Furinno-5 Tier Corner Ladder Shelf with Espresso Black Color – Review

Furinno FNAJ-11112-1 is an impeccably-crafted and stylishly curved “ladder-style” shelving system. The unit comprises of 5 shelves that fit in the corner of the room and is generally dedicated to improving the aesthetic aspect of your room. The product can be used to keep aesthetics adding objects like the flower baskets, photo frames, ornaments, artificial fruit baskets, etc. The small flower baskets may use the winter flower range that compliments the dark Espresso color and the cacti remain the all-time favorite. The unit can also be used to store books, clothes, kitchen accessories, or bathroom objects, etc. The product is designed to resemble a ladder-like appearance that perfectly fits in every corner. It is mainly used as a living room corner shelf. The sleek finish suits well with your indoors whether it is lite or dark. Think creatively and make the best out of the ladder shelf. It could be the best part of your home decor appliances if sorted wisely.

The Furinno FNAJ-11112-1 that comes in the Espresso Black color displays a modern dark styling touch that undoubtedly goes well with your furniture and room paint. The right choice of flowers and photo frames with this unit will yield an awe-inspiring appearance to the room. If you have an antique collection this unit could be the best place for your collections to get distinctive attention.

Furinno FNAJ-11112-1 - Ladder Shelving - Espresso Black
Furinno FNAJ-11112-1 – Ladder Shelving – Espresso Black


  • The Furinno FNAJ-11112-1 is designed perfectly to support a 90-degree side angle design theme to fit any corner
  • The space between every two consecutive shells is kept equal and high enough to accommodate every object easily, without losing its aesthetic charm
  • The assembling and installation process of the unit can be executed very easily with the help of instructions provided in not more than 20 minutes
  • The unit having 5 shelves can serve as a multi-purpose shelving system that has a good amount of surface area to place more than one object.


  • Being ladder style, the overall surface area of the unit is less than the corner racks available
  • Being corner-styled, the Furinno FNAJ-11112-1 is capable of fitting only in the corners of the room and cannot be placed elsewhere.

Installation and Setup

The designer of the Furinno FNAJ-11112-1 has used his creativity to design a particularly easy assembling process. The installation criterion of the unit is also worked upon and the unit being light in weight can be installed alone, without any help from anybody else. The assembly process drops the general use of nuts bolts and uses the grooves pattern for assembling. The easy assembling process can be executed by reading the instructions provided, by which the rack can be assembled and installed in just about 15 to 20 minutes. The beautiful shelving unit has a heavy appearance but has a lightweight, which extends its practicality.

Corner Ladder Shelving Unit

Look and Feel

The total weight of the shelves of the Furinno FNAJ-11112-1 is 12 pounds, which makes it’s significantly lightweight and easy to install. However, the rack has a firm and tough character, which hints its high durability. The unit can also hold a considerably high amount of weights owing to the material used in making the product. The unit employs the use of the fine medium density composite wood with PU lamination. The rack displays a total height of 45.9 inches and the spacing between consecutive shelves is 11.5 inches. The unit can be conveniently placed in an office, a living room or a bathroom.

Lifetime and Warranty

The Furinno FNAJ-11112-1 is developed by fine medium density composite wood that yields the product a dependable and strong character. The unit has long durability and buys you very low maintenance, which further makes the product a good value for money product. Every unit purchased will come with the manufacturer’s warranty, granted from the place of purchase.


Accessories and Add-Ons

The Furinno FNAJ-11112EX may be used for many purposed that include – the storage of clothes, books etc, or for fetching an aesthetic charm of the room. The unit can be added with anti-tip brackets and screw in order to fix it to the wall and avoid it toppling over someone who crashes into it. The aesthetics accentuating accessories like colorful strips, artificial creepers, mats, etc can be used. Mats and carpets are commonly used upon each shelf to gain in the visual appeal. By fixing the unit at a desirable height, the delicate objects can be kept far from the reach of the children. This requires the use of the brackets and screws.


The Furinno FNAJ-11112-1 owing to its impressive aesthetics, long life, ease of assembly and installation, ample amount of storage space and soothing color undoubtedly serves as a good shelving system. The unit also has high durability and capable strength complimenting to its light-weight identity. The product comes at a purely affordable price and should opt for. Don’t worry about the quality, we do care for your home. The ladder shelf reviewed above promises excellent quality.

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