Furinno 5 Tier Multi Purpose Corner Shelving Unit -Dark Cherry/Black Color

The Furinno 5 tier corner shelving unit possess the simple and utilitarian design and packs in enough spunk to embellish your room. The practicality in the design is maintained for 5 tier corner shelving unit which allows keeping books, DVDs and other desired accessories in an organized manner. The product is made to be suitable and more than merely a utility for your bedroom, living room, kitchen settings. It can be placed along the corners of rooms resulting in saving the valuable space.

The product is more appealing with the ability of resistance to water, fire, and stain which keeps your extra concern away as you won’t be rubbing the shelve with a cloth to get rid of stains nor you will be fearful of water. There are four shelves in total and it is made of durable highly recycled plastic tubes which gives this storage unit the sturdiness and proper balance. It has 99 percent recycled content, used to make it. Packing in the class and functionality, this storage unit is the perfect gift for a cherished someone with casual style and smart built. The storage unit is approximately 58 inches and perfect for any sort of accompaniment.

The 5 tier corner shelving unit uses manufactured wood as frame material which requires wiping with a clean damp cloth as maintenance. The elegant display unit will surely add a silver lining to the standard of living.

Turn-N-Tube 5 Tier Corner Display Rack Multipurpose Shelving Unit,
Furinno 99811 DC/BK – 5 Tier Corner Shelving Unit


  • Very easy to assemble and install with the grooves to keep everything into place.
  • The ample of space between the shelves allows to put any ornament and object conveniently.
  • The storage unit is durable and made with highly processed recycled plastic tube
  • It possesses great flexibility and can be fitted at any corner of the room due to the 90-degree angle on one side.
  • It is quite suitable for bathroom, closet, home office, living room, kitchen and kid room.
  • There are no foul smells of chemicals exuded which will annoy you.
  • The color combination of storage units harmonizes beautifully with a color of ornament.
  • CSA certified, EPP certified, General Conformity Certificate


  • The shelf is not wall-mounted and does not have the California Proposition 65 warning label on it.
  • There are no drawers included and nor it is foldable.
  • The unit can be fitted only to the corners.

Installation and Setup

The Furinno 5 tier corner shelving unit much easy to install with less need of tools to fix it over the desired place. The unit contains groove in the wood while the installation of the storage unit will hardly take more than 10 minutes. A smart guy would be able to fix it much easier and on needed, i8t can easily be shifted to another place that enhances its functionality. The overall appearance of the unit might look heavier but practically it is the light piece of equipment and needs less effort to install. Once fixed the storage unit can easily carry all objects including books and other accessories in an organized manner.

Turn-N-Tube 5 Tier Corner Display Rack Multipurpose Shelving Unit,

Look and Feel

At a glance, the storage unit may look heavier and complex to install, but in reality, it is made of a material which gives it the right amount of weight to be fixed easily. At the same time, it allows putting an ornament on the top with no damage to shelving units. The unit is perfectly suitable to be placed at the corner of the room and give a modern eye-catching touch to the overall decoration. The choice of color is additional assistance to accompany with the decor of your room or office. Whether it is an office or home, it is automatically suitable for both. There is clean and appropriate space for objects to be placed at each shelf which allows putting objects of any size.

Lifetime and Warranty

Furinno 5 tier corner shelving unit is made with premium quality material making it’s particularly strong with a variety of objects used in the manufacturing which comprises natural high-quality wood and use of recycled plastic poles which is useful to hold it together. The resistance from water, fire, and stains makes it more durable and easier to maintain while further warranty can be taken from the vendor where the product has been purchased. While going for cheaper models available in the market, giving up on quality may not be a good idea. The cheaper models in the market may not be built to meet different conditions with changes in time. If you don’t wish to end up spending money on useless crap which in turn ruin your indoor ambiance, consider quality as an important constraint.


Add-Ons and Accessories

The durable Furinno 5 tier corner shelve does not come with additional accessories, but if needed the unit can also be equipped with accommodating accessories. For households, the shelving unit can be attached to the wall which might decrease the risk of being fallen and broken when knocked by children. Further carpets and mats can also be used which adds additional beauty. The unit can also be placed at the bedroom which hardly needs any accessory while the photo frame and other material can also be placed due to high versatility.


The strong built and versatile features allow the storage unit to suit any household or office purpose. The ample space in the shelves makes it easy to keep things while the beautiful and well-made unit shows more space in the room being fitted in the corner.

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