Furinno 5 Tier Corner Ladder Shelving Unit – Cherry Color-Review

5-Layer Corner Ladder Garden Shelf, Cherry

Furinno FNAJ-11112EX comes up as new and stylish furniture that is crafted and shaped in ‘ladder-style’. The unit comes with 5 shelves and is used to add to the visual charm of your room. The product impeccably fits into the corners and is used to store flower baskets that include the cacti, exotic plants and the dry range of flowers also goes well with the Cherry color. The Furinno FNAJ-11112EX is also used to store other objects including photo frames and ornaments, fruit baskets, and books etc. The product has a great sense of visual appeal and never fails to steal some fascinating glances from each of the visitors.

The Cherry color of the Furinno FNAJ-11112EX has an impressive appearance and makes it together with the flower baskets and photo frames makes your living room all the more lively and charming. If you have a collection of antiques or other decorative items, this could be the best appliance where you can place your collectibles and antiques. The ladder-style rack is made of genuine composite wood and can be assembled easily using the instructions provided.

5-Layer Corner Ladder Garden Shelf, Cherry
Furinno – FNAJ-11112EX – Corner Ladder Shelf


  • The impeccably designed product fits any corner owing to its 90-degree angle design theme on one side.
  • The shelves of the ladder-style rack are placed spaciously so that the flower baskets can be stored conveniently
  • The Furinno FNAJ-11112EX is crafted such that the assembling operation of the unit becomes very easy and it can be performed in just 20 minutes using the assembling instructions provided
  • The convincible ladder-type shape of the unit with 5 shelves can be adorned very easily and gives you a lot of surface area to place more than one object.


  • Being ladder style, the overall surface area of the unit is less than the corner racks available
  • The Furinno FNAJ-11112EX only fits in the corners of the room and cannot be placed elsewhere.

Installation and Setup

The installation and setup criterion of the ladder-style rack is worked upon impeccably and has been made very easy. The installation process of the rack employs the use of grooves in wood instead of the use of nut bolts and hence no tools are required. By following the instructions correctly not more than 20 minutes are required to assemble the unit. The unit that seems heavy based on visual perception is particularly light and a beautiful piece of furniture. Being light, it can be installed single-handedly and requires no helping hand.

5-Layer Corner Ladder Garden Shelf, Cherry

Look and Feel

The shelves weighing a total of 12 pounds are particularly light and easy to install, however, the firm and tough sensation of the ladder-style rack fetches a sense of dependability. The unit can also hold a considerably high amount of weights owing to the material used in making the product. The product is made from the fine medium density composite wood with PU lamination, which ensures high strength and durability. The rack has a total height of 45.9 inches and the spacing between consecutive shelves is 11.5 inches. The modern and appealing appearance of the unit easily adds charm to each place, be it an office, living room or bathroom.

Lifetime and Warranty

The lifetime of the Furinno FNAJ-11112EX is long owing to the high durability of the material used in its development. The fine medium density composite wood used for the development has added assurance to the strength and dependability factors. With this, the product is claimed to have very low maintenance. Every unit purchased will come with the manufacturer’s warranty, granted from the place of purchase.

Note: While working with your home indoors, always go for quality products. A poor quality appliance can ruin your home’s overall indoor decor. If you’re about to cheaper options available in the market, keep in mind quality as an important constraint.

5-Layer Corner Ladder Garden Shelf, Cherry

Add-Ons and Accessories

The Furinno FNAJ-11112EX is mainly used for enhancing the visual charm of the room and so can be added with some beautiful accessories including colorful strips, artificial creepers, mats, etc. The commonly used accessories that are used include the mats on each shelf and artificial creepers. The unit can also be fixed at a convenient height by drilling crews in the corner. With this, the brackets and screws can be used to fix it to the corners and avoid the risk of toppling. The cute furniture allows you to explore the creative side of your personality well and come up with some brilliant accessories that add to the charm of the product.


The enchanting and well-crafted shelving unit, Furinno FNAJ-11112EX inevitably buys itself a desirable image that flows from the aspect of styling, aesthetics, functionality and space utilization to practicality. The graciously curved sides of the product and the long durability are other worth mentioning attributes of Furinno FNAJ-11112EX. Be creative enough to make your ladder shelf the best part of your home’s indoor decor. The unit is also priced affordably to keep your pockets happy.

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