Furinno-4 Tier Corner Shelving System-Dark Brown/Grain Black Color

4-Tier Corner Display Rack Multipurpose Shelving Unit, Dark Brown Grain/Black

Furinno 12078DB-WG/BK is an inevitably useful and aesthetically designed corner display rack, which owing to its unbound functionality and precisely crafted design surely serves as a desirable product. The rack has 4 tiers and serves as efficient storage for multiple items including clothes, photo frames, shoes, flower baskets, and ornaments. The design of the rack is perfectly crafted to fit in the corner and utilize space efficiently and provide you convenient storage.

The Dark Brown color of the rack compliments your room styling and displays a modern and royal touch. The shelving units are detachable and can be assembled easily, without any extra skills required.

4-Tier Corner Display Rack Multipurpose Shelving Unit, Dark Brown Grain/Black
Furinno 12078DB-WG/BK – 4 Tier Display Rack


  • The rack demonstrates a precisely efficient utilization of space and fits aesthetically in the corners without untidy overhangs, thanks to the use of 90-degree right angle design
  • The assembling operations are developed precisely to be executed with ease by the use of grooves and there are no extra tools required for tightening
  • The spacing between the shelves is ample to keep the suitable belongings conveniently
  • The rack has four shelf tiers and so buys you a capacious area to store a good amount of objects, which could be shoes, clothes, photo frame etc.


  • The unit is designed precisely to fit in the corners, cannot be placed against walls
  • The unit needs to be fitted firmly using anti-tip brackets in the walls or it might topple if someone crashes in it accidentally

Installation and Setup

The product- Furinno 12078DB-WG/BK has a quite easy assembling operation, as the installation process of the unit requires no tools or any play of screws and nut-bolts. The process takes about 5 to 10 minutes for any unskilled consumer to assemble and install the rack in place. This easy setup process of the rack raises its charm and makes it a more desirable product. The rack is made from a light-weight material can be installed single-handedly without the use of any other person. However, the use of anti-tip brackets is recommended so that it doesn’t topple if someone accidentally bangs into it.


Look and Feel

Furinno 12078DB-WG/BK has 4 shelves, which have a total weight of 6.5 pounds and an optimum surface area for proper storage. The light weight of the unit is due to the use of the engineered particleboard made from recycled materials of rubber trees and PVC tubes. The four shelves of the rack are placed at equal distances so as to add to the convenient utilization of space. Place your collectibles or antiques creatively giving an outstanding look to your home indoors. With this, each shelf can hold up to 15 lbs. The overall dimensions of the corner rack read – 11.6-inch x 11.6-inch x 44 inches (W x D x H).

Lifetime and Warranty

The product, Furinno 12078DB-WG/BK is durable and strong. The rack is made from engineered particleboard made of recycled wood and PVC tubes and gains a significant and dependable strength. The shelves of the rack can individually support up to 15 lbs of weight. The rack also offers you very low maintenance and high quality. Never compromise in quality while working with your home indoors. The product also comes with a manufacturer’s warranty that comes from the place of purchase.

Add-On and Accessories

The product doesn’t come with any accessories, however, one can suitable try many add-ons with the rack. The look of the rack can be accentuated by using stickers or feathers, which would go well with your kid’s room. Mats or carpet can be used for each shelf, thus makes it look more sober and appealing. The rack can also be installed at a suitable height, above the range of small children by fixing the rack to the wall using brackets or screws. All the accessories and add-ons can be used conveniently and readily owing to the high durability and low maintenance of the product.


The Dark Brown 4 Tier Corner Shelving System owing to its easy assembling, convenient storage, optimum space utilization, high aesthetical value, and unbound functionality surely serves as a good value for money product. The rack is also durable and comes with the manufacturer’s warranty. The other color options are also available and they are particularly designed to complement the overall color theme used in the interiors of your home. Make this corner shelf the prime appliance of your home’s indoors by adding up a little creative work. The product further being light-weight and easily installable adds more stars to its charm. The pricing of the product is also kept such as to make your pockets happy and fit well in your budget.

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