating shelves.

No excuses will work; it’s time to grow some plants, when you own this Window garden glass floating shelf. These glass floating shelves are incorporated with suction cups that are capable of holding up to 5 lbs, which is quite impressive. You can grow a beautiful and unique window garden by adding saplings and plants on this shelf, the transparent glass ensures the plants gets plenty of sunlight fruitful for their growth.

You can add some herbs that you may use at home for preparing home remedies against diseases (sounds a little exaggerated but still better than the worse).A $ 15 investment is something that fits your bill perfectly. It is just not limited to displaying plants, but the other stuff as well, like your spice bottles in the kitchen. You can clean the glass surface with a damp cloth or by using a drop of alcohol. Maintaining this floating glass shelf takes an extra effort. This is a little unique yet interesting way to add much needed peace at your place.

The suction cups are more likely to be stretched due to overuse or heavy objects placed .It is highly recommended to replace these cups quarterly. These shelves are popular among those who love plants and flowers and can invest their little time taking care of them selflessly.

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11. John Sterling – Glass Corner Shelf Kit -Satin Nickel- 12-Inch x 12-Inch:


This is a general dimension that’s fits perfectly onto any of your walls, be it large sized or mid-sized home. Installation is straightforward & the hardware is inbuilt so you don’t have to rush to any shops to buy the hardware. The pre-drilled notches make the assembly quite easy. This 12×12 shelf adds an alluring touch to the wall. It is tagged at $13 which is cost effective. These floating glass shelves are swanky & quite chic.

You can check this video about the various application and usage of floating glass shelves.

They are specially designed for the bathrooms where a majority of people experience space crunch. This shelf is easy to clean unlike the conventional shelves which have soap and gel leftovers. A small bit of alcohol easily clears the mess without much effort. Stocking up soap, shower gels, shower caps, shaving accessories are ideally a good way to exonerate the mess thus keeping your bathroom clean and airy. It facilitates the maximum storage which is quite handy, so you won’t get irate when the bathroom stuff isn’t in your reach.

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12. VDOMUS Bath Glass Corner Shelf/Bathroom Shower Organizer – Wall Mounted:


These are contemporary floating bathroom glass shelves which are designed to suffice the modern needs for storage. It works well with bathroom space and apt for placing bathroom essentials like soap, shower gels, sanitizer etc. The manufacturer provides a limited lifetime warranty which sounds good & interesting as well, since one gets a better response when in need. The box is inbuilt with mounting accessories which makes the assembly very much basic.  It is a popular bathroom shelf since most of the customers have equipped their bathrooms with this shelf and are happy to have done so. This $ 30 purchase will never give you any regrets as it is durable product with usability being the backbone of all the features. Customers who have been using this product for a long time are satisfied with the end result. The transparent feature adds a glamorous look and makes the appearance of the bathroom large and well defined.

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13. Glass Corner Shelf 10×10 Curve 1/4”:


The illustrious design of floating glass shelves wall mounted ones are crowd pleasing. The layout of this shelf is simple yet faddish and is quite useful. They are most suitable for bathrooms where one does not prefer wood or metal furniture, for the obvious reasons. So this particular floating glass wall shelves are the most preferred solutions for damp and wet areas. The water factor neither affects the working of this shelf nor damages any part. Opting for this floating glass wall shelf is a resourceful flipside. The clear glass amalgamates with any décor, since it is colorless and versatile. Going through a lot of customer reviews it can be ascertained that this shelf is gaining a lot of popularity owing to its sleek and sophisticated design. Many of them prefer these near the shower area in order to make toiletries handy. Plus these floating glass shelves bathroom solutions are at an affordable price. Good things do come at cheaper price & this glass corner shelf proves this being one of the best corner shelves for bathroom.

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14. Lightinthebox® – Corner Wall Mount Glass Shelf:


These unique floating glass shelves are multifaceted & skillful resource perfectly fit for the ultra modern homes. Darker bathrooms can get some benefits like some more light and some more space through these smart additions. Reformation is what these bathroom shelves offer intensively. They rightly interfuse in the décor of the home and make a notable accent in workplaces, halls, kitchens & bedrooms. Being less intrusive than metal or wood shelves is one of the most striking characteristic that it boasts of. Plus, the 2 tiers contribute toward the efficiency of this shelf as it gives a larger outlook in terms of storing your basic items. It helps keep your place spick and span. A beautiful piece of furniture at $60 is after all not a bad price. Since it is trendy and offbeat it has become more popular. Not a bad choice after all!

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15. John Sterling Wave Glass Shelf Kit – Satin Nickel, 6-Inch by 18-Inch:


An unusual yet distinctive geometric concept is a treat to watch. The whole conceptualization in itself is impressive. Floating glass shelves like these amplifies the backdrop of any wall. The wavy design accentuates the room giving it a twist. The tempered glass is sturdy to hold a favorable amount of weight. It has a great impact and outshines the atmosphere. Allowing some amount of light through these glass shelves can really look awesome. It comes at a price of $29 each shelf, you can surely couple it up with few more to enhance its dazzling effect and ensure a practical storage solution.

This glass floating shelf successfully reinforces the luminosity in the crisp spaces. The clean squint of glass shelving units compliments fluttering game plan. Also, the satin nickel hardware ensures that the shelf stays durable by being anti corrosive and strong enough to resist it from heat and extreme changes. Very much ideal for placing super spice bottles, cutlery especially in the kitchens. For the bathroom it is a prototypical shelving space for bathroom essentials, you can also stack up books and other accessories which can be much close at hand.

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Floating Glass TV and DVD shelves

16. OmniMount Floating Glass Shelf for TVs and Media/DVD:


Don’t be afraid of incorporating your home with this charming glass floating shelf. A bold and beautiful look for your home waits. Additions like these not only increase the graph of elegance but also transform itself into the storage solution. This floating glass wall shelf is supple and comes with metal wall plate, concealed hardware & cable management which is lock stock & barrel. A pivoting arm is enabled to provide arm to arm management with black nylon sustainable strap. The general dimensions of 18.0 x 9.1 x 20.1 inches (457 x 231 x 571 mm) (W x H x D) are technically apt for placing DVD player or any other accessories. This is out and out a TV shelf designed to store accessories that come along with your TV and DVD player. There is something good about this shelf maybe the way it’s been designed with the transparent glass is enough to create an alluring effect.

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17. WALI Floating Shelf with Tempered Glass for DVD Players/Games Console/Media – Black:


Expanding your spaces by adding floating glass shelves is an unconventional idea. Not only does it saves space, but also adds a beguiling touch to the space. It is a classic storage device suitable to place gaming consoles, cables boxes etc. The classic design serves the purpose and fits perfectly. These shelves are available in a single ($15), double ($25) & triple shelf structure ($35). An integrated cable management kit enables concealing your messy cables. The ultra-slim layout is best compatible with a flat television. The uncluttered look is simple mesmerizing to watch.

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18.Mount-It! Black Floating Wall Mounted Floating Glass Shelf Bracket Stand


Glass shelving solutions in homes & offices? For your DVD players, play stations? Yes, these glass floating shelves are answers to your questions. Why? All these items can remain uncluttered and disciplined. So now no fussy wires, joysticks and other accessories lying here and there. This sturdy tempered glass shelf is a crucial solution to stack up all this stuff without weighing the shelf down. It adds just the right elegance around your Television sets which is generally the most sought after place.  These shelves are offered in a single ($15), double ($25) & triple shelf structure ($35).The kit is inclusive of a user manual which jots down the illustrious instructions to make the assembling hassle free.

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19. VonHaus 3x Black Floating Shelves with Strengthened Tempered Glass for DVD Players


There is no looking back when you want to add enigmatic floating glass shelves at your home. Creating a new space to keep your home theatre, speaker, DVD player etc. is not an easy job, especially when you have space cramping issues. It is therefore challenging to make the space look nice without affecting the airy structure. Thus, these 3x black floating shelves are smarter options to keep this clutter at a bay. Black is a color which compliments almost any interior and avoids reflecting any stains.

A damp cloth is enough to keep these clear glass floating shelves neat, clean & tidy. You can add up some DVD’s in one shelf & DVD player on another so that things are handy at the same time you can flaunt your collection effortlessly. They look great on walls and are made up of heavy duty glass which keeps you away from worrying about the delicate nature of glass. It can certainly hold up to a whooping 8 kg on each shelf. So here you go! Mounting is not cumbersome and requires basic assembly technique with all the hardware that is included in the box. You just have to go through the instruction manual that gives a step by step procedure to make it stand perfectly well. This 3x shelves comes at a price of $35 which is not high as compared to the other shelving options in the market.

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20. VonHaus 1x Black Floating Shelf for DVD Players/Games Consoles/TV Accessories:


There are plentiful reasons to love floating glass wall shelves. Since the glass shelves are “see through”, they coherently blend with any backdrop be it flashy walls, simple textured walls or subtle colored walls. They just stand out against anything. As the title suggests, this floating shelf from Vonhaus is right to place the television related accessories like cable boxes, gaming consoles etc.

The shelf looks chic and suits the modern homes which prefer a minimal look. This shelf particularly helps in concealing the dreadful wires which keep hanging here and there affecting the whole concept of the ultra modern home. And that too quite effortlessly! Yes, the mounting does not take much time and can be done seamlessly within minutes.

It is priced at $15 which is quite reasonable and affordable. Buying some more can help expand some more space for the other utilities as well.
To come to a quick conclusion, one can really explore possibilities of considering the other prospective areas that can benefit from attractive glass shelving units. For instance dining room, kitchen where a lot of place is required to stock up stuff. You can think upon creating a captivating effect of floating glass shelves by placing spotlights or outlining it with LED pipe lights.

Wrap up!

These are quite innovative ways to create some charm as well as unfold the storage space. Indigenous storage solutions are transformed into swanky shelves like the ones mentioned above.

The above reviewed floating glass shelves are meant for adding a classy look to your home’s overall indoor ambiance. If you’re going for looking a standard and simple shelf that suits well with your indoors go for one from our handpicked collection above. Looking for more creative options? Just go through our creative glass bookshelves collection.  Select any of these to lend a hand to the hodgepodge. If you prefer cheaper options in the market, never forget to go for the one with proven quality. A poor quality glass books shelf can in turn also ruin your indoors.

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